Emergency Commissions

Hey guys. I’m offering Emergency Commissions. 

I’m trying to fundraise on GoFundMe for a surgery I really need, and I’m going to open up these commissions as well. 

$5.00 Sketches(Traditional)
$7.00 Lineart(Traditional)((Add +$2.00 per additional character))
$10.00 Digital lineart
$15.00 Digital Flat coloring (+$3.00 per additional character)

Anything else can and will be negotiated. 

Please. I’ll draw almost anything. Any series, any fandom, any fursona or OC you have. I don’t mind. I’d love to draw them.


You can find a video of me performing at the 2016 National Poetry Slam for an example of my work. I also have this poetry blog for further examples.

$1.00 Haikus 
$5.00 Slam Poem
$10.00 I will write and record myself performing this poem via audio post.
$15.00 Two poems AND a haiku, all of which are performed and recorded.

I can and also will write fanfics of almost any genre(I’ll discuss it with you) where the cost varies on length/word count.

My PayPal is and you can message me here on my Tumblr for information. 

You can also visit my DeviantArt(which is rather old) for pieces, or visit this tag on my blog for more examples. 

Please, if you can, in conjunction with the other post, please spread this around. It’s an emergency.

After spending nearly a fourth of my life as a Tumblr user, there probably isn’t much you don’t know about me. You’e watched me start a brand new lifestyle website with my friends, star in my own podcast and, most recently, release a book. If you haven’t learned about it via blog text, audio or ebook, now is your chance to learn about it via my ask box. [UPDATE: Here’s my answertime!]

Ask me whatever you want, I’ll answer whatever I want and we’ll all have a very fun time on Thursday, June 11.

misery wants a family // a Damien mix

hello via audio; back to black beyonce + andre 3000; it’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world james brown; daddy emeli sandé; feed the hunger peter cincotti; leigh nathan angelo; blue jay way the beatles; one way or another until the ribbon breaks

Speaking of mixtapes, here is the Damien playlist that I mentioned a little while ago. 

Music is a really big part of my creative process - I have an entire folder on my iTunes dedicated to playlists of every character I’ve ever played. It helps me figure out who the person is and, for TBS, the playlists I’ve created have been soundtracks for my writing. 

Most of the playlists fall in one of two categories: character mixes and in-universe mixes. But the character mixes could also easily exist in universe. I think Sam really would listen to Band of Horses; Dr. Bright really does like The Beach Boys. The character mixes could not only be made by the characters in question but also provide insight into their psyches. 

Damien’s mix is a little different, which is why I haven’t shared it until now. This is not really an insight into Damien as a person, nor is it music he would necessarily listen to (though he does like James Brown). It is almost exclusively a writing tool. I wasn’t even really planning on making a mix for Damien (keep the mystery alive and all that) and then I heard Until the Ribbon Break’s cover of “One Way or Another”. And that song was so quintessentially Damien. 

Think of this more as a mood board of sorts - a musical aesthetic. The very essence of Damien distilled into 8 songs. 

Developing Active People
  • Developing Active People
  • Via Audio
  • saysomethingsaysomethingsaysomething

Via Audio’s Developing Active People is a song that I found a while back as one version.  I cannot find the version I was looking for before, that I found a long time ago, but I did find this one in my searches, which is quite different but still a very fun song that I enjoy alongside the one I was originally looking for. Very calming song, I love to listen to this while I drive places.  I have been absent from this blog for such a long time, hope this makes up for it. Hoping to get back in the groove here.  Also think its about time for my next featured-so-far list so expect that soon! Anyway:

Download here!


Wolfmoon | Modest Midas

in honor of tonight’s wolf moon in the northern hemisphere

ill eat you whole, i love you so - a tsukikane fanmix 
listen on 8tracks || don’t delete text || art by meexart 

breezeblocks - alt-j || the horror of our love - ludo || by your hand - los campesinos! || cannibal queen - miniature tigers || new perspective - panic! at the disco || irresistible - fall out boy || modern day saint - via audio || razorblade the knux || $ting - the neighbourhood || teeth - lady gaga || diablo - simon curtis 

comin’ for your heart like a cannibal