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I Am A Sleepyhead - International Edition (We Going Global Baby)

To celebrate the Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow, I’m gonna do a new Sleepyheads video. But this time I’d like to hear from our fans across the globe.

I’ve been speaking to some of the broadcasters in other countries and they all wanna prove that their Sleepyheads got the holy spirit.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

If you live outside the US (we love our US Sleepyheads but this is specifically for international fans), please record a video saying the following:

1. Your name (Hi, my name is….)
2. What country/city you live in (I live in London, England, etc)
3. What channel you watch the show on (I watch Sleepy Hollow on Global/Star/YesTV/etc)
4. The phrase “And I Am A Sleepyhead” (Ideally we’d love you to say all or some of this in your native language)

After you’re done recording, please upload it to YouTube and include the hashtag #IAmASleepyhead in your description. Then send me a message (via Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc) with a link to the video.

Right now we’ve gotten interest from the broadcasters in:

New Zealand
Trinidad and Tobago

To be clear, I’d love videos from anywhere in the world where the show airs it’s just that these broadcasters specifically said they’d promote the video on their social channels as well.

If possible, I’d love to get all your videos NO LATER THAN Monday, November 3. After that date I cannot promise that any new submissions will be included in the final piece.

Inbox me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your continuing support of the show.

I remain,

Trollando Jones

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