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I. can’t. stop. laughing.

Y’all gotta watch this. Right now!

I loved this part because it shows the differing views of Molly via  John and Sherlock
  • Sherlock: Who's that then? I'm sure I would have noticed.
  • John: The last person you'd think of.
  • [Sherlock pauses, waits for him to continue]
  • John: I want you to be examined by Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: You're really not going to like this...
  • Molly Hooper stands ready at the door.
highlights from Episode 1

* My energetic baby
* Sherlock tweeting #221bringit
* It’s never twins
* “I delete any texts that begins Hi”
* Siri going off during the baptism
* Ummm John you have two spouses at home. Stop looking at that woman
* John’s hair is beautiful!!
* Sherlock mouthing to John asking him what Greg’s name was
* Mary helping On the case Via FaceTime
* Sherlock showing more sympathy !!!!! I LIVE
* JOHN put a balloon in his place and Sherlock didn’t even notice
* “Is it too early for a divorce”
* “Well, I like you”
* “At last, a noose for me to put my neck in to” same Sherlock, saaaame
* Mary back at it again with the bullshit™ 🙄
* John u slut
* YALL SAID SHE WOULD DIE!!! Y'all said !!!
* Hello darkness my old friend
* Don’t blame my baby !! D:
* I want to die

I do this for every Episode by the way

Imagine Sherlock becoming suddenly uncomfortable at a crime scene, which never really happens. But, it does this time.

Something about the atmosphere is very off putting, and without realising it, he’s leaning closer into John’s space.

John notices it…the sudden warm weight of the long, lean body pressing in close. He doesn’t understand what it means, Sherlock’s never done this.

Sherlock continues to ask Lestrade questions about the scene, while still leaned against John. And, without much thought, John wraps an arm around Sherlock’s middle.

The detective stops speaking when John does this, but picks up with what he was saying quickly.

On their way home, walking together through the late hour London streets, Sherlock speaks up.

“That thing…you did…” He says, with some effort. “At the crime scene. I needed…you – that. It was good.”

John smiles. “I know.”

The distance between them was lesser after that day.




um. yknow whats. like. um wow . johns blog was a recommendation to him via a therapist, but sherlock just already had a blog. he just. blogged. he wanted to share his thoughts with people. he wanted people to contact him with cases. he wanted at least, strangers to read his words and be proud of him in some small way. he had his own little blog! he signed up for one all on his own! picked out a little theme! came up with a url!!!!! all on his own!!!! he just did it!!! because he wanted to ! he had his own little space! thats so !! small of him. and cute. but he felt like nobody cared about it and he abandoned it )-:

i still like the theory that mary sent eurus at john in disguise to make him like her by acting like sherlock via text so mary could guilt trip john by making him feel like a shitty cheating husband while she does all the baby work and the idea that this parallels lord smallwood killing himself over a “letters only” affair getting out just fits into that SO well

Some thoughts:

  • They said they don’t put things on DVDs.
  • There’s no spot for daughter, but one for sister and brother.
  • Mary is an only child (to our knowledge)
  • Via @worriesconstantly‘s DMs, Sherlock is the “child” we’re supposed to be sending it to
  • Jokes have been made on the show that Sherlock is a child, but not specifically John and Mary’s child, he was childish before Mary.
  • Questions sent as Mary aren’t really being answered directly.
  • We’ve been theorizing that John is dying.
Therapist Ella is Not Good

We were told since S1E1.

When Mycroft correctly deduces John’s needs.

Fire Ella. She’s a hack.

The show tells us this explicitly via Mycroft.

The show shows us this explicitly via John, when Sherlock cures his limp.

John’s therapist is proven wrong as early as ASiP.

John’s therapist is proven inept in TSo3 when he tells Sholto he still goes and the whole episode, or rather the whole season, we were shown how very useless to John his therapist is.

John’s therapist FORCED John to write that damn blog which was highly instrumental in so much shit hitting the fan.


John returned to Ella Thompson when Sherlock was dismantling Moriarty’s network.

Ella was keeping tabs on him and reporting to Moriarty’s organization that John is convinced Sherlock is really dead.

Sherlock going to Ella Thompson – knowing how she is, at best, useless, at worst, another psychopath in Moriarty’s organization – cannot possibly be beneficial to either John or Sherlock.

“I can only help you if you open yourself up completely to me.”

She’s been fucking with John’s and Sherlock’s psyche for literal years.

Ella Thompson is the literal mind fuck personified.

Fire her. Ella Thompson is very much not good.

All the Things Left Unsaid

For: @sherlockmalfoys

Prompt: A Sheriarty Fic based on the last scene in the most recent Season 4 trailer

Moriarty had killed himself two years ago, Sherlock had come to accept that. But it still hurt. He still missed the consulting criminal, still wished that he said some things that he didn’t.

So, when he found himself trapped in that empty room, shortly after Moriarty’s infamous return via television, Sherlock was baffled. He had no idea who or what had trapped him, John and Mycroft in confined space. But there was a tiny shred of hope, wedged deep in his heart that it had something to do with Moriarty.

They had been in there for hours, the walls seemingly closing in on them when the T.V. at the end of the room flickered on. It was a live broadcast of Moriarty, not pre-recorded like the one’s that had plastered London but real. Moriarty was alive.

“Did you miss me?”, he said and winked.

Sherlock didn’t think, just blurted out the words that he had been holding inside for two years.

“I love you”, he said.

There was a quiet click of the door behind him. Sherlock turned to see Moriarty step through and without thinking wrapped his arms around the smaller man, bringing his lips to his own. Both of them were oblivious to the watchful eyes of John and Mycroft.

“I love you”, Sherlock said again, continuing to kiss the consulting criminal.

Beautiful Words - Benedict on Sherlock (via Doctor Strange)

So this is what Benedict said in a Berlin interview X when asked about similarities between Sherlock and Doctor Strange. Which is quite telling because Sherlock must be the exact opposite of what Benedict has to say about Stephen Strange (special thanks to @ebaeschnbliah for pointing this out):

“I didn’t find it too similar. This guy is a New York bred and born superhero. And he is a neurosurgeon who while, like you say, arrogant and smart, is also somebody who’s very trapped by the material success of his profession. (…) He drives fast cars and has fast relationships and yet it’s all very hollow. He lives in a beautiful apartment with a stunning view but no one to share it with. He drives a rather beautiful and very fast car (…) but there is no one in the passenger seat (…). But he’s alone. What he becomes at the end is someone who chooses that aloneness in order to do what he has realised is his calling, to become a sorcerer. Yes, I think there are huge amounts of differences.”

So according to Benedict Sherlock is:

  • not interested in material success
  • does not have a (fast) car
  • does not have fast relationships
  • his life is not hollow
  • he has (when driving) someone in the passenger seat
  • he is not alone
  • he does not choose being alone

We all know who he shares his flat with. We all know who sat in his passenger seat the one time we saw him drive a car. We all know Sherlock never chose to be alone, he felt forced to do so by Moriarty. I think Benedict has managed to give a beautiful characterisation of Sherlock even while talking about a completely different character. 

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Texted Consent - conchepcion - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Texting, Comedy, Romance
Series: Part 1 of Texts and lies

Molly has gotten out of a relationship and becomes rather unhelpful. Sherlock decides to cheer her up by creating “Ben” - the perfect man to raise her confidence up via text. Little does Sherlock know the consequences of creating the perfect man and how Molly really is outside Bart’s.

This fic has two of my favourite things in a Sherlolly fic: Sherlock behaving like an absolute arse but not getting away with it, and Sherlock learning why what he did was wrong and making up for it.