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Q: Being an idols gets really tiring, especially with all the schedules. Is there anyone that you talk to specifically when you're having any problems?
  • Jonghyun: I think that it's the same for everyone really. Onew-hyung is our leader so we go vent out our frustrations on him when it gets too hard to keep. He's very supportive and will stand by us even if we want to stand independantly. At times, it gets frustrating but looking back I'm really glad to have him by our side.
  • Taemin: Instead of having Onew-hyung tell us to do such and such about our situation, he gives us options and tell us to follow what we think is right in the end. He listens very intently and will always tell us that it's okay to be a little selfish once in while but to remember that we have other people to think about too, and not just ourselves.
  • Minho: For me, it is also Onew-hyung. However, at times I don't want to burden him. Because we are a five member group and he is our leader, whenever we have problems, he will always be the first person we talk to. When I can, I call my mom and ask for her opinions instead because Onew-hyung has his own worries. If I go to him everytime I get frustrated, then he will only get worried over nothing.
  • Key: Although I also go to Onew-hyung when I have worries about certain subjects, if we're talking about personal problems, I'd have to say that I go to Minho. Out of the five members in SHINee, I met Minho first so he knows me better than anyone else here. It's not even as if he gives out good advice, because he doesn't really give any, but I go to him because he's the closest thing I have to a best friend. If I am anxious about something personal, I keep it to myself until I see Minho and the words just fly out of my mouth before I even notice. He doesn't tell me what to do but instead he just hugs me and tells me that he'll be there if I ever need him. Because of his words, I will always feel a little better after I talk to him.
  • Onew: Ah, this is a hard topic for me to answer. As the leader, I should be the one carrying all of the burden so when I'm ever worried about something, I tend to keep it to myself. Being the oldest, I don't want to worry my dongsaengs so instead of going to them, I will contact Leeteuk-hyung and ask him to guide me because I am still young. Lately however, hyung told me that it's okay to burden the members about my problems because they are there for me as much as I am there for them. So recently, if I ever encounter something that is bothering me I no longer call Leeteuk-hyung. Instead, I've started to talk to my dongsaengs. They're really helpful and will guide me with different suggestions that they give.
  • Jonghyun: I think that Onew-hyung worries too much about us and doesn't think of himself. I'm really aware of this, and we are very thankful but I hope that you know that we are here for you too [to Onew].
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