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  • Price: $30
  • What: Full-coloured bust commissions!


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If interested, please send an e-mail to! Turn around time is about 2-5 days, depending on the queue. 

Payment via Paypal.

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The real horror. #charliecharliechallenge


The wait is finally over! After receiving many wonderful prompts from you lovely shippers, we have narrowed them down to the following!

Day 1: Domestic / Future

Day 2: Friends to Lovers / Hobbies

Day 3: Social Media / College

Day 4: Fantasy AU / Seasonal

Day 5: Date/Date Night / Historical AU

Day 6: Pair Skate / Rivalry

Day 7: Soul Mates / Long Distance

Day 8: Free Day

Tag your entries as #milasaraweek or #milasaraweek2k17 and we will reblog them via queue!

Prompt explanations and ideas for the free day can be found here!

The week will be running from March 26 through April 1, with a free day on April 2! If you have any other questions, feel free to check out our faq or ask!

sincerely, @viktuuri–on–ice and @sociallyawkwardfoxwriter


Cruella de Vil by alienalice
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This is a Flight Rising sideblog that exists for the sole purpose of helping people show off their dragons.

Well… okay. It’s also a good creativity exercise to help all of us think about our dragons and their lore.

But to be honest the idea was initially just to give everyone an excuse to show off their children.

Every day (via queue) this blog will post one question about which one of your dragons is the best example of a specific trait. Reblog with your answers, preferably with a picture and a link to your kid so people can check them out more easily, and have fun!

If you’d like to make your posts easier for people to find, consider tagging them with #which one of your dragons

okay so since I was basically gone for threeish months I missed out on a bunch of friend’s art (and birthdays but I’ll settle that later haha) and so I’m gonna have a queue of all the art I missed running for the next few days until it runs out.

the tag is “catching up on friend’s art via queue” if you’re wanting to block it for spam reason/whatever

just having a lil bit of fun

     she crushes the end of the cigarette into the ground with her heel, and jerks her chin towards the flier in his hand. lucky you caught me in time, i was thinking no one would show up today.

SC. &    ——    @teleportia !