via myspace

I met him via MySpace.

We connected because he shares my passion about Black Pride and African based religions and spirituality.

When he met me face to face he immediately felt I was his parent.

This young man is an excellent illustrator who attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

He is totally enamored with the Orisha Ochosi as well as the other Orishas!

Here we are 10 years later-2017

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Hello to my fave blog!!! I'm looking for the fic where liam meets zayn in a park spray painting. It is a 2000's fic cause i remember liam and zayn talked via email or myspace??? Anyway liam is rich and has a party on his mansion. But when zayn comes he takes him to his room and Z is virgin too i believe. God sorry if i confused you but i remember that it had two chapters. Thank you!!!

maybe be this one?

Boys of Summer (Solstice)

let me know!

“Doc Hammer Says Things About Stuff”
Episode Number asdfkhjbmnbvr idfk fuck numbers.

In which I’m still ridiculously upset by the fact that Doc’s myspace posts are gone.

“I don’t fly. Not because I don’t have wings or that I am afraid of being unnaturally hurled through the skies like so much angular jet-boy. I don’t fly because I have a problem with my inner ear that makes flying super-extra-uncomfortable. Like a kinda painful "uncomfortable”. So, I took a train to Comic Con.
I got a sleeper car as to enjoy travel in the 19th Century elegance I have grown accustomed to. Sadly, most of the other travelers saw me not as the plumaged dandy, but as the tattooed spider in Birth No.14. No shit… If I was on that train for another few days the “good townspeople” would have found a way to procure torches and rakes as to properly chase me into a burning windmill.
One little kid was just daring enough to find me interesting, and would stare at me as much as he could before his mother grabbed him and explained how “my type” eat children. Insane, I know… I am so clearly a vegetarian, and haven’t supped on the fatty, oil-soaked flesh of a child since like high school.“

- Doc Hammer, via myspace.

Soulja Boy lowkey a legend.

He’s a pioneer. He set the blueprint for every artist on how to use the internet to their advantage.

The first social media artist to get discovered on the internet via MySpace & YouTube. From there it sparked the rise and peak of eras in music such as ringtone rap to blog rap to currently the social media/souncloud rap.

Soulja Boy did all of this at the age of 16. He’s indirectly one of the main reasons why most artist are doing what they’re able to do now and getting discovered for their talents. Like him or not as a person or an artist, you can’t ingnore the impact Soulja Boy had on the culture of Hip-Hop.

“if you make me da prez, I promise we will create a 420 emoji” hillary announces via myspace. “it’ll be… sick?”

“You’re still awake?! Go to bed, boy, you have school in the morning!”

The last message I sent my 15 -year-old brother via MySpace when I noticed he was online in the middle of the night. The next morning, when my other brother went to wake him for school, he was already gone.

My girlfriend and I have known each other for about 6 years now, we started talking via Myspace. Three years after talking on/off she flew out to Philly to see me. I was visiting my dad, I’m from NYC. It went really well, but she wasn’t ready for a long distance commitment. She dated her ex for quite some time. Then we started talking again when they broke up. At this point I was living in San Diego, CA. She asked me to move here with her, I told her to book my flight. I’ve been here in KCMO with her ever since. Our 2 year is coming up April 1st. Which also happens to be the day we met, and the day we are getting married this year. I love her more than anything. 

Keegan (me): I have the Septum and Bridge piercing and dark hair in a couple.

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people say tayvin is a fauxmance by sony atv. can you look into this?

Hi there!

Who were the people who said that? They obviously know nothing about the music business, or even business in general. 

Sony/ATV is a music publishing company. Sony/ATV only takes care of copyright issues (music licenses and royalties), ensuring the songwriters and composers under its care are paid when others use their compositions. 

They are very different from record labels such as Big Machine Records (Taylor’s record label) or Fly Eye Records (Calvin’s vanity record label via Sony Music). Record labels look into the recording of music, and in many cases, also artist scouting and development, as well as the marketing (promotion and distribution) of music.

The only link that Sony/ATV and Sony Music share is their link to Sony Corporation (with electronics being the main business). Sony to refer to Sony Corporation

Sony was incorporated in Tokyo, Japan. Sony Music is a fully owned subsidiary owned by Sony, but it was incorporated in New York, USA. They have different key people. Sony is very hands off Sony Music. Sony/ATV is owned partially by Sony. The other 50% is owned by the estate of Michael Jackson. Again, the key people are entirely different. 

The accounting books for Sony, Sony Music and Sony/ATV are entirely different. To think Sony or Sony/ATV has orchestrated a Tayvin fauxmance just to sell records is absolutely ludicrous. Like I said, Sony/ATV deals with music licenses and royalties. Sony cares about their electronic business, their main business, which is currently losing money. The Japanese execs at Sony are probably more concerned about making their bread and butter turn profitable, than to waste time creating a fauxmance to boost profits for its subsidiary company, Sony Music. Sony Music is an asset Sony can sell away anytime for liquidity purposes.

If it’s anyone that would supposedly create a Tayvin fauxmance to supposedly boost records, it would be the talent management companies.

However, Taylor owns her own management company, 13 Management. She’s hired Tree Paine as her publicist, whose background is mostly in country music

Calvin is signed with Three Six Zero. Both founders of Three Six Zero have prior extensive background with the EDM industry, and connected with Calvin via MySpace. They’ve helped him grown from zero to hero, where he is now (most paid DJ in the world) by making smart business decisions, not creating fauxmances. Both Paine and Three Six Zero come from two entire different music worlds, and it doesn’t even make sense to come up with a fauxmance between Calvin and Taylor. I’m more inclined to go with the story that they met via mutual friends, and was set up by Ellie Goulding. 

In any case, if Taylor was in a fauxmance to boost record sales, wouldn’t it make more sense for her to get together with someone before 1989 was launched on 27 October 2014? Not when her album has already been out for for months. Calvin’s Motion was also out around the same time on 31 October 2014. It would have made sense if they got together in July/August 2014 to create news in anticipation for 1989 and Motion, not in February/March 2015 where no albums by Calvin or Taylor will be released anytime soon.

Hope this clears it up! 

When you’re 24 years old and an episode of a Disney channel show makes you legitimately cry because you relate to it so much and understand Maya’s reactions and watching it feels like ripping bandaids off old wounds. Like ouch.

Not that that’s me or anything…

But in all seriousness, I was so impressed with how much maturity Maya showed. I had a similar meeting with the Kermit of my life, but I didn’t get to the point where she is at until I was 21. At 14/15, I was still just confused and angry and expressing that anger via angry MySpace messages (yes I’m dating myself here…). So for Maya to get to that point where she’s at (“I’m no longer angry” “do you forgive yourself”) is just amazing. A+ Michael Jacobs :)