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my resume is literally like

-had one job but then vaguely quit via email 
-advanced at ms paint
-creates ripples in the space time continuum that alter future realities in the third dimension


2017 | June | Foods of New York by Ms.Wanderlust
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Food 🍔

“Good Afternoon Darnell!

My name is Alyssa Fischer and I am a Recruiter at Aston Carter (an Aerotek company). I came across your resume on our internal network and wanted to reach out to you to learn a little bit more about your background and job preferences so that I can be a resource for you in your professional career.

I specialize in placing professionals, such as yourself, primarily in financial services for a lot of the big banks in New York City. Some of my clients include JPMorgan Chase, UBS, State Street, Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank. I tried reaching out to you earlier but was only able to leave a message.

Please send me a copy of your most up to date resume via MS Word attachment so I can update your profile.

Give me a call as soon as you get a chance to discuss some possible opportunities.  My contact information is located below and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

If you know someone else who may be interested in a new opportunity please pass their information along to me or forward my contact information to them.  We have numerous opportunities in a number of fields and would love to help you or someone you know find the right fit!”

Ok so…. I currently have two jobs and I just received a potential third opportunity, which I’m unsure I want to take right now (like my ass working three jobs at the same time??? I would have to delete ALL social media accounts due to inactivity lmao) BUT one of the companies I work for has a section regarding recruiters, so if you (the individual who is reading this) are looking for a job or if you know somebody looking for a job, whether it is entry level or if you have experience and want to further your career, please let me know so I can put you in contact with people who will try and help you!!!! 


early…. by ms janssen
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woke up early, wanting to work…. started shooting instead.

Alphas during their rutting or their omegas heat drastically lose weight due to the endless instinct need to mate and whatever food they do get to they automatically give it to their partners to make sure they are in good health. At the same time the omegas beg for their stubborn alphas to eat and gain some weight back.

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Expedition 50 Soyuz Launch (NHQ201611180003) by NASA HQ PHOTO
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The Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome with Expedition 50 crewmembers NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos, and ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016, (Kazakh time) (Nov 17 Eastern time). Whitson, Novitskiy, and Pesquet will spend approximately six months on the orbital complex. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

I hope you guys don’t mind being grouped together. I was feeling the same way as all of you when I first read the chapter/mangapanda translations. I was most upset about Juvia, and what this meant for her character, and her suffering in the previous arc if Gray hadn’t wanted her to really be in that house with him in the first place. It also made NO SENSE with what we saw of them during Juvia’s flashbacks, nor did it make sense with Gray’s guilty reaction to leaving Juvia behind. Plus, Gray just isn’t the type of person to be THAT MUCH of a pushover, if he really didn’t want to be living with her, he wouldn’t have, let alone for 6 months. 

Thankfully, it turns out that Gray did live with Juvia by choice as shown via the MS translations, and also the ones very kindly provided by rieriebee and thefairystales.

However, let’s pretend for a moment that this wasn’t the case, and that the MP translations were correct. Like I said, I, too, was upset at first, but as far as the ship itself goes, we have to stop putting more stock in the comedic scenes, rather than all the serious development that came before it. Back during the GMG we got the tender hand on the shoulder/hand-holding moments, the unison raid, irritated Gray over Lyon’s pursuit of Juvia, and Gray DYING for Juvia. Then Mashima hit us with a comedic rejection. Did that negate everything that came beforehand? No. What ended up happening instead? Mashima practically negated the rejection once we saw the two together again in the Gruvia bread scene. And they ended up having the most serious development ever throughout Tartarus.

Likewise, what happened prior to this new chapter? They lived together, their habits rubbed off on each other, the glorious 416 moment, the 366 “I’m here with you,” the gruvia bread, and the 413 Days Special. We have to stop letting comedic things with no weight behind them negate all the development in our minds, because story-wise the prior moments don’t disappear. They happened, and they mean something, and they are adding up. Mashima hasn’t forgotten where they’ve been and what they’ve gone through, and nor should we.

Now, thankfully, what the moment actually is makes so much more sense, and left me very pleasantly amused lol!  So, basically Gray is getting teased, and rumors are flying everywhere about his scandalous behavior lol. Specifically having shacked up, married and had children with Juvia while pursuing Lucy and Erza as mistresses on the side lol! As others have said, Mashima basically injected all tumblr speculation into this chapter lmao! The point, however, is that Gray denies it, but sweats profusely as he admits he was living with Juvia, but tries to insist it was platonic. However, even Juvia doesn’t seem to be buying his denial at this point, since she is ALSO amused with her “fufufu” in the BG. ^-^

So, I’m very happy with this moment. I think it fits Gray’s character, and I got my bit of teasing of Gray, which I loved, as well as tsun-tsun Gray trying his best to brush aside what he knows is a heavy situation lol! Plus it just makes sense for Gray and Juvia. There was nothing really negative about it IMO. I never expected Gray to admit to anything romantic in the first place. And it’s certainly not a knock back, which it could have been if Mashima was cruel enough to actually have taken that route (as the incorrect MP translation proved). Gruvia will happen in the end. It’s just going to take time, and patience is a virtue in this ship (and all FT ships from the looks of it). 

So, hopefully that makes  you all feel a bit better about this recent chapter. Gruvia have gone through way worse than this, and always come out ahead eventually, and this moment was way more a pro than any kind of con IMO. Now we just have to see where mashima goes from here, and how he builds on what they currently have. ^^ 


How the new Ms. Marvel is changing comic books and media for the better. (via @pbsideachannel)