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Another akuma, another attack that blew both her and Adrien away, rolling on the ground to end up in an all-too-familiar position.

Adrien’s grin was the one he gave whenever he found himself on top of her, the one she grew to love for its silliness – flatteringly amusing. Normally, Marinette would’ve playfully set his sights on the task at hand, but today, a different sentiment overwhelmed her, an echo of past musings and daydreams fueling her present adoration.

She didn’t think twice of the words formed in her mind before she released them, too caught up in a haze of emotions as she gently pulled Adrien’s head down, pressed their foreheads together.

“Marry me,” Marinette breathed against his lips, hopelessly enamored. “Will you marry me?” she repeated, this time as a question instead of the demand her heart insisted on.

Of course, the akuma chose that exact moment to interrupt, but not before she glimpsed the look of pure, dazed joy in Adrien’s eyes, spelling a heartfelt yes.

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For the Road Trip AU, it's pre-reveal you say? Well, think about this! Adrien and Marinette are looking for their Kwamis (who had sneak off to hang together and make bets on who would figure out who first). Accidently causing everything they had to fall to the ground(AVALANCHE), of course, Nino and Alya come see what happens and WHAM! Tikki and Plagg are more or less sitting on the pile of things. SO we have THEM all looking at each other... INTERNALLY SCREAMING! Think about it!

Oh my god. Alya throwing things at the kwamis thinking they’re weird mutated rats or something. Plagg zipping around yelling “WELL I SUPPOSE WE BOTH LOST, TIKKI.” Tikki trying to explain to Alya that they aren’t rats until Alya traps her in a 7/11 Big Gulp cup. Nino recovers and is concerned with the next logical thing and is like, “Aww shit our gear….” and is trying to salvage the avalanche of stuff. Marinette and Adrien are CATatonic. Sorry, I had to fill in for Adrien with the cat puns.