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My COHF Theories

I’m clueing for looks! 

So I’m starting to accept the fact that City of Heavenly Fire is coming out in one week (still not ready). I was inspired by polandbananas20 ’s theories . (If you don’t know who she is, check her out on youtube she does all sorts of book related videos- I’ve been watching her forever and she’s amazeballs). Anyhoo, It got me re-reading COLS and these were the interesting tidbits I found so far. Its a bit long, but I feel like Cassie leave these ominous hints that seem like nothing at first, but then end up being really important. I will add to this as I keep going: 

  •  Helen Blackthorn and her peculiar faerie genes. I went back to CP2’s cover to take a look at the map and I noticed that the blackthorns are only mentioned once via Jesse Blackthorn. Jessie was married to Lucie Herondale, the daughter of Tessa and Will. Now looking at Helen’s age and the years Jesse was alive, one could assume that Jesse was her great grandfather. It does mention in the books that the faerie gene can travel down the generations but I wonder where it came from. It obviously wasn’t the Herondales: Tessa is part Demon but that would not explain the faerie gene. So by process of deduction it would have come from the Blackthorns at some point?    Cassie said the genes come from the mother’s side because there are other blackthorns without the gene. Question is now who is the mother and where do her genes come from?
  • Maia, Jordan and California. On page 63 of COLS, Jordan reminisces about Maia’s dreams of going to California and studying at Stanford. Now this is really stretching it because Stanford and LA are pretty far away from one another, but maybe there’s a possible connection to TDA post TMI? If they survive, maybe Jordan and Maia make their way West and have a possible TDA cameo?  
  • I’ve been saying this for two years, but seriously: Simon is likely going die.  On page 72 of COLS, Clary says “ It was strange how your world could shift on its axis and everything you trusted could invert itself in what seemed like no time at all. At least she still had Simon...” We know from Cassie that the Shadow World is going to drastically change in COHF. However, I think the mention of Simon in this bit may be a hint that he may no longer be around. On page 126 Raphael point blank tells Simon that if he lost the Mark of Cain before the “war comes” he was going to kill him. If you remember at the end of COLS, Simon loses that mark.
  • Clary’s Rune Making.  We all know that Clary’s rune making abilities are super important in this series, and I wouldn’t be shocked if wasn’t as critical in defeating Sebastian. Now i’m still in the process of rereading COLS and it has been two years so I’ve forgotten a lot (hence the rereading now). But at the beginning when Clary was finally able to make a rune in her quest to find out what happened to Jace, she says that it was a rune made of rage, guilt and anger. Was this rune used in COLS? If not, will it be important in COHF? *** itsleightaylor makes a good point (as always) that Clary makes a fireproof rune as hinted in one of the snippit picture thingys for COHF. Maybe this is where it was from? Fireproof already exists in the Codex, so it’s something else.
  • The Clave will be eradicated. We’ve known for a while now that the Clave is corrupt. Valentine suggested it in his quest for domination, Sebastian convinced Jace of it (granted he was possessed), we also saw it with the inquisitor and Charlotte in CP2 and the treatment of downworlders in the Bane Chronicles. Cassie has hinted in the past that post TMI world is very different, so I don’t think its a stretch to say that the we find out the Clave is even more crappy and it has to go in order to ensure peace.
  • Someone is coming back from the dead. There are these little plot bunnies referring to resurrection. In the institute while Clary is trying to steal the rings for the Seelie Queen, she notes a book in a case called “A Practical Guide to Raising the Dead”. Jordan’s tattoo says “Lead us from death to immortality”. Does that mean that someone who is dead is coming back? (If that such person was Valentine, I’d probably pee my pants). clockworkpain points out the importance of the Frozen Lake. Lake Lyn is used as a motif throughout the series. (Also i’m thinking in the book trailer that water Jace and Clary put the sword in is also from the lake…) She also makes note that Jonathan shadowhunter could be the one brought back because Cassie said those who die in COHF stay dead. That would totally make sense because Seb is trying to make his own evil shadowhunters so they could totally have a duel. ( WISHFUL THINKING BC THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN BUT VALENTINE IS DEAD BEFORE COHF CAN WE JUST BRING HIM BACK HAVE SOME JALENTINE/MALENTINE? I WOULD CRY SO MANY FANGIRL TEARS)
  • I think Jace may die but only to become an angel (like Raziel or Ithuriel) in order to save the world. This is a bit of a crackpot but hear me out. In Chapter 5 of  COLS, Clary has a dream of Jace and Sebastian. She notes her brother’s dark wings ( as we see in the cover of COHF). She also talks about Jace’s white wings. What if its a premonition that he will become an angel? She’s had a similar dream foretelling Simon’s fate as a vampire. Jace also has the fire from Glorious (the sword), so he’s kinda part way there. There’s also that feather next to Sebastian’s threatening note at the end of COLS….
Watch Tyler, the Creator Get Down to His New "Pillowtalk" Remix
Tyler, the Creator shared a video of him dancing to his new remix of Zayn's "Pillowtalk."

Video via YouTube

By Jessie Morris

Tyler, the Creator is not playing around with this remix of Zayn’s No. 1 single “Pillowtalk.” The Odd Future rapper kicks things off by strumming out some deep chords on his guitar: 

As the song starts going harder, Tyler starts letting loose, eventually letting go of his guitar altogether so that he can dance to the remix. 

By the time the hook comes around, Tyler has lost all control and uses pretty much everything around him as a stage as he sings along to that insane hook of Zayn’s. 

Many might remember that Tyler actually reached out to Zayn to collaborate together back in 2015 after Zayn had left One Direction to pursue a solo career.“HI @zaynmalik I HAVE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS AND YOU HAVE A VOICE LETS FIGURE THIS OUT MY GUY . EPIC ALBUM CUTS THO NO RADIO SINGLES,” Tyler tweeted at the time. Zayn seemed happy to team up and tweeted back, “Sounds sick BRO let do some shit.“ 

Unfortunately, the two still haven’t collaborated and it’s because of Zayn bailing on studio sessions, according to Tyler. When someone asked Tyler on Twitter why the two haven’t officially worked on a track together, Tyler responded, "CAUSE THAT NIGGA FLAKED ON STUDIO SESSIONS TWICE.” Recently, Zayn also had to pull out of a scheduled performance due to anxiety.

As for Tyler, he says he recorded this remix back in March and hasn’t mixed the track yet, but had it on his laptop. Considering what Tyler was able to do with Zayn’s song, it’s a shame these two haven’t teamed up together sooner. We can only imagine the music these two could actually make if they got in a studio. For now, check out Tyler’s remix of “Pillowtalk” above. Tyler also noticed that his video was being blocked in some countries, so he got a fan to post the song up on SoundCloud for anyone that wants to hear it.