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Candles: Color and Purpose

Candles are seen as the most powerful object for witches. If one lights a candle while reciting a chant or prayer for enlightenment, empowerment, and good health is one way to use a candle. One can also ward off negative energy and impart positive energy into one’s life using a candle also. 

Historical Uses

  • Birthdays were the first ritual with candles used. Many believe the practice of wishing and blowing out the candle brought this wish to the gods who would grant it via the smoke. 
  • Candles represent earth (wax), air (smoke), water (melted wax), and fire (flaming wick).

Magical Uses

  • Always be in the right frame of mind, or the spell will create an opposite effect intended
  • Allow candle to burn down on its own for most rituals 
  • When the candle has extinguished itself, the spell will be complete
  • Some rituals and spells may ask for the candle to be extinguished and then re-lit the next day
  • Never leave a candle unattended 
  • Give decent amounts of time for the candle to burn

Choosing a Candle 

  • Magickally disinfecting your candles before using them is very important, since the energy from those who shipped it may linger on the wax. It is good to make your own candles from scratch for this reason also. 
  • Avoid dipped candles such as white candles dipped into colored wax. Try to find ones solid color throughout  

Cleansing Your Candle

  • Depending upon your preference, you can do a few things to cleanse your candle, such as leaving it outside for a week in the garden to soak up the moon’s rays at night
  • For a less time-consuming cleansing, you may anoint your candle, using water and oils prior to the spell or ritual:
  1. Wipe clean with a paper towel, removing all dirt 
  2. Prepare a solution of spring water, one teaspoon of sea salt, and warm until the salt dissolves. Allow to cool, and then pour back into the bottle. Keep this in the refrigerator for about a month for use over time. 
  3. Intent. Stand in front of your sink, hold the candle in your left hand (nearer to your heart). Be very careful not to wet the wick, and pour a small amount of the sea salt spring water solution over the candle. If using a tea-light candle for quick burn time, remove the candle from its casing before cleansing with the water. Take a fresh paper towel and dry the candle very well and say the following: “This magickal water cleanses thee, with good intent and purity” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017).
  4. Inscribe the candle with a small, sharp knife or thick needle, and scratch your full name and your wish into the wax. It is not important that it be legible, nor the location where inscribed. The words will clout the spell more as the candle burns down. 
  5. To anoint your candle, pour some pure vegetable oil into a bowl. This oil is used for most anointing, but if using a spell for health and well-being, you may mix in a few drops of other oils if you wish. Lavender is common for health and well-being spells and will make the magick more intense. Hold the candle in your left hand again and dip the first finger of your right hand into the oil and run it down the candle from top to bottom in a line. If anointing a tea-light, place it back in its casing, dip your finger into the oil, and smear it in a clockwork motion around the top of the candle wax. Say this invocation: “This magickal oil anoints thee, with all things good, magickally” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017). The candle is now cleansed, charged, and ready to be placed in a suitable holder in preparation for the spell you choose. 
  6. Rhyming and repetition can help add punch to a spell. A lot of ancient and prewritten spells will rhyme with a poetic fluidity. Repeating the spell will give power to the message each time. The most magickal numbers that represent completion are 7, 9, and 12. 
  7. To end the spell, you will need to close the ritual. Choose one of the phrases such as “and so it is” or “the spell is cast” or “so mote it be” before looking upward and saying “thank you.” 

Colorful Uses

  • The correct color is the most important thing with candle use
  • Some spells are exact to the color needed, and others more flexible 
  • When in doubt, always use a white candle for it is neutral 

Color Correspondances 

  • White
    • Cleansing homes
    • Purifying spaces
    • Creating harmony
    • Invoking spirits
    • Improving communication with others
    • Summoning guides and angels
    • For use in every situation 
  • Blue 
    • Promoting restful sleep
    • Finding the truth
    • Gaining wisdom and knowledge
    • Invoking psychic visions
    • Calming emotions
    • Suppressing anger
    • Aiding meditation
    • Moving your house
    • Becoming more patient with others
    • Curing a fever
    • Having a better understanding
    • Protection 
  • Red
    • Promoting strength and vigor
    • Rejuvenating energy and stamina
    • Conjuring willpower
    • Summoning courage
    • Inciting passion and sexual love
    • Sparking enthusiasm
    • Prompting quick results
    • Warding off enemies
    • Becoming more attractive to others
  • Pink
    • Healing emotions
    • Attracting romance
    • Becoming more caring
    • Inviting peace and tranquility 
    • Healing rifts
    • Banishing selfish emotions
    • Protecting family and friendships
    • Invoking spiritual healing
    • Being more compassionate 
  • Green
    • Accumulating money and wealth
    • Promoting prosperity and abundance
    • Accomplishing goals
    • Growing plants
    • Attracting luck
    • Negotiating employment matters and finding new jobs
    • Hastening conception and solving fertility issues
    • Casting out greed and resentment 
  • Yellow
    • Increasing activity
    • Resolving health matters
    • Nurturing creativity and imagination
    • Passing exams and learning
    • Aiding concentration
    • Controlling mood swings
    • Protecting yourself when traveling
    • Persuading others
    • Healing problems associated with the head
  • Orange
    • Increasing energy and stamina 
    • Improving the mind and memory
    • Promoting success and luck
    • Developing business and career
    • Helping those with new jobs
    • Clarifying legal matters and justice 
    • Selling goods or houses
    • Capturing a thief or recovering lost property 
    • Removing fear
  • Purple
    • Summoning spirit help
    • Bringing peace, tranquility, and harmony
    • Improving psychic ability 
    • Aiding astral projection
    • Healing
    • Easing sadness
    • Improving male energy 
    • Summoning spiritual protection
  • Brown
    • Attuning with the trees and earth
    • Promoting concentration
    • Helping with decisiveness
    • Protecting animals
    • Amplifying assertiveness 
    • Aiding friendships
    • Bringing material gain
    • Gaining mental stability
    • Connecting with Mother Nature
    • Studying and learning
  • Silver
    • Summoning the Mother Goddess
    • Drawing down the moon
    • Connecting with lunar animals
    • Purifying female energy
    • Improving all psychic abilities
    • Aiding clairvoyance and the unconscious mind
    • Ridding negativity
    • Developing intuition 
    • Interpreting messages in dreams
    • Banishing bad habits
  • Gold
    • healing and enhancing well-being
    • Rejuvenating yourself
    • Improving intelligence
    • Bringing financial gain and wealth
    • Winning competitions
    • Attracting love and happiness
    • Maintaining peace in families
    • Cosmic ordering
  • Black
    • Protection
    • Strength
    • Banishing
    • Reversal
    • Hex-breaking 


Robbins, Shawn, and Bedell, Charity. The Good Witch’s Guide. New York: Sterling Ethos, 2017. Print.

do you guys ever think about how yuri plisetsky, at just age fifteen, has apparently been supporting his family through his figure skating via government grants which means not only does he have to regularly compete, but he always has to do well and to consistently perform, so he’s probably never allowed to have an off performance or it means less money, less support, less opportunities, and when victor nikiforov himself, five time world champion, offers to choreograph a program for him, yuri jumps at the chance because yes, think of how much he could get if he won his very first grand prix series off of victor’s choreography – think of his ailing grandfather whom he loves so much, an absentee mother – figure skating is everything to yuri, it’s the only thing he thinks he has to offer, it’s the thing he relies on the most for emotional and financial support, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. so he throws everything onto the ice, wins the junior championship just as victor said, and now he’s about to make his pro senior debut and he’s gonna get victor to make good on his promise and–

victor just… disappears. flies across the world, completely forgets he ever promised yuri anything, turns around and blatantly uses yuri while making it clear that beyond a week’s worth of coaching him on a program, victor has no intentions of giving yuri anything bc he’s so wrapped up in yuuri 

and yuri feels – abandoned, betrayed, hurt; left behind again like he always is, left waiting like he always is, used as a means to an end; is it any wonder he’s pissed off? but then this beautiful, brilliant boy takes a program he only spent a week learning from its choreographer – he takes that program, refines it, improves it and breaks victor’s world record with it, slaps victor in the face with it by winning over yuuri and telling him, victor nikiforov is dead, victor isn’t everything yuri had thought he would be and it doesn’t matter bc yuri will make himself, define himself, choose things for himself now.

do you ever think about this bc i do and it hurts me but i love this boy so much, he deserves everything


zen accuses jumin of being an alcoholic, and points out how he keeps uploading pictures of alcohol on the messenger. cue seven’s comment, which suggests that jumin is posting a lot of pictures. seven is messing around, but just for fun, let’s do the math.

(note: this assumes pricing is the same as our universe. everything calculated on Oct 10, 2017)

seven owns a herrari, which is the mysme universe’s version of a ferrari. since we don’t know the exact details, let’s be very conservative and go with the cheapest ferrari model, which is around ₩227,331,116.59 or $200,000.

since jumin loves wine, let’s look at how much each bottle costs. jumin says the price for a single bottle of wine is ‎₩200,000 or about $175.84. we can use this as the average price of the premium, expensive wines he’s buying.

ultimately, jumin would be uploading at least 1,137 bottles of expensive wine to match the price of seven’s car. this is assuming seven has the cheapest car on the market, which he probably doesn’t. 

seven’s exaggerating to make a point about how many pictures jumin’s uploading, so the math is just for fun. but even if he hasn’t uploaded over a thousand bottles of wine in total, i think seven and zen might have a point about his drinking. jumin, are you okay?

catsandr0ckmusic  asked:

What's the best thing about Sweden? Would you ever see yourself living in another country?

Security, I think? As in, it’d take a LOT for you to end up on the street. Free healthcare, free education (or even paid monthly, to the parents, per kid, during elementary and via grants later on, as long as you provide proof of study), 5 weeks legally mandated paid vacation every year (3 of which you have to be allowed to take during summer) and very little general prejudice or hostility. Also access to broadband internet is a civil right. And while the weather is kinda shit during fall and spring, we still get to see both snow sometimes, as well as beach-heat sometimes.

I’d absolutely wanna try out living somewhere else, probably england since it’s close and natively english speaking, but I could definitely see myself moving back here again. Sweden’s a pretty nice place :P

supercoolfunperson  asked:

so why is autism speaks bad? I'm confused


There are a number of reasons why we feel that Autism Speaks isn’t good for Autistics. I’m going to give you some bullet points, and then link to a couple of resources both from our website and from the community.

  • There are no Autistics on their board of directors, or currently in any of their major decision making bodies. (While they did have Robison on their Science advisory, he left when they released a pretty bad press release after years of them being unresponsive to his feedback.) An organization that fails to include the people who they are “serving” in meaningful leadership positions is unacceptable. NAACP run by white people wouldn’t be alright; NOW run by men would be unacceptable; and an Autism organization without autistic leadership is not okay. 
  • Their Budget. While they have a high transparency score, they have a VERY low financial score on Charity Navigator, and for good reason. Only 4% of their funding goes towards supporting families via things like service grants. 21% is advertising and 22% is fundraising, and 5% is administrative costs. (44% is research, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) The executive pay- several over $400,000/year- is pretty high for an autism non-profit. 
  • The research doesn’t help living autistics. Very very little of the research Autism Speaks funds actually goes to quality of life. Instead the majority goes towards causation and prevention. As a lot of that research is genetic in nature, prevention means research into selective abortion of fetuses with markers for autism. Not only does this not help autistics of any age, it encourages the idea that it’s better to not exist than to RISK being disabled (and in particular, autistic). 
  • They promote stigma. Remember that “awareness” and advertising budget? A lot of that money goes towards things like Autism Everyday, a video in which a parent talks about wanting to complete a murder suicide with her autistic daughter and deciding against it because she has a “normal” child as well.* They also funded a video called I Am Autism (Transcript) in which a menacing voice claiming to be autism brags about “tearing families apart” at great detail. And remember what I mentioned about Robison resigning from his involvement with them? The final straw for him was an open letter written by Suzanne Wright, one of Autism Speak’s founders, to open a national Autism policy summit (which co-incidentally didn’t involve Autistics) in which Autistics are equated to being missing and being a crisis comparable to needing military intervention. These are just major examples; this tone of horror, tragedy, destruction, and crisis permeates Autism Speaks’ public message. Even in their more positive campaigns, it is an underlying message that being an autistic is not a good thing. 
  • They take money out of local communities. Many people attend walks thinking that the money raised will help support their local autism centers or families. Very little of this money if any comes back to the community it came from. 

We at ASAN put out a flyer a few years ago with a short version of this information. It’s slightly out of date, particularly when it comes to the alternate places to donate list, but the points still stand. More recently, we put out a Joint letter with a number of other organizations going into more detail about why we at ASAN as an organization- and our co-signers as well- object to Autism Speaks. 

This is Autism Flash blog response from the Autistic Community in response to Suzanne Wright’s Call to Action letter. ASAN didn’t run this, though we are supportive of it. 

A lot of people wrote or made video responses to the I Am Autism video. As far as I know, though, there wasn’t an especially organized response. You can still see a lot of them by searching google for “I Am Autism Response.” 

Check out boycottautismspeaks, an independent collaboration between autistics and autism positive parents. (They are also on Facebook!

A number of autistics have written posts talking about why they don’t like or support Autism Speaks. Some might be out of date on some of the details, but still current on the major issues.

* In Autism Everyday, she also talks about her daughter being non-communicative while her daughter comes up to her multiple times throughout asking if her mommy is okay. 


wade's big cry for help thank you

hi everyone.

if you follow me on twitter, you might know i’m trying to go back to school starting in october (i’ve aready been accepted and enrolled- it’s a 9 month massage therapy program and i’m very excited about it). you also probably know i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year. my doctors bills and on/off ability to work have blown through most of my savings.

i have covered most of my tuition (via loans/pell grant/savings), but i need another $360 to finish paying for admission and to help cover another doctor’s visit because my insurance is maxed out.

if you would like to donate, my paypal is

i’m also more than happy to do art commissions. you can check for examples, and i do watercolors which you can find examples of on my twitter. commissions tend to run from $15-$20 because i’m not Super Good but it’s nice to get something for giving something. (if you’ve commissioned me already, please know i’m beyond grateful and working on it).

i will say, if anything happens and i cannot return to school/plans fall through: i will return anything that’s donated. if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask or, for a much faster response, dm me on twitter (@wade_ebooks).

finally: please don’t feel pressured. if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, and i can’t stress enough how thankful i am for how much all of you have helped me in the past. thank you so, so much.

Measuring the shadow of the black hole

Goethe University is participating in international Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration via the ERC-project Black Hole Cam

The international Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, which is imaging for the first time the black-hole candidate at the center of our Milky Way, has a major research focus in Germany. A significant contribution to this experiment is part of “BlackHoleCam”, a German-Dutch experiment founded in 2014. The research group of Prof. Rezzolla at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Goethe University Frankfurt is part of the collaboration. BlackHoleCam is supported by the European Research Council via an ERC Synergy Grant of 14 Million Euros.

Due to the strong pull of gravity, not even light can escape from black holes, whose surface, i.e., the event horizon, cannot be observed directly. However, the boundary which separates photons that are trapped from those that can escape from the incredible gravitational pull is called the black-hole “shadow”, because it would appear as a shadow against a bright lit background. It is such a shadow that is the target of series of observations presently ongoing of Sgr A*, the name of the black-hole candidate in our Milky Way. During the observations, the researchers will analyze the radio emission emitted by Sgr A*, whose mass is 4.5 million times that of our Sun and whose shadow is about half of the size of the distance between the Sun and the Earth.

Despite being so massive, Sgr A* is also very far from us, at a 26,000 light years, making the angular size of the shadow extremely small. Measuring the emission from this surface is therefore equivalent to imaging an apple on the surface of the Moon. To accomplish this ambitious project several radio telescopes across the globe are connected and thus form a virtual telescope with a diameter comparable to the Earth. This technique is called Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI).

The work of BlackHoleCam is lead by Prof. Luciano Rezzolla (ITP, Frankfurt), Prof. Michael Kramer (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn), and by Prof. Heino Falcke (Radboud-University Nijmegen, Netherlands); all of them are important contributors of the EHT collaboration. In the current observations of Sgr A*, network of radiotelescopes from Europe, the United States of America, Middle- and South America, and the South Pole telescope are participating at the same time. During the observations, each telescope records the data on hard disks which are shipped after the end of the campaign to one of the high-performance computer centers in the US or to Bonn. In these centers the individual data of the telescopes are combined by supercomputers and an image can be reconstructed.

This shadow image can be regarded as the starting point for the theoretical research of Prof. Rezzolla’s group. Besides predicting theoretically what type of image scientists is expected to observe, the group in Frankfurt is also working on determining whether it will be possible to establish if Einstein’s theory of general relativity is the correct theory of gravity. There are several other theories of gravity besides the well-known one by Einstein and the observations of the black-hole shadow may help to identify the true one. Because of this, scientists in Frankfurt analyze the size and the geometry of the shadow and compare them to synthetic images generated on supercomputers which model accretion flows onto black holes..

These images are computed by solving the equations of relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics and tracing the orbit of photons around black holes in different theories of gravity using state-of-the art numerical tools developed in the group of Prof. Rezzolla. Comparing the synthetic shadow to the observed one may shed light on the existence of one of the most extreme predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity: the existence of black holes. However, as Prof. Rezzolla remarks, “These observations represent a major step forward in the international attempt of understanding the nature of the dark and compact object at the centre of our Galaxy. However, they are just the first step and it is likely that many more observations of increasing precision will be necessary for finally settling this fundamental issue”.


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