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fluffy pre-relationship shallura headcanons

- allura pointing out the new galaxies to shiro while after hours in the control room in front of the giant window
- shiro taking her to the decontamination room to show her how rain feels on earth (and then allura chasing him around/throwing trinkets at him to simulate the altean rock showers)
- platonic bed-sharing thats initiated when they both pass out after a long night of strategizing in allura’s room (it just becomes a regular thing and neither of them ever openly question it)
- touching their foreheads together after one of them wakes up from a nightmare, the room is totally silent except for heavy breathing that slowly calms down
- watching lance and keith bickering via the security cameras and lip syncing over it
- allura finding preserved juniberry seeds and shiro helping her grow them
- coran barging in on them sleeping in alluras bed and alluras skin turning bright red as coran quickly hightails it out of there without waiting for an explanation
- pidge doing the same thing after they decide to move their situation to shiro’s room

i didnt know how to end this list, if you have any more ideas, send me an ask!!

EDIT made a second headcanon list!

tiny detail that i love: while emma is trying to defend herself after her “jeg elsker homser! de er søte” nonsense the camera/isak is not focusing on her at all. isak is focusing on even because that’s who he is listening to and the lesson he’s starting to learn.

of course even is simply shutting emma down and we can take their conversation at face value, but the specific camera focus emphasizes that isak is valuing even’s point over emma’s. sometimes we see that isak has learned something based on his reaction or comments after the fact, but here we are watching the process and learning along with isak via the subtle camera direction. so good.

( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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Nightwing: *sees what Batman and Red Robin are up to* Tracking software? You’re spying on Damian!

Batman: Dick, keeping track of someone because you love them is not wrong. It shows you care.

[Scene cuts to Deathstroke on a nearby rooftop, listening in via a bugging device attached to the Batmobile]

Deathstroke: That’s right, my dear Dick Grayson. *sinister laugh* Soon, you’ll be mine.

[Scene cuts to two FBI agents in a surveillance truck]

FBI Agent #1: *observing Deathstroke via a spy camera* Keep talking, creepo.

FBI Agent #2: Every word buys you a year in the slammer.


NGC 6888 (Crescent Nebula) bicolor by Remidone
Via Flickr:
Camera: SBIG ST-10XME sensor -20°C with Sbig CFW10 and SXV-AO-LF Optics: GSO 10" f/8 RC carbon fiber Filters: Baader Exposure time (seconds): HA: 14×1200 bin 1×1 OIII: 13×1200 bin 1×1 Place: Pesaro (PU) Italy Date: 2/07/2016 - 29/07/2016

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hey love, i was scrolling through your incredible writing and stumbled upon a request list thing from pretty long ago i was wondering if you could maybe please write with the prompt #71 ("you are the single best thing that has ever happened to me") thank you so much!!!

Awww, you’re so sweet! Thank you, love and I’m sorry this took long to post. x


71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”


It was overwhelming, it was lol overwhelming. How can being in a relationship with someone as famous as Harry be so hard?

These were the thoughts in your mind after one specific incident that happened 2 hours ago.
You both were just enjoying breakfast in the early morning, knowing that at least half of the curious people were asleep, giving you privacy. But you were wrong. Paparazzi were quick to swarm you, separating you and Harry while shouting insults that you didn’t think anyone with a heart or mind would say. This made a few crazed “fans” join, throwing insults at you and how you didn’t deserve Harry.

It got too much for you, you eventually fainted. When you woke up in your house with a worried Harry by your side and feeling your forehead sting, you raised your hand to feel a wound; growing nervous and looking at it via your phone’s camera, finding a small red and blue wound that hurt like a bitch.

You stayed silent, Harry urging you with questions of concern as you lay in bed, him kneeling on the floor beside you.

“Are you okay?” “Are you comfortable?” “How do you feel?” “Are the pillows comfortable?” “Do you need anything?”

You didn’t give him a verbal reply; only a shake or a nod of your head as you avoided his gaze.

“Say something, Y/N.” He pleaded, his hand finding yours. His heart broke when you pulled your hand out of his before you sat up.

Tears began falling down your face, quiet sobs escaping, “I can’t do this.”

“What? No, no,” He sat on the bed beside you, his hand cupping your face as he wiped your tears with his thumb. “Yes, you can. Don’t give up on us now, love.”

You shook your head, “I just want to love you,” You sniffled, looking at him, “But I can’t! I can’t do it!”

“No, baby, you can. I know you can, you love me. You show it to me everyday, baby, just by being here with me.” Harry said in a broken voice, his nose getting red as a sign he was holding in his tears.

Again, you shook your head. “They don’t like me. And you know what? Maybe they’re right, Harry. Maybe you should stick to your models and perfect women. Maybe I just don’t fit in with your life.”

“Baby, where’s that coming from? We’ve been together for 2 years, love, why are you just now thinking this? Did I do something that made you feel insecure? Because fuck, I never meant to. I don’t want models, I don’t want anyone else, I just want you. Please.” Harry’s eyes welled up with tears as he cupped your face with both hands, “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me,” He sniffled, “And you breaking up with me? This is going to fucking break me, kill me.”

You broke down again, allowing Harry to pull you closer to his chest as you hugged him.

“I promise I’ll do something about this. I’ll give you what you deserve, baby. Just stick around, yeah? I can’t handle you leaving me because people are trying to ruin us.” Harry whispered in your hair, stroking it gently.

You nodded, “You’re the best thing to ever happen to me, too.”

“I love you. You and I, yeah? It’s going to be like that. We’re stuck together.” He sniffled with a joking smile, pulling away to look at you as you nodded before he placed his lips on yours. “I love you. So much.”


i cri

okay but. petty revenge crack: 

Bond actually gets hounded almost to death by the fact that he has the Aston. 

Q reports it ‘stolen’ and no matter how many times Bond gets the matter ‘fixed’ it somehow gets back on the police records again whenever Q has a bad day and needs a pick-me-up in the form of Bond getting pulled over and flipping him off via the nearest security camera 

Bond’s break-up fight with Madeleine is sparked by the fact that the Aston has been pulled over–again–and Madeleine has had it up to here with these Aston-related shenanigans. ‘So get rid of it!’ she says. ‘Buy a new car!’ And so rang the death knell of that relationship, after which Madeleine resumes her practice, adopts a cat, and starts dating the lovely woman who runs the animal shelter and drives a sensible Honda Civic. 

Q lists the Aston on some kind of classic car show and Bond has to field phone calls from TV people and ~somehow~ (Q helps) they find him and he ends up on the air with his face blurred out bc he’s legally not allowed to be filmed. the car, however, is clearly visible bc Bond didn’t exactly get around to signing all those ‘sure I won’t put the car on TV’ contracts before he breezed out of the garage

and now everyone knows that the classic Aston is a spy car 

and ‘spot the spy car!’ blogs pop up 

Bond gets spotted by really enthusiastic classic car fans all the time. they come up to him and start talking about complicated engine things that he doesn’t know about. a lot of them are older dudes. some of them are younger folk. Bond doesn’t fuck most of them. 

the remnants of SPECTRE track him via his car’s fan blogs but their kidnapping attempt goes awry when a passing gearhead beans one of the Spectre goons over the head with a spanner at a critical juncture. the gearhead is like. nineteen. totally down for ‘hey guess I saved your life’ sex. Bond feels so old. So so old. 

The Curse of the Aston Martin. 

Bond returns the damn thing himself. 

(Then he sets about trying to put ‘The Curse of James Bond’ on Q, which turns out to be much more fun for both of them than either were anticipating.)     

Naruhina video message event!

To congratulate our beloved OTP and our favorite series of 15 years, I had the cute idea to get everyone do a video message then a compilation just like the anime. Never thought many people would support it and so guess we’ll make it come true! THIS WILL BE OUR WEDDING GIFT TO THEM AND FOR OUR FINAL MISSION! 

The rules are as follows:

- Film a short video of yourself congratulating Naruhina or thanking the series overall. (You can include how Naruhina affected you, your favorite moments, your final thoughts on the series.) 

- Each video cannot be over 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter how short your message, even a thank you would be cute. 

- You can film the video in groups.

- Mention of other ships are welcome as long as you stick to the time limit. 

- You can record your video via Phone, computer, camera. As long as its able to transfer into PC and edit on Windows movie maker. 

- If you are mute, deaf or camera shy, you can hide your face or show your message on paper, any other ways to show your message is also welcome. 

- Send your videos to my email. and link your Tumblr so i can credit you. 

- Deadline is 15th April, GMT + 8 hours. Video will be done in about a week after. 

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Konohamaru will do the filming so everyone is welcome to take part! I hope it turns out cute or even more than the anime. 

Message me on @tasuke101 for any enquires


Unexplained UFO Sighting (Chile,November 2014)

In November over 2014, a Chilean military helicopter captured footage of an unidentified flying object using the chopper’s infra-red camera. The pilots were unable to see the craft, and it was only visible to them via the infra-red camera. The craft seemed to be releasing some type of gas.

They tracked the craft from about 40 miles away and didn’t get any form of response when they tried to communicate with it. Chilean government agency the CEFAA, which investigates UFO sightings, has been probing the incident for two years and has had no luck identifying it.

Here’s some more foreshadowing via camera framing for you guys.

Everyone the camera focuses on when Chief Arnook gets to this part of his speech leaves he North Pole in one way or another.

Princess Yue dies (err, her physical form dies but her spirit lives on as the Moon), Hahn presumably dies as well (although he’s a one time character that was only meant to be a rival for Sokka…but, he was thrown into the ocean with Fire Navy ships everywhere, so…), and Pakku travels to the Southern Water Tribe to help their sister tribe rebuild.


Good Morning From Scotland

Bluebell Dawn by KENNETH BARKER
Via Flickr:


“The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep…” - Near Koma, Tokyo by Aaron Paulson
Via Flickr:
Olympus digital camera