vi caps


“I’m that guy in that one movie”

“There’s a Time Machine and, like, a storage locker”

“You know the one, it was a little Indie. It got a lot of critical acclaim”

So after the new episode aired I got a little curious about Benson’s costume (b/c it does look like he just put on something he found in his closet *lmao) and did a little bit of googling and it looks like he’s supposed to be a character from this movie called ‘Primer’. 

I’ve never heard of it before but it looks pretty good.  

Yup! Definitely adding this to my “Movie Watch-List”~! *haha ♥♥♥

For anyone who might be interested in seeing a little bit of my creative process, I made this GIF using work-in-progress snapshots from my “Spidey Reunited” piece. I like to start off with a VERY LOOSE scribble sketch (removes the pressure of having to have a very specific and clean line drawing in my opinion), then I lay in my base colors to define my general sense of light, and from there I start making choices on specific values, colors and shapes along with other edits. Hope you enjoy!

Si te cuentan sus problemas y cómo se sienten, créelo, hiciste algo BIEN. NO CONFÍAN EN CUALQUIERA: Ar, Esc, Cap, Vi, Sag, Le, Ge, Lib, Acu.
… non era felice, non lo era mai stata. Ma da dove veniva quell'insufficienza di vita, quell'istantaneo imputridirsi di tutte le cose a cui si appoggiava?… Ma se c'era da qualche parte una creatura forte e bella, una natura valorosa, colma a un tempo di passione e raffinatezza, un cuore di poeta sotto un sembiante d'angelo, perché il destino non gliela faceva incontrare?
—  Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, 1856. Parte terza, cap. VI

Debo decir que le huía a este anime después que vi el cap 2,pero resultó muy divertido y ahora en el cap 21 por fin puedo diferenciarlos,bueno los seiyuu ayudan mucho con sus voces también xD
Mis favoritos son ichimatsu y karamatsu.
Admito que soy muy ichimatsu y amo los gatos pero también tengo mi propio estilo incomprendido como karamatsu.
Imágenes le pertenecen a sus respectivos autores

Abituata agli aspetti più calmi della vita era attratta, all'opposto, da quelli più tormentati. Amava il mare solo se tempestoso e il verde soltanto disseminato in mezzo alle rovine. Aveva bisogno di trarre dalle cose una specie di profitto personale; rifiutava come inutili tutto quanto non contribuiva a saziare immediatamente il suo cuore, - essendo di temperamento più sentimentale che artistico, cercando emozioni piuttosto che paesaggi.
—  Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, 1856 - cap. VI

on the topic of judging people’s disabilities and NOT doing that and specifically regarding blindness:

one of the adult leaders of Youth for a Change occasionally uses a sight cane, especially on transit and in unfamiliar places. she’s legally blind. it takes her a long time to process visual input and stairs/kerbs that don’t have high-contrast strips are a hazard for her because she has limited depth perception as well as no peripheral vision.

she also wears glasses. 

being legally blind, requiring a sight cane, and being totally blind are all totally different things. you can be legally blind but glasses might be all you need. you might be legally blind and require glasses and also use a sight cane to further aid you. in fact, according to the American Foundation for the Blind, only 18% of visually impaired people are “totally blind”. 

legal blindness is classified as having no more than 20/200 vision in one’s better eye OR having a visual field of 20 degrees or less. on top of that, even most people who are classified as “totally blind” can differentiate between light and dark, meaning a lot of us can tell where to, say, turn a corner based on a shadow of the wall, or avoid a large pole, or a car. 

so before you get on someone’s case for not fitting your definition of “blind” or “requiring a sight cane”, or saying they’re faking because they didn’t run into an object, maybe just don’t because it’s seriously none of your business and you’re probably wrong.