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Color Palette Meme ☆ ☆

Asked by @kirei-na-jinsei: Lelouch//Color(s) I Associate with this Character

For anyone who might be interested in seeing a little bit of my creative process, I made this GIF using work-in-progress snapshots from my “Spidey Reunited” piece. I like to start off with a VERY LOOSE scribble sketch (removes the pressure of having to have a very specific and clean line drawing in my opinion), then I lay in my base colors to define my general sense of light, and from there I start making choices on specific values, colors and shapes along with other edits. Hope you enjoy!


“I’m that guy in that one movie”

“There’s a Time Machine and, like, a storage locker”

“You know the one, it was a little Indie. It got a lot of critical acclaim”

So after the new episode aired I got a little curious about Benson’s costume (b/c it does look like he just put on something he found in his closet *lmao) and did a little bit of googling and it looks like he’s supposed to be a character from this movie called ‘Primer’. 

I’ve never heard of it before but it looks pretty good.  

Yup! Definitely adding this to my “Movie Watch-List”~! *haha ♥♥♥

Sunt o persoană care complică tot ce e simplu, care dintre două opţiuni întotdeauna o alege pe cea greşită, dar care trăieşte cu o speranţă vie în piept şi un vis măreţ în cap.