Workhorse. Even though I’m on the hunt for an old VI, I have to say that this massively-upgraded Squier Vintage Modified model has served me so well, especially during your and rehearsals with @leoleoband. Not only has it played and responded beautifully no matter the conditions, it’s also become THE sound for a great many tunes, and I’m even toying with the idea of leaving the Precision home next time! Definitely my most-asked-about piece of gear at shows, too. I’m proud to show it off. Yum.

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yoongi imitating a doorbell


jungkooks deep voice in house of cards


jimin roaring

🍩 Officer Caitlyn and Officer Vi! 🍩

Hey everyone!!! So finally after a long long time since the last, here’s another LoL pin-up! I tried something a little different with this one, and honestly am not so sure how it turned out after seeing and working on it so long. I hope you like it nonetheless!

As always the hi-res version can be found here (1440x1920) <3

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jungkook crying and then getting shy about it


jungkook watching a street performance of boy in luv (you can see him in the back)