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New Feature: One-click Watch in Gmail

Gmail users rejoice! You can access your VHX purchases with just one click.

When you buy your favorite film on a VHX-powered website, a confirmation will arrive in your Gmail inbox with a handy dandy “Watch Now” button. Click it to launch the movie right away!

This startup makes it easy for anyone to launch their own streaming TV service
The traditional world of network and cable television is in decline, with ratings slumping and subscribers shrinking. It’s a big iceberg, and it’s melting slowly, but the trajectory is clear. At the same time, however, a new breed of programming that in many ways looks and feels like television is blossoming online.
By Ben Popper

Hey! That’s us! Great writeup from The Verge about VHX and how we’re helping video publishers built their own branded apps. 

Dennis Dortch from Black&Sexy nails it: “We can rely on VHX to handle the technology side of it, and we can focus on what we know best, which is creating content.“