⚡️ Carmilla Movie Update⚡️

What is happening with the Carmilla Movie?  (EVERYTHING!)

When is it shooting? Is the script finalized? When exactly will it be released on VHX? Will it be on other platforms as well? When can we expect the behind the scenes to begin? Is production financing still ongoing? Have you sold the movie?  What are you allowed to tell us?

These are all great questions! We appreciate the patience and know we’re working hard as hell behind the scenes to pull all the pieces together and get shooting as soon as we can.

We got GREAT news last week - we were successful in our funding application and now have the green light to go to camera in a couple weeks. Woo!

We prefer divulging production details when we’re 100% sure they’re finalized,  and we’d hate to tell you we’re shooting X day to X day only for that to change afterwards. That said, below is a general update of all the behind the scenes shenanigans, and we’ll update you as much as we can as we enter official pre-production next week and principal photography soon after.

We couldn’t have done it without your enthusiasm in the pre-sales and add-ons going towards the film. Your generosity and drive is making this movie happen and we can’t wait to bring it to you!

  • Writing began in January, and we’re now into the fifth draft of the feature. It goes to actors this week, as we move towards production drafts and revision pages incorporating their feedback like we did in Season 3.
  • We’ve scouted a dozen locations with many more to check out. More than a single setting?! What is this sorcery?!  We actually found a pitch perfect one last week. Cross your fingers it works out. Are we going to see Laura & Carmilla’s apartment? Mayhaps…
  • The pre-sales of the movie is set to account for 30% of the total budget. We are just shy of our goal and your continued support helps us more than you know! If you haven’t already pre-ordered the film, we lovingly encourage you to check out the different bundles available!
  • We’ve got a new distribution partner on board in addition to Vimeo’s VHX and we can’t wait to divulge more about what’s happening leading up to the release week!
  • Our projected fall 2017 release on VHX remains the same.
  • Director Spencer Maybee is back on board to give you more of the Carmilla Series flava-flave that we’ve all come to know and love.


- Carmilla HQ

anonymous asked:

I'm a backer from canada and I was able to view the episodes once while they were hosted on vhx, since then they've been removed. I received the physical comic in the mail and the digital rewards (storyboards, ringtones etc) but no episode downloads. Is it possible these links did not go out to all the backers correctly? If they were caught by junk mail filters are we able to receive these links again?

The episodes should not have been removed from VHX.tv. Email bee@frederator.com with a screen shot of what you see when you have logged into VHX.tv and we will sort it out. The downloads come through VHX.tv. 

anonymous asked:

I'm the annoying person who sort kinda got upset about the Carmilla bundle. I know you're probably sick of hearing me (or seeing my writing?) but I just wanted to know if I got the thing on gumroad, would it be ok? Like would it be the same amount of video? You might not know but I thought I would ask as you seem knowledgeable.

I’ve used the gumroad for the add-ons and I’ve gotten everything.  As long as you get the Original Creampuff version ($21.99 CAD), you’ll get everything listed on it (except the movie stuff, you’ll get that later when it comes out, all the season 3 content you’ll be able to download)

Once you pay, you’ll be asked to download an image.  Download it and open the image which will give you a code.  Then you go to http://carmillamovie.vhx.tv/, click the bundle you purchased (assuming you bought the Original Creampuff so scroll down and click on that).  The price is listed in USD so if you’re confused as to why it’s $20.99 just disregard that (the gumroad website uses CAD).

Once you get here, enter your email, disregard everything else, and click USE COUPON, and enter the code you were given and you’re done (click Buy $20.99 to finish)!

Update 41: The MST3K "Black Friday" Special: Your Top 100 Episodes. PLUS: The Long-Awaited Turkey Day Surprise! · Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000

Joel has listed your picks for the top 1000 MST3K episodes!

But here’s the bombshell: Joel also just announced that the Turkey Day surprise is…..
*deep breath*


Yes you read that right! No you’re not dreaming! 

For all you newer fans, the first three episodes of the KTMA era have been considered lost to the ages, and are the Holy Grail for longtime, die-hard MSTies. No word if they’ve found the 3rd one yet, but fingers crossed!

Go check your emails and/or VHX account for the downloads! HIKEEBA!

anonymous asked:

How do you crack a Vigenere cipher if you don't have the keyword? Is it possible to do this even if there are no spaces?

Yep, vigenere has a fatal flaw that was found in 1846 by Charles Babbage, of early computing fame. His discovery is commonly known as the Kasiski method, due to it being kept secret then later being independently rediscovered by Friedrich Kasiski about 20 years later.

As a simple example, let’s say you encrypt a message with the keyword CAT, and the message starts with the word the. So the first three letters of the ciphertext will be VHX.


Now, it’s a long message, and the is the most commonly used three letter word in the English language, as well as being the most common length three bigram, so we should expect it to appear in the text often. There, their, they, them, then and every time one of these lines up with CAT, it’s going to be encrypted as VHX. You’ll also get a mess of VHs, as th is the most common 2 letter bigram, with, this, arthropod, etc..


So you find all of these repetitions, and you say to yourself, well here’s a VHX, and 24 letters later there’s another one, so if they were both created by a portion of the key repeating and encrypting two pieces of identical plaintext the same way, then the key would have to be some factor of 24 in length. Either 24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, or 2 letters long. If you check the other appearances of VHX, and they are closer together, like vhxfozcnwvhxeam, you can narrow it down to an exact key length, as none of the other lengths would create this ciphertext, because the only factor 9 and 24 have in common is 3. Also, that’s just the VHXs, other less common digrams will repeat and they will also conform to the keylength, for the most part. Just eyeballing it I see tag appears many times in the ciphertext, eam, foz, etc… a computer program would probably show several dozen repeats, and almost all them will be some multiple of 3 away from each other.

Now, it could be, if the numbers were different, that the keyword was CATSEYE. And some of the repeated VHXs were created by the/CAT, but some were created by ???/EYE, or some other random combination. But the vast majority of repetitions will be legit, due to the fact that languages are just naturally repetitious. If 95% of your repeated digrams are indicating a keylength that is some multiple of 7, and you have one or two that are indicating the key would have to be 13 letters or 46 letters long, they can be safely ignored. That’s why this method won’t work well with very short messages. You need enough ciphertext to make the random outliers stand out from the clear majority of repetitions that are caused by the underlying rules of the language itself.

And that’s where the fatal flaw shows up, which is that vigenere is just a simple upgrade to the caesar shift cipher, the oldest, simplest, most broken cipher ever. Vigenere is just the caesar shift, but instead of always shifting by 4, you shift by the current letter of the keyword. Shift by C=2, then A=0, then T=19, then C, then A… Caesar shifts are easily solved just by counting all the letters, and saying the most commonly appearing letter is probably equal to E, the most commonly appearing letter in English, and so on with the second and third most commonly appearing letters, etc… Once you know the keylength of a vigenere cipher, you can break up the ciphertext into that many columns:


and know that all of the the letters in column 1 were enciphered with the same caesar shift cipher. The most common letter in column 1 will, if the text is long enough, be G, with E and X in the next two. When we look up which caesar shifts would turn eee into GEX, we will get CAT. We test that key and either the ciphertext is completely readable plaintext, or if there was some fluke and one or two columns had a wonky distribution, we’ll get a text where a lot of words are readable, but maybe every fifth letter looks like a typo, so you can then fine tune the fifth column until it is readable.

And this is why vigenere became obsolete for real secret keeping about 150 years ago. The last serious use of it I know of was by the CSA during the American Civil War, perhaps because the news hadn’t reached them yet, or because they were using it for short, urgent battlefield messages, where it wasn’t a worry that someone would be able to intercept, crack it by hand, and make use of the information within a reasonable time. What people can do by hand in hours, computers can do almost instantly, so the last of vigenere’s usefulness died with the computer age (although I tried the ciphertext above in 1, 2, 3 of the online vigenere solvers I know of, and none of them solved it…)


Pretending to Be Humans of New York

Black Web Series!!!

An African City
Black and Sexy TV (YouTube and VHX)
Sexless (VHX)
Chef Julian (VHX)
Becoming Nia
That Guy
Hello Cupid
Close Friends
Dear Future Wife
Unwritten Rules
Everything I did wrong in my 20’s
(If you know more black web series please reblog with the names, thanks!)


Munchkin the Teddy Bear gets her exercise

watch it forever


VHX.tv founders reflect on rapid pace of technology & future of online video

Yesterday we debuted the second intallment of Unpakt’s “Innovators on the Move” series, catching entrepreneurs reflecting on the professional and physical moves they make as their companies grow.

In this video, Unpakt follows the Emmy-award winning duo behind online video platform VHX.tv as they hire their first team and move into their first offices. Co-founders Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson (who previously helped build sites like Vimeo and produced internet favorite ‘Star Wars Uncut’) reflect on the rapid pace of technology and the doors that online video distribution can open for their users.

As per Jamie’s advice, “smart people in a post industrial landscape… you don’t make them come to you, you go to where they are,” we travel to both his home in SF and to their NY headquarters. As an online tool that allows the user to seamlessly move anywhere across the country, Unpakt celebrates these co-founders ability to stay nimble and run their startup coast to coast.

Bundle FAQ!

We hope your festivities are well underway, and in the meantime, we are reposting the consolidated bundle FAQ. 

How long will it be available to get?
At least until the end of January 2016. 

Can I use paypal? Prepaid cards? 
Unfortunately no, it has to be paid by card. Contact support@vhx.tv if you have alt payment questions & suggestions. They’ve been super helpful and quick! 

Can I watch it on my iPhone / Chromecast / Connected TV / iPad? 
You most definitely can. VHX has their own app as well - and ask them if you have additional questions, too!

How will it show up on my card statement?
It will show as ‘Carmilla Toronto CA’

The mix on episode 6 of Season One is off. When will it be fixed? 
We are so sorry about this, and instead of continuing to reply individually, we’re putting the answer here as well as in the episode page comments. We need our sound mixing team to resolve this issue, so we will upload the fixed version in early January once they return from holidays and the office reopens. It’s our top priority. We will also add the Xmas Special and additional bits & bo(o)bs at that time as well. 

Will I be able to see these new and fixed videos if I already have the bundle?
Yes, you will!  It’ll update automatically. 

There is no sound in the bits and bobs video from 16:06 to 17:41. Is this normal? 
In this case, yes it is! That shot is what we call “MOS,” aka without recording sound, so hair, make-up, wardrobe and grip departments can continue working as we shoot. We do this often for when we capture lots of montage material in one take without running sound at the same time. We thought it would still be an interesting BTS moment for you to see!

What format is the content in?
It is entirely digital, as the majority of viewers have asked us for downloadable extra content rather than a physical DVD. You’ll get a link to the site where it’s hosted and from there you can watch it on the web and/or download everything.

I’m not in Canada, can I still get it?
Yes! That’s the beauty of the internet. Worldwide. ASAP. 

I’m running Windows XP or earlier, and cannot see the photos properly. 
There is now a PC specific zip file available for download. Let us know if you still cannot get it to work and we’ll send you a different link.

Are there subtitles?
Not as of now, though it’s something we want to tackle early in the new year. We’ve gotten a ton of requests for Spanish. Let us know what other languages you want to see!

Too much gay?
Too much gay. Too much gay in this series. - excerpt from the Big Sumerian Tome of Do Not Want. 

I don’t have access to a card and/or I’m not safe using one. What can I do?
Keep an eye on the @carmillaseries social media accounts for gift codes over the holidays. We will be doing a second draw very soon. We also want to extend a massive, massive thanks to the creampuffs running their own giveaways for the younger fans. Much love and touched to see such solidarity. <3

(gif by @lauraholliis & thanks to @carmilla-feels-hq for getting the ball rolling on these answers!) 

- Carmilla HQ


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4

I couldn’t possibly love this more