I recently created Music Video Genome. It’s essentially Pandora for music videos (or a personalized MTV). Through the power of VHX’s new API, Last.fm and YouTube, it made it quite simple to accomplish.

This past weekend I participated in a video hackday. You get 24 hours to start and finish a video based project. At the end everyone demos their speed hack.

My project morphed several times over the course of the weekend, but the final result ended up being something I’m really enjoying.

I called it Genome because it’s not that simple to match music videos to real songs. Most music “videos” on YouTube are just a stupid static image. Granted not all songs have music videos, but it would be amazing if I could crowd-source the documentation of music videos to songs. If a song does not have an official music video, fans could make their own and have it bubble up as the official video.


Pretending to Be Humans of New York

I really enjoy creating alternate versions of the VHX.tv logo as identity exercises. I realized that this version I created with a single line translated perfectly into neon. I’ve also discovered that neon signs are relatively cheap to get produced! Desktop background sized version here. More versions coming!


Munchkin the Teddy Bear gets her exercise

watch it forever


SOUND CITY is like sitting in a room with your favorite legendary rock & roll artists, reminiscing about music, life, and the experience of recording at Sound City Studios. That happened to you too, right? Hey Tom Petty! What’s up Stevie Nicks?

We are so pumped to work with Foo Fighters frontman and certified chill guy Dave Grohl, who directed the film and serves as an awesome guide to the world of Sound City. Pre-order SOUND CITY now, directly from Dave, at a discounted price of $10 for access to instant rewards and exclusive clips. The full film will be released on February 1st, 2013. Rock.

Second chances for recue dogs + prison inmates

Dogs On The Inside follows the growing relationship between Massachusetts prison inmates and abused dogs, as they are paired together for rehabilitation. It’s an uplifting look at the power of second chances, amidst canines and humans who have both been neglected.

Watch over at the Dogs On the Inside website, powered by VHX. They even have bonus features, for more dogs and good feels!


VHX.tv founders reflect on rapid pace of technology & future of online video

Yesterday we debuted the second intallment of Unpakt’s “Innovators on the Move” series, catching entrepreneurs reflecting on the professional and physical moves they make as their companies grow.

In this video, Unpakt follows the Emmy-award winning duo behind online video platform VHX.tv as they hire their first team and move into their first offices. Co-founders Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson (who previously helped build sites like Vimeo and produced internet favorite ‘Star Wars Uncut’) reflect on the rapid pace of technology and the doors that online video distribution can open for their users.

As per Jamie’s advice, “smart people in a post industrial landscape… you don’t make them come to you, you go to where they are,” we travel to both his home in SF and to their NY headquarters. As an online tool that allows the user to seamlessly move anywhere across the country, Unpakt celebrates these co-founders ability to stay nimble and run their startup coast to coast.