Black Web Series!!!

An African City
Black and Sexy TV (YouTube and VHX)
Sexless (VHX)
Chef Julian (VHX)
Becoming Nia
That Guy
Hello Cupid
Close Friends
Dear Future Wife
Unwritten Rules
Everything I did wrong in my 20’s
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jamiew  asked:

who the fuck are you and when did you get so fuckin retro CPU

Why good fucking evening to you, good sir. I’m Katie, and I run this fucking blog. What a fucking pleasant surprise to receive a message from you, Jamie sir! I really fucking like your company with the fucking nostalgia and shit. I was raised on those rad-as-fuck VHS tapes, and I’ve fucking loved computers since my first PC w/ a fucking floppy drive and Windows fucking 95.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I know you might know this... Do you know where the christmas bundle is? I'm trying to access mine, but the link won't work

The url has changed—you can find it at http://carmillaxmasbundles.vhx.tv :)

Alternatively you can find it by downloading the mobile VHX app or in your VHX library on desktop (click on your profile pic, then go to purchases or library I’m not sure which one because I’m on mobile, sorry!)


VHX.tv founders reflect on rapid pace of technology & future of online video

Yesterday we debuted the second intallment of Unpakt’s “Innovators on the Move” series, catching entrepreneurs reflecting on the professional and physical moves they make as their companies grow.

In this video, Unpakt follows the Emmy-award winning duo behind online video platform VHX.tv as they hire their first team and move into their first offices. Co-founders Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson (who previously helped build sites like Vimeo and produced internet favorite ‘Star Wars Uncut’) reflect on the rapid pace of technology and the doors that online video distribution can open for their users.

As per Jamie’s advice, “smart people in a post industrial landscape… you don’t make them come to you, you go to where they are,” we travel to both his home in SF and to their NY headquarters. As an online tool that allows the user to seamlessly move anywhere across the country, Unpakt celebrates these co-founders ability to stay nimble and run their startup coast to coast.


DYING “Condolences" 

LAVA Space, Philadelphia, PA
Sunday, January 12th, 2014