I’ve just had my wisdom teeth out so staying at Mum’s house. Last night I ate some codeine and DJ’d on the dining room table. 

my-lust-dust asked:

I was watching one of your youtube videos about 90's pokemon commercials and you talked about ranma 1/2 being at the end of every pokemon vhs tape! Haha it was so funny you brought that up because thats how I ended up being a fan of ranma 1/2.

Same! Haha. A friend in middle school was reading the manga and I was like, wait a minute, where have I seen that before? Then I rewatched an old VHS tape and it clicked. Borrowed the first few volumes from her and now I own almost the whole series. 

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!

Pictured: “Dead Media,” an installation that repurposes 497 VHS tapes. Created by friend of Unconsumption Noah Scalin (mentioned previously several times here), of the Skull-A-Day project. (photo via SkullADay here)

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