Drinks to Say Goodbye to 2016 With

Dicks Out for Harambe

1oz rum

1oz creme de banana

.5oz dark creme de cacao

3oz coconut milk

1 banana

coconut flakes

Blend with ice until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with coconut flakes. Pay proper respect.


6oz British lager

6oz ginger beer

Pour equally into a cold beer mug. Start drinking competition with an American (see below) and hope neither of you will remember 2016 tomorrow.

Mp3 Killed the VHS Star

1oz vodka

1.5oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

.5oz Kahlua coffee liqueur

Pour vodka, then Baileys, then Kahlua over an ice-filled cocktail glass. Be careful, cheap vodka will make this curdle. Marvel at the inexorable march of technology and hope your job isn’t the next to get automated.

Rio Olympic Pool Water

8oz vodka

4oz melon liqueur

12oz pineapple juice

12oz cranberry juice

Pour all ingredients into a pitcher and stir. Serve in glasses with ice. Get yourself tested for Zika tomorrow.

US Election

1/3oz peppermint liqueur

1/3oz cinnamon schnapps

1/3oz Hot and Cool cinnamon schnapps  

Layer in shot glass in following order: Hot and Cool, cinnamon schnapps, peppermint schnapps. Drink. Drink. Continue drinking until 2020.