Rashad: I just knew she was gonna to win. She was amazing. She hit every note perfectly. I was like, ugh, you know…and that was pretty…you know…it was a big blow. That was tough for her to lose, but what was amazing was…she dried her tears, and she went back out, she sat in the audience, and she watched the rest of the show. And that to me embodied Aaliyah. That you know what…I’m not going to give up and I’m not going to be weak.

Aaliyah: I learned about rejection, and the fact that you don’t win all the time. So you just get up, you dust yourself off and you try again.

I’m here for the shade VH1. Well deserved. 

I’m also here for @vh1 re-airing Aaliyah’s ‘Behind The Music’ that was Remastered back in 2012, from the original episode that aired in 2001. 

Still one of my fav documentaries on Aaliyah to this day. It had full family consent, support & input so make sure you tune in, especially if you haven’t seen it before.

Day 11) Favorite moment (in a interview/TV special)? Behind the music. Tony and Gwen talking about the lyrics of songs from ‘Tragic Kingdom’.

Tony: Fuck! Those are some seriously intense words!
“You’ve got no one else! You’re by yourself!”
Tony: But to me, the art was more important. They were so sincere that I wouldn’t stop her from writing what she felt
Gwen: [Laughs] Poor thing. You know? But see, you have to remember, he deserved it. He deserved it, at that time. 'Cause I was the victim.

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Cause No one’s gonna warn you

And no one’s gonna yell ‘Attack’

And you don’t feel the steel

Till it’s hanging out your back”

In June 1985, a highly publicized murder case began revolving around Richard Ramírez, who was responsible for more than a dozen brutal killings as well as attempted murders and rapes in Los Angeles.

Nicknamed the “Night Stalker,” Ramírez was a fan of AC/DC, particularly the song “Night Prowler.” Police also claimed that Ramírez was wearing an AC/DC shirt and left an AC/DC hat at one of his crime scenes. During the trial, Ramírez shouted “Hail Satan!” and showed off the pentagram carved into his palm. This brought extremely bad publicity on AC/DC whose concerts and albums were campaigned against by parents in the Los Angeles area. On VH1’s Behind the Music on AC/DC, the band claimed that while the song had taken on a murderous connotation by Ramírez, it is actually about a boy sneaking into his girlfriend’s bedroom at night.

I spent a lot of time watching people on my way up…It started when I was a little kid and I would watch that VH1 show Behind the Music, where they’d chart the rise and fall of a band. And I noticed that most of the time, the fall was because they started treating people badly. And they stopped caring about basic human decency as soon as they got a few awards or could afford a fancy car. And I think as my career progressed, when I first started going to awards shows, I wasn’t on anyone’s radar. So I would walk the carpet and I would watch how people acted and I would remind myself over and over again: “Look at how that person isn’t making eye contact with people. Never do that. Look at how that person was just introduced to a group of people and she didn’t tell them her name because she assumed they all knew. Never do that.
—  Taylor Swift in Glamour UK (x)

Every time I watch this I cry.