Kim K., Are You Really Cool With Your Man Rapping About Boning Taylor Swift? via VH1

It’s official: Kanye West is doing the most of anyone in the history of man to up his record sales. (You know, Waves? The album which title has been changed more times than you swiped left today?)

First, was the Twitter feud with Wiz and Amber that esteemed professors around the world are probably still studying to try and make sense of WTF he was talking about. Then, was that Bill Cosby tweet. You know the one. Then, he cock-blocked Kylie from getting her paper with PUMA.

Now, he wants us to remember his infamous f–kery with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. AKA seven years ago. AKA six years since we moved on from it. His Yeezy 3 collection debut at Madison Square in NYC today featured his new song “The Life of Pablo,” which had the lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex, I made that bitch famous.”

This is embarrassing for Kanye on so many levels, mostly because he thinks he’s god again and what he says about Taylor’s fame is simply so untrue (at ease, angry Twitter, I am a white girl named Taylor but I’m not even that of a big T. Swift fan). But who should be even more embarrassed here is wifey, Kim. As Kourt would say: it’s embarrassing for your soul.

Kim, we know you’re aware of how arrogant your man is. So that part may not bother you, although it probably should. But you’re cool with his arrogance reaching such an unreal level that he’d screw around in a song and say he could easily bone another woman if he wanted to? Someone he thinks he “made famous”? And who is 12 years his junior? Not only is that insulting to her, but to you.

Plus, he’s openly putting down another woman–a much younger woman. Ironic, seeing as how you and your family take pride in a global brand that is represented by, and run by, women. Not to mention, Kanye’s a father. Of a daughter. Sooo, this is just gross.

It’s also mind-boggling that the greatest artist the Milky Way has ever witnessed has to stoop down to go in on someone he already majorly went in on seven years ago. Running out of material, ’Ye? And the line isn’t even grammatically correct. Get with it.

But seriously, Kim, you’re better than this and this sloppy display on your man’s behalf. Get that dude in check.


OK @vh1music… “Kanye being Kanye” is NOT an excuse or an allowance for his behavior. Whether it be directed at Taylor, Amber Rose or any other woman for that matter.

Thanks so much for perpetuating the common and sexist misconception that women should deal with this sort bullshit for the sole sake of a man just being “himself”.

Would you take that same stance when it comes to invalidating rape victims because their aggressor was just expressing themselves sexually?

If you have any decency, you would not only delete this article but apologize for the disgusting rationalization of abuse that it implies.


“People are pissed that Kanye, a married man, is rapping about cheating on Kim with Taylor and that he called Taylor a “bitch.” News flash: Kanye’s a rapper. He’s always been about the shock value. This is just Kanye being Kanye.”

No VH1… This is not okay.. It doesn’t matter if it was for shock value, he was objectifying women and being a sexist asshole. I’m glad you VH1 think this is okay.

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The first question is What is Hit The Floor? (HTF)

A lot of people aren’t even aware that Hit the Floor exists much less has a brilliant ship on it called Zude thats in its third season. So im going to explain it as best I can.


is this little basketball show on VH1 thats about the LA based team The Devils and its dance squad The Devil Girls. It covers badly written drama between the owner and coach and dance coach and basketball players, which in my opinion isn’t worth your time. It’s petty and dramatic for absolutely no reason like at all. They even have Kimberly Elise 

doing what Kimberly Elise does like tracking down murders, being dramatic and getting kidnapped. Ya’ll know her history don’t look at me like that

Anyway in this pile of unnecessary drama is this well written interesting diamond of a relationship called Zude. Like I can’t connect the dots on how this incredible storyline is on this show but it is and BOY lemme tell you you are in for some life ruining emotions if you keep investing in this show.

This is Zero

Zero aka #SexMoneyPower is your resident Bad Boy (and please understand if I could CAPITALIZE those quotation marks I would) Zero is your typical white boy that wants world domination and he’s a good basketball player so that’s what he uses to continue traveling on that path. He also has the trademark super inflated ego and thinks he’s

So he does things like this

and this


and don’t get confused he’s not the only one doing it there’s also Terrence

and Derek

but thats not the point lets carry on.. i mean

any way anway! like I was saying

Zero is a jackass like grade A level 10. And he has a reason for being this way which is most prominently identified by his name. Which will unravel in the subplot if you watch the show. Oh and I forgot to mention his bisexuality is cannon for now 

but i have no idea where the show will take it but we might find out how they will deal with it in the upcoming episodes 

Could this mean something? Could it have something to do with Zero’s sexuality in future episodes? I don’t know but I hope it still includes Jude

Now this is Jude

Jude Aka #sadpuppyinasuit is the lost awkward gay with daddy issues. He wants approval and acceptance from his father (team owner of the LA Devils Oscar Kincade) which he never gets and yadda yadda you know how that goes

anyway he starts off as an agent (to whom? you can probably guess) and befriends Lionel the movie star/ex-wife of current devil’s head coach (and if you’re wondering if the dating pool is as small as a day time soap opera, it is) 

once these two GBF it up they get together and do some real damage. 

Still none of these stories are worth the watch alone but when they come toGETHER

Which equals Zude

The Story

While Jude is doing agenty things for Zero (to help him with his goal of being on top) Zero gets impressed by Jude’s… abilities? and starts to shower him with lavish gifts and compliments

Jude (being the inexperienced baby gay) mistakes these feelings for affection and makes a move

Zero pulls back but not completely, being the dick he is, toys with Jude, flirts to make him jealous and rubs his nose in it etc

Because Zero likes to have fun he mixes business with pleasure, teasing Jude because he knows theres attraction there

and things of that nature

then lines get blurred, and they do some things

and continue to do some more things

until Jude naturally wants a real relationship and Zero pulls away because he doesn’t want anyone to know anything real about him

except for Jude

So Jude pulls away because he doesn’t want to be a secret 

and they stay apart for a while

Until Zero can’t stand it anymore and comes for Jude HARD

I mean HARD

and steps up and becomes the person Jude needs

Also Aaron from mean girls stops by and stirs up some drama

and its really overwhelmingly amazing

So yeah I recommend watching at least the third season of Hit The Floor. I suggest watching the 2nd season via daily motion or youtube for just Zude scenes so you can catch up (or the whole show for Kimberly Elise and Dean Cain) then watch full episodes of Season 3 because you are going to want to know whats going on, and this show needs your support

Hit the Floor (Mondays 10/9c) on VH1


This is kinda different from what we saw/heard last night, well it sounds different better in my opinion