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How can y'all be saying season 9 is bad when it's given us so much already???

- Lady Gaga as a guest judge, who came into the werkroom as a drag queen version of herself
- Lady Gaga giving the queens a crash course in Untucked
- “nina bonina fell on the sofina”
- The first queen to Shangela since Shangela (Cynthia Lee Fontaine)
- “What is a bloomer? It sounds disgusting.”
- “Stoning is for ugly girls.”
- “i’m hungry and tired and thirsty and i’m, like, having anxiety right now”
-“what’s an adjective?”
- “Eureka can you shut up for a second?”
- “You’re beautiful you’re perfect you look like Linda Evangelista you’re a model”
- Aja’s lip sync to “Holding Out for a Hero”
- Sasha and Shea eating chocolate out of a “stalk of broccoli” together
- Sasha and Shea’s subsequent friendship as a result
- “I call shade”
- Nina holding her titty while Eureka and Trinity argue
- The first queen to die on-screen since Tammie Brown (Charlie Hides)
- “someone for the first time in my life told me I wore too much highlighter”
- Alexis blaming the other queens for her own bad choices
- Farrah’s crying noises
- Cynthia’s eulogy to the chair
- The first queen to be honorably discharged (Eureka)
And there’s so much more of season 9 left for even more gems like these.

20 People that would make a better RPDR Pre-Show Host than Wendy Williams
  1. Todrick Hall
  2. Raven
  3. Neil Patrick Harris
  4. Michelle Visage
  5. Detox
  6. Alaska
  7. Katya and Trxie
  8. Morgan Freeman
  9. A bucket of drywall
  10. Sand.
  11. Ornacia
  12. Hamburger Mary
  13. Lil Poundcake
  14. Lance Bass
  15. RuPaul
  16. Rapal, the meme version of RuPaul
  17. A sentient kitten heel
  18. cheese
  19. Literally anyone else
    who likes LGBT people
  20. This is not difficult