Burnt Umber and Blue Royale

Aww geez, I haven’t drawn Burnt Umber in a while. ANYHOO; Time for headcanons!

Burnt Umber REALLY likes Blue Royale, not romantically, but in a Platonic way. Blue being the first color to trust him; and the color to convince him to join the Rebels. As such; he doesn’t listen to any other leader but Blue. Red, Orange and Yellow can tell him to do something, and he’ll ignore it. But when Blue tells him to do something (It can be the exact same command) and he’ll do it. He will do literally anything for her.

He considers himself a ‘Guard Dog’ for lack of a better term. When he’s not sleeping or eating, he’s following Blue and doing whatever he can do to help her/make her happy.

Blue Royale belongs to @between-divine-points

Burnt Umber is MINE