The Women of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

VGE Opinion

By Raymond M.

First off, let’s get it out the way that women are treated horribly in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In a world of tragic events around every corner; it is especially terrifying for the women that exist in this game.

That said, since the game’s release I’ve seen people criticize the way women are treated and portrayed. To put it simply, in my opinion, it all makes sense in this world. There are examples of damsels in distress, the stereotypical klutz and even women who I wouldn’t dare cross. They do not have one major characteristic that defines them all. Even in our world women are different on an individual level.

One argument against my point would be the love trio that Geralt is involved in. Some would say it has a sort of misogynistic flair to it because it is a man with two women who want him. The thing is that the game never presents these relationships so simply. There are so many layers to each relationship this would turn into a spin off novel of The Witcher series. These are adults with motivations, flaws and strengths. That is a concept that took thousands of years for a large portion of the male gender to understand about their opposite sexes. We are not so far removed from idea that women have only a handful of roles they can perform or even viewing them as individuals.

These positive attributes extend to a lot of the other women in this world with some more driven than their male counterparts. I challenge anyone to find a handful of games that make women feel as human as they do in The Witcher 3. I saw some of these accusations prior to playing the game and I walked in expecting to essentially see “MISOGYNY RULES!” written on the foreheads of all of the female characters. In actuality, I am over 100 hours in and have yet to see anything close to that.

Although, there was an instance with a sorceress that made me question the game. She wore a shirt with the middle of her chest exposed and from almost every angle you could see just the smallest piece of her nipples. This was a little off-putting, but the more I spoke to her I understood why she would wear something like that. If she was some conservative, anxiety ridden character the outfit would seem simply ridiculous, but she’s the opposite. She is brash, selfish and flirtatious. She even reveals to Geralt at one point that she doesn’t view sex as some sacred act. She owns her sexuality - not the opposite.

In my opinion, the largest amount of misogyny is found in what happens to a lot of women in the game, but not in a way that reflects negatively on the developers. This world is almost hopeless for most of its citizens. Men take advantage of women. A concept that we are familiar with in our society today. 

I’ve seen women beaten and killed in this game. I’ve even walked past soldiers just nonchalantly talking about raping women as if it’s a normal day. There are people that talk about soldiers raping and pillaging as though they are discussing their dinner from the night before. The sad part of this environment is that it actually is a normal day for them. The soldier’s acts are despicable, but so is that world. These acts also disgust people in this world, but even they know the world they live in. I’m not excusing their actions; I’m just saying their actions make sense for the world they live in and the kind of people they are. This is something that harkens back to medieval European ideals toward women and The Witcher 3 series draws a lot of inspiration from these outdated beliefs. 

Let’s not forget that marital rape did not become illegal in all 50 states until 1993. We are not so far removed from barbaric acts as a society. I don’t think as a society we have progressed to a point where we have a moral high ground to stand on and criticize a game because of acts committed and attitudes in it. This game never glorifies any of these things, but merely paints the picture for us to experience.

I commend CD Project Red on their take of the characters in this game. There is no one sect of people feels watered down (not even the trolls). Characters of The Witcher 3 are genuine people. Many characters have layers, no matter if you like each layer or not. I feel that there are quite a few games that deserve the criticism a lot more than this game does. But I guess - the bigger the game, the bigger the magnifying glass.

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