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Can we have a Digimon World Championships?

Last weekend the 2016 Pokémon World Championships in San Fransisco came to a close, and it was an intensely emotional moment for Video Game Championship fans all around. After years of nonstop practice and competition, Wolfe Glick finally took home the gold, and for the first time in several years the USA seized first place in every VGC division.

It wasn’t the best year for the VGC as a whole–tournament diversity was at an all-time low thanks to the legendary rules, infinite weather battles dominated–but the final games were tense and unpredictable. I watched all three days and was numb to the Big Six teams showing up early in the tournament, but the top cut kept throwing out surprises. (Raichu!?)

And so my thoughts have turned to the question, can there be a Digimon World Championships series?

The closest thing we have in modern times to the former D-1 Grand Prix are the DIGIMADO conventions, which meet four times a year in Japan holding miscellaneous competitions and are only attended by ~40 persons per event. These days DIGIMADO is lucky to see six people in the Sleuth tournaments, whereas their past Decode tournament had sixteen entrants, enough to have a real eight-man top cut. We’re facing the Super Smash Bros. dilemma, having to single out one game among an entire franchise that’s representative of the best it can be as a multiplayer experience.

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Trying to keep my spirits high

To all the legitimate players who played at worlds this year, I’m glad to hear at least some of you had a good experience. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :D In the wider scope though, they had Ray Rizzo commentating, Wolfe fucking Glick is the Masters division champ, and there are dozens of other top VGC players who freely admit to genning their Pokémon. The integrity of competitive Pokémon is in the bloody toilet right now, and quite frankly it makes me physically ill. Looking forward, I’m clinging to the hope that Gamefreak will make Sun & Moon far more tamper proof, and that tPCI will depart from their current policy of feigned ignorance and complacency toward the illegitimate players within the VGC elite.

Pokémon World Championship Finals

Today marks the final day of the Pokémon World Championships and as games have hit their finals, the stream has been condensed to the main stream and will run through all the Finals as and when they happen, with no set schedule for each final.

The stream will begin shortly before 17:00 BST / 12:00 EDT / 09:00 PDT / 02:00 AEST

Click the following links to go to the respective streams:
Pokémon World Championships - Main Stream

Edit: The World Champions are starting to be decided. They are:
TCG Juniors: Shunto Sadahiro (Japan)
TCG Seniors: Jesper Eriksen (Denmark)
TCG Masters: Shintaro Ito (Japan)
VGC Juniors: Cory Connor (US)

Edit: VGC Seniors: Carson Confer (US)

Edit: VGC Masters: Wolfe Glick (US)

Edit: The 2017 World Championships will be held in Anaheim, California

(All information here is taken from and is used for informative purposes only.)

Everyone Tune in for the Pokemon World Championships starting TODAY!

You can watch all the action from these links, they will be active the whole weekend

Main Screen

Video Game

Trading Card Game

Pokken Tournament 

You can find a schedule of all the events happening here!

Let’s watch some great matches this weekend and maybe even get some Sun and Moon info!

Thank you and congrats Wolfe Glick and Pokemon VGC 2016 rules for finally letting me see the day that my favorite pokemon Rayquaza enter in the hall of fame in VGC Masters.  

This would’ve been completed earlier if it weren’t for the burdens of having my wisdom teeth extracted on that same day.

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