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(Not so) Daily videogame challenge

Day 09 - Best story?
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
First game I got that had proper story and cutscenes. Before this I had things like Mario. This game showed that games can have proper stories and give feelings too. I know the market is over saturated now for movie-like games but even back then this was something else


Video Games Challenge ➣ [4/10] friendships/relationships
➥ Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Leonardo da Vinci ❇ from Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood

“Should you find yourself with free time or another Codex page, don’t hesitate to visit. My door is always open.”
“Grazie, my friend.”

A new addition to Moody’s breeding service!

Because people love to participate in VGC battles and Pokemon tournaments, I’ve decided to add breeding VGC/Pokemon Tournament Pokemon to the commissions!

If you don’t know the qualifications for a tournament/VGC battle, basically the Pokemon nor any of its parents/pokemon helped to breed the pokemon must not be connected to any sort of cheating device, and all must be able to be caught in Oras and bred in Oras.

Here are my prices!

Pokemon with requested ivs(if not requested the Pokemon will automatically come with 6ivs) :75 cents

Pokemon with requested ivs and specific egg moves :1 dollar and 25 cents.

Pokemon with requested ivs, specific egg moves, and specific Pokeball : 1 dollar and 75 cents.

Shiny Pokemon with requested ivs and Specific egg moves (requested Pokeballs come free) : 3 dollars.

The prices are based off the fact that I will be basically starting from scratch when breeding a VGC/tournament pokemon and must make sure that the Pokemon is not connected to any hacked Pokemon.

For this, if you request 3 Pokemon you can get 2 more 6 iv pokemon with the choice of Pokeball for free!

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Pending playmat illustration for the first-place tournament prize at the fourth Brave Cup. Illustration by Gunjima Souichirou.

News: Upcoming VGCS Tournaments for June through August

The following ten Vanguard Championships will be taking place in Japan during the months of June through August. Dates, tournament formats and projected participation caps are listed below where they are known. Expect to see tournament result reports within a few days of each tournament.

Many of the organizers of these tournaments are longstanding members of the Japanese professional community. The third Hokusetsu championship will be overseen by kuroneko (sic, top 4 at sixth Cardbox national tournament, top 8 at second Kansai VGCS, organizer at the first and second Hokusetsu CS), the Yamato championship by Gugnnir (first place at the first Tsurumai championship, fourth place at the fifth Fateclock CS, first place at the Hachioji Cup), the Shimon championship by Pest (forward on the championship team at the third Kansai CS, organizer for the third Hachioji Cup, top 16 at September 2014 Ibaraki CS) and the fourth Tsurumai CS by Shiretoko (organizer for the first, second and third Tsurumai championships, assisting manager on the Brave Cups).

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5 Ways You Can Make Pokemon More Interesting

Hey guys, so there’s been a lot of talk around the community about quitting Pokemon because things are “boring.” In my opinion, saying Pokemon has gotten boring is just absolute bullshit. However if you feel this way worry not, as instead of today’s usual post I will be listing 5 ways that could possibly make things more interesting for you. Anyways, while GameFreak is off making Elephant games with Sega, and milking our love of Pokemon with “Free to Play” nonsense, here are a few tips to keep you busy until the next main series Pokemon games.

5) Play a Tier Besides OU: I have heard so many complaints saying that OU is very boring, stale, unbalanced, and while to a point that may be true. However UU, RU, NU, PU, Ubers, and VGC are in their prime. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves at the moment are players saying the meta is boring when all they play is OU. If you limit yourself like that, things are obviously going to be boring.

4) Do a Pokemon “Arena” Run: Any Hearthstone players out there? You may know where I’m going with this. Basically, use a random Pokemon generator (my favorite is and choose 1 Pokemon from a group of 6 six times until you have a full team. You may have a dupes clause as well so you have more selection to choose from. The goal is to get 12 wins with the team, but if you lose 3 times then you are finished. It’s a very interesting and fun way to play, and I definitely recommend trying it.

3) Try Random Battle: If you’re experiencing competitive battling fatigue but still want to play Pokemon, try a Random Battle on! It’s a great way to keep your skills honed, but keep things relaxed as these battles are less intense as they don’t really matter.

2) Don’t Get Too Salty: I have seen many times where people have quit the game because of just bad luck. Many people do have off days playing Pokemon, if stuff is going bad that day just take a breather and relax.

1) Play With Friends: Pokemon is much more fun with friends involved. Whether it’s online or in real life, playing against or with friends is always a great way to keep things fresh.