Oh! Hello friends and followers! You may not know, but outside of updating the VGAA and Old Game Mags blogs, I’m a video game designer by trade! 

Today we released the latest game that I’ve been working on - Rival Stars College Football! It’s a game of coaching and managing a team of players at your own College, and then choosing the Plays and reactions in a game of Football!

It’s been a ton of fun making it (I was the UI Designer for it), and would love it if you check it out yourselves if you’re into this sort of thing!

Download it on iOS and Android! Let me know what you think! :)


Why, hello there! This is just a friendly reminder to follow our other Tumblr Blog - The Video Game Art Archive!

Over at the VGAA, I’ve been extracting artwork from a variety of game manuals and box arts that have been lost to time, trying to restore them all to the best quality I can, and throwing them online.

This stuff takes a lot of work - as does Old Game Mags - but I think you’ll find yourselves enjoying it as much as this blog. Check it out!