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Andrew Ryan Headcanons?

oh boy. get ready. 

1. Super polite. Like, the most formal upper crust detachment, at least until he loses his temper or gets more interested in the conversation. His cold shoulder is pretty freaking formidable, too. 

2. He would rather die then go out looking less then perfect. His suits are always starched and pressed. Growing up as a refugee had made him keenly aware of how clothing can present people, and he wants to appear calm and in control at every turn. 

3. Has a grudging respect for cats. Will pet them if he thinks no one will see, but hates getting their fur on him.

4. Occasionally swears in Russian. As a kid, Russian bad words were the first bad words he learned, and he falls back on them when particularly stressed. He  actively tries to suppress it, however, as to not sound to alienating to others. It mostly comes out in private. 

5. Still has a taste for Russian dishes, especially pelmeni and medovik.

I haven’t done a lot of stuff for Bio1 so I thought why not. Here’s some post good ending HC’s of Jack and his girls. I’ll do more later.

- His daughters include Sally, Masha, and Leta, plus two other girls (Janice, Rosemarie)

- Leta is autistic and her special interests include U.S History, government, presidents, and NASA. Her room is full of books and she stims by twirling her hair.

- Sally is the writer of the family and loves to write poems. Her teacher introduced it to her and she used it to cope far into adulthood. She actually got a book published and she was the editor on the school paper in high school, so she published them through there.

- Masha is an artist. After Jack helps her adjust, she finds herself loving trees and paints scenery. She won awards in high school and got a scholarship to CalArts.

- Explaining to authorities that the girls survived the plane crash was hard for Jack, but they didn’t question it.

- The first couple years are hard. There are nightmares, meltdowns, reverting back to their old ways for comfort, but it gets easier. Their personalities eventually come out and Jack loves them to death.

- The first thing he does is get a puppy. He’s a little Corgi named Spot.

- Jack’s always afraid he’ll hurt it, but he loves the dog to death. He eventually dies of old age in 1973 and Jack’s heart is broken. He does eventually adopts numerous ones throughout the years.

- Masha becomes more loud and outspoken, seeing the inequality in the country, and she becomes an activist, using her art to send a message.

- Masha is a lesbian, proud of it, and Jack is proud of her!

- Sally is the first one to settle down and get married, and when she surprises Jack on Christmas with a onesie that reads “world’s best grandpa” he cries.

- Her husband is a nervous, shy office worker who was pressured by his friends to ask her out after they see him getting all flustered when he notices her at a party (looks like a black haired Stephen Merchant).

- Baby Elizabeth Grace is born on August 14th, 1980 and Jack is the cutest grandpa. He spoils her rotten. Six years later, Francis (it was a family name on the hubby’s side and they must never call him Frank) pops into the picture.

- Leta gets a full ride in Harvard and lives her dream of working at NASA. Elizabeth loves bragging that her aunt works with astronauts.

- Leta marries her co-worker and fellow scientist who treats her like a queen.

- Masha is working at a gallery in NYC when she bumps into a gorgeous, tall British woman named Eleanor and it’s love at first sight.

- For her tenth birthday, Sally and her husband take Elizabeth and four-year-old Francis to Paris. They encounter a British couple in old Victorian outfits who buy Elizabeth a flower to put in her hair.

- Francis is just happy that he’s got his French bread. That’s all he wants.

- Jack lives long enough to hold his first great-grandchild, Booker Jackson, before dying peacefully on August 21st, 2007, with his large, still growing family by his side.

I’m watching a playthrough of Bioshock for the first time… I thought it was a straight-up horror game when it first came out, so I stayed away from it for ages.  I was missing out.

So far, Atlas is my favorite character.  He seems a little morally skewed, but he’s at least being helpful.


My height headcanons for some Bioshock Characters! 

Top Row, from left to right: Brigid Tenenbaum (5′6), Gilbert Alexander (5′5), Sander Cohen (5′5½), Andrew Ryan (5′11), Sofia Lamb (5′9), Yi Suchong (5′7)

Middle Row, left to right: Elizabeth (5′6), Booker DeWitt (6′0), Daisy Fitzroy (5′5½), Father Comstock (5′11), Jeremiah Fink (5′9), Lady Comstock (5′8)

Bottom Row, left to right: J.S Steinman (5′8), Jack (5′10½), Julie Langford (5′5), Frank Fontaine (5′10), Augustus Sinclair (5′7), Peach Wilkins (5′9)

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Hi there!! I'm new to this blog, and after scrolling through the "biotalk" tag I was veryimpressed by your posts! damn they're super clever and amazing ahhhh. so, could you please share your opinion on such supportive characters from Bioshock 1 as doctor Steinman or Sander Cohen? most of your biotalks are about Bioshock 2, and it is absolutely okay if you don't want to talk about 1st one~ anyway, thank you so much for this blog and for your attention! lots of love**

Okay anon! I’ll see what I can do for ya.

Thoughts on Sander Cohen: 

He’s a jerk. A big ol’ jerk, but he’s a interesting character notwithstanding. He doesn’t have much backstory, which is disappointing, but I can give some headcanons i have about him, instead:

1. He’s from a big family. He never got along well with his siblings, though, and his relationship with his parents was always strained due to his… eccentricities. He didn’t feel too guilty leaving his family, because he was always the black sheep. 

2. He’s Jewish by birth, but nonreligious. It has a lot to do with his family history and his parents, and how he was raised. He was raised under Conservative Judaism, which lent itself to a lot of tension in the household. 

3. Is on the short side. 5′5½.

4. Liked to get manicures. French, round tip.

5. My man loves his pomade. When Rapture was good, it was part of how he smelled- pomade, cologne, and oil paint.

6. Would rather die then admit it, but really enjoyed ‘trashy’ media- pop music, and crummy romance films. 

On J.S Steinman

1. Had the whitest teeth imaginable. Gave Chip Skylark a run for his money.

2. Was secretly a smoker- never told anyone about it though, because he was publicly anti-smoking (because of the wrinkles and teeth staining). Also why he teeth were so clean: he overcompensated. 

3. Always mentioned his medical knowledge to impress people. Was Mister Popular in med school. 

4. Enjoyed dime-store mystery novels. As a child, his family followed Reform Judaism.

5. Is slightly shorter then Dr. Lamb. 5′8. 

6. Was actually pretty good friends with Yi Suchong. They would drink and talk shit about people. 


Favourite game franchise played: Bioshock | The Collection
                   Happy 10th Anniversary to Bioshock!!!