The Portal fandom is a sprawling place filled with nice art and writing, but I’m honestly craving something that has actual robots in it.

I know that GLaDOS being Caroline puts everything into question, but real, actual artificial intelligences are what peak my interest. Sentient, non-human beings created and then abandoned; a whole underground facility, miles wide, cut off from the rest of the world and under siege of a casually murderous and formidable overlord, housing what sounds like a thriving, functioning society. And societal pressures. Like getting a job and the importance Being of Use, which doesn’t sound like a mindset imparted by the scientists who once commanded the bots at all. No wonder humans have a bad rap down there, the workers of Aperture Laboratories couldn’t have been the most moral and sound of mind. But holy hell, once they died and the robots filled their spots, doing everything their way… what is it like now?

I understand the appeal of tragic backstories of robots who were once human, but Wheatley’s canon offered backstory is really good. A sentient AI whose sole purpose is to make mistakes and offer the worst solution possible to any problem. While also being subtle enough to get GLaDOS to fall for it. Who was then rejected by GLaDOS, pranked repeatedly by the scientists, who had trouble finding work and a place in the overall hierarchy of bot society, who had quite a vendetta with the word “moron” well before GLaDOS used it… I have so many theories. Here’s two.

~Do you think he replaced his real name as the Intelligence Damphening Sphere with “Wheatley” so he could hide what he’s made for? I imagine it would have made him quite a black sheep, especially in the Usefulness department. He was quite eager to escape from Aperture and cut all ties.

~There was a point in the endgame where he tries to save Chell from moving debris by switching the gravity beam off while she was above a pit, and then exclaimed “Wait! No! That’s not helpful! Rrrr, I don’t know why I thought that would help!” Does that mean his programming is equivelant to subconcious thought and out of his control, and if so, is his nervousness (”DON’TPRESSTHATBUTTONWEDON’TKNOWWHATITDOES”) and (somebody pointed this one out before me, saying it contrasted GLaDOS) his ability to analyze the past and learn from it actually coping mechanisms? So that, you know, he doesn’t get himself killed?

Wheatley has an inferiority complex and is angry with his ‘coworkers,’ his old job, himself… and then was placed in charge. The classic “victim turns into bully,” except with more “attempted murder” thrown in.

Just. So much potential. Is there any material that features the cores being actual robots? I’m asking for serious, I’m not having any luck finding many?

anonymous asked:

What class/alignment do you thing the various Portal characters fall under? (For example, Ratman to me seems like a CG Rogue?)

Well GLaDOS is a textbok case of Lawful Evil Antipaladin, Cave Johnson is an Artificer and probably the best version of Chaotic Neutral ever, P-Body & Atlas are both Neutral Good Warforged, I’m pretty sure Chel would be a True Neutral Ranger, and I’ll give Wheatley a Chaotic Evil Bard.

jumpsuitedmonster  asked:

Portal/The Room AU. Go.

(( Oh god this is revenge for the teletubbies isn’t it. 

Okay, umm… 

Well, clearly Wheatley is Tommy Wiseau’s character. Lisa is Chell and Mark is GLaDOS. 

Instead of a sudden power-mad release of his insecurities and narcissism after years and years of bottling up his inferiority complex behind a mask of politeness, Wheatley snaps because he finds out Chell has been bangin’ GLaDOS for the last…while. 

That makes Lisa’s mom Doug. Good. 

Uuuhhh… Denny is…the…Companion Cube? )) 

“Badger Jack and ‘The Lab’”

For @therealjacksepticeye as a piece of fanart

So this piece is a long time coming because I saw all the badger versions of JackSepticEye back on April 1st and was really inspired by them but was unsure of what I wanted to depict him in until he did his first video for “The Lab” from Valve on the HTC Vive Virtual Reality.

I am not great with doing human faces so I decided to depict him as a badger with Septic Sam as a Personality Core while he took a break and played with the balloon machine [which I simplified]. I figured with the multiverse that Portal introduced for their Perpetual Testing initiative in Portal 2 would be good way to depict Jack as a Badger and still have it make sense. I also noticed a lot of fan art for Jack was mostly portraits and the like, but I wanted a full scene related to one of the games he played and “The Lab” gave me the perfect opportunity for it.

PS: I do not how soon or if he will get to see this, but I hope you all enjoy this piece of fan art [I am still am self conscious for this stuff x.x ]

[[Art info can be found on the DeviantArt post found HERE]]

PSS: Jack, if you do see this, I have only uploaded this to my Deviantart profile and here until I have permission from you to upload it to my Furaffinity and Weasyl accounts as I know you did say that you had not relation to the furry community at one point and I would not want to give that association as this is more intended to be more of a general anthro piece of art.

You had to play bloody cat and mouse, did ya? While people were trying to work! Well now who’s the-

What the-


Space! Aaa! Ah!

Let go! We’re in space! (Space! Space! Spaaaaaaaaace!)

Let go! I am still connected! I can pull myself in! I can still fix this!

I already fixed it.

And you are not coming back.

Change of plans! Hold on to me, tighter!

Aaah! Grab me!

Grab me!

Grab me!

Grab meeeeeee….