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A year ago I had this idea centred about romanticizing brown eyes and I finally drew it. I don’t think elves have the same beauty standards as humans (or that humans in Thedas have the same standards as humans on Earth?), but the sentiment is there. 

After all, with a whole colour slider available, why pick brown? ;> Leithianel’s just being too judgmental. 

it’s honestly really funny to me how people want to justify cullen’s terribly paced and badly thought out development and characterization with “but he’s a complex character!”

duncan was a complex character

solas is a complex character

morrigan and flemeth are complex characters

fenris is a complex character

anders is a complex character

honestly dragon age is literally drowning in complex characters

cullen is a boring character that was brute-forced into a main role because there was a section of fandom who made romance mods about him

cullen was a minor character who had endings in the previous games like “goes on a mage killing spree” but because some people liked the way he looked they retconned any of his negative endings and made him a main character anyway and negated any of your choices concerning him

he isn’t complex. he’s boring but attractive by typical standards and a bunch of you fell for it and now the rest of us have to live with him no matter what choices we made in-game. but sure it’s just because he’s a complex character~ and the rest of us can’t appreciate it. it’s not like the universe isn’t full of complex characters and we might just be sort of put off by how obviously they’re shoehorning in a character with a badly written backstory just to appeal to people who don’t want to play without a not!alistair 

ok since i haven’t received any requests, i PreSENT YOU MY NEW CHILD Ellana. She’s not a Dalish Dalish though. I picture her as a woman who gave up everything in her past (including history of her people, dalish pantheon and etc.) and devoted herself to the Inquisition and being its leader. Although she has become a bit selfless and lives a different life now, her vallaslin remains a reminder of her real origin and Ellana values it greatly


some more comparison photos of my inquisitor Sia’s appearance!

the first photo is from a playthrough i did sometime last year + the second is from my current one. i decided to use her older model as reference for what she would have looked like in her teens (while she was still a member of clan lavellan). she’s about 25 years old at the start of inquisition. it’s cool seeing the differences between the photos 😇

Sorry for the terrible screenshot quality…but I have a question. Is this from Solas or nah? Cause it totally seems like he left behind some advice for the Inquisitor and was also telling them where to go next (the floating upside down island?) Plus the “as if left for someone to find” choice of wording… I see you Bioware.

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