I’ve been having the best time with my Cullen cosplay, but I figured it was missing something…so I added a prop and a love interest!  My Inquisition banner is made from PVC pipe, Worbla, and a modified Barbie doll (hey, why reinvent the wheel?), with top-stitched pleather appliques.  The alternative  Skyhold outfit was my first foray into sewing menswear, modeled by my lovely (and very tolerant) boyfriend.  Shoutout to @neolexique​ for releasing models for the pajama buttons - 3D printing them saved me a ton of time and effort <3

Character: Cullen Rutherford (fem version) and Inquisitor
Series: Dragon Age Inquisition
Cosplayer: Enayla
(constructed, cosplayed, and photographed by me)

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