A lot of people are so surprised with how Leliana behaves in Inquisition, but when I think about it then it kinda makes sense. Leliana has lost almost everything she loved. Divine Victoria, her mentor, is gone, she’s questioning her faith more strongly than ever, and if you romanced her in Origins then her love is gone, and Leliana doesn’t know if the Warden will ever return. It’s understandable why she is so distraught. Knowing that makes it more satisfying to help her, I think.

wendladarlings  asked:

Hi! Not sure I can commission you yet haha but I felt so excited when I saw that you're taking commissions!! I still remember seeing your Willa Cousland and pretty much being blown over by how cute she looked huhu that hair and her tooth gap. ;_; <3

AWW thank you! Here’s a drawing of her, cause you’re right, she’s real cute.


Leliana was my 1st Bioware love and I’m ridiculously attached to her. Whenever I set up the keep to start a new DAI game I ALWAYS have to have my canon Warden who romanced her as the DAO worldstate. I have other Wardens but I never use them in DAI because the one time I did I got upset when Leliana only referred to her as a friend and I restarted it. I can change and use different Hawkes and Inquisitors but never my Warden/Leliana.