Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 for Dark Horse Comics

Well I guess everyone knows already so there’s no harm in telling you now. I have the honor of doing Dark Horse’s Dragon Age: Magekiller cover art! A comic that will begin in the capitol city of Tevinter, just before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Interior art is being crafted by Carmen Carnero and the story will penned by Greg Rucka. And Dave Marshall and Roxy Polk are editing and directing. Normally I’d give a description but spoilers haha

Dragon Age: Inquisition Save Importer  – Allows players to transfer saves from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to Playstation 4 and Xbox One (and PC).

And a more disconcerting fact for those still on last-gen consoles…

All future Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One only, so we designed our Save Importer feature to help make the transition to a new console as easy as possible.

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Alistair Week!

Alistair Week! 

August 9th-15th 

Hello fellow Dragon Age fans. I saw so much character appreciation weeks going on and wanted to have one to celebrate our favorite cheese-lord, Alistair! This isn’t necessarily about character positivity but just about the fandom coming together to H A V E  F U N. Repeat: have fun. I want a week where artists, writers and fans come together and create content for us all to share and enjoy together. I made sure to pick dates that give us all enough time to generate new content, but old content (reblogs) is of course welcomed and even encouraged. anon-omis and I have set up a side blog, alistairweek (it is barebones right now) and will reblog anything that is properly tagged as #alistairweek. 

Theme Days

August 9th: King Alistair Day

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is King of Fereldan. Art, stories, graphics and screen-caps- whatever you please as long as he’s wearing the crown (figuratively). 

August 10th: Warden Alistair Day

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is a Warden. Same as before!

August 11th: Other Fate Alistair Day

Is Alistair dead (sad face), exiled or a traveling drunkard in your world state? Perhaps a jester for the Orlesian court? 

August 12th: Alistair and Friendships Day

All about the friendships he may/may not have with other companions and characters! 

August 13th: Alistair and Family Relationship Day

All about Alistair and his family- Maric, Fiona, Cailan–Goldanna, or those he considered family like Duncan. 

August 14th: Alistair x Warden Pairing Day

Anything and everything associated with Alistair and the Warden pairing. Can be romantic, platonic or whatever you want. 

August 15th: Alistair x Rare Pair Day

Do you pair Alistair with somebody else? Hawke? The Inquisitor? Cheese? Whatever you want; today’s your day! 

Some notes: This is all about having fun and generating content for Alistair’s character. Respect your fellow followers / fans with the appropriate tags but I cannot stress this enough: HAVE FUN

Confession:  I’ve been writing a fanfic for over two years which is basically Origins retold from Alistair’s POV. I’m quite proud of it and it’s almost finished, but I’m struggling to put out the last few chapters. Tonight I realized why - I don’t want the story to end. I like Inquisition a lot and II has grown on me, but I will always love Origins the most.

Need more gaming blogs

Hey guys, I’m looking for more gaming blogs to follow, so reblog if you post video games and I’ll check out your blog:

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  • fighting my 1st dragon in Inquisition:The dragon is the monster. It rains fiery death upon me and my people. I must destroy it!
  • fighting my last, 12th dragon in Inquisition:I am the monster. Look at it, it's just sleeping there peacefully. Harming no one. And I'm about to kill it. The last of its kind in Thedas. Oh god I am the monster.