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Dragon Age Party Banter 3 (by RanmaCMH)

Bestiary - Spirit of Valor

“They say a spirit dwells in a small lake south of the highway. The girls of the village bring it daises and ask for love. But rarely does it listen… For ‘tis a spirit of valor, not love, and it favors blood lotus flowers.”

Valor spirits exist to seek out the perfect expression of combat in the pursuit of valor. Some mages tell stories of encountering valor spirits in the Fade during their Harrowings. These mages speak of being challenged to combat. If deemed worthy, a valor spirit would support a mage in their final test of the Harrowing, battle with a demon.


BioWare Interview: Lead Writer David Gaider on Krem, Dorian and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

“We start our extended coverage of BioWare with a lengthy interview with the Lead Writer from BioWare David Gaider. Before we get into a complete retrospective of the Dragon Age franchise Gaider discusses the importance of sexual diversity in gaming.

How did the first transgender character in the Dragon Age series get developed?

Find out all this and MORE in our first interview with the legend.”