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BioWare Interview: Lead Writer David Gaider on Krem, Dorian and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

“We start our extended coverage of BioWare with a lengthy interview with the Lead Writer from BioWare David Gaider. Before we get into a complete retrospective of the Dragon Age franchise Gaider discusses the importance of sexual diversity in gaming.

How did the first transgender character in the Dragon Age series get developed?

Find out all this and MORE in our first interview with the legend.”

cassandra pentaghast; seeker and right hand of the divine

“i am uncertain when the seekers of truth went from guarding against injustice to perpetrating it. if you truly believe that this is not the case, i suggest you look out a window at the chaos this war has caused, and ask yourself if thedas will recover even if you are victorious. i remain at divine justinia’s right hand, and will stay there even if you brand me a traitor.”

—from a letter by seeker cassandra pentaghast to lord seeker lucius corin, dragon 9:39


Dragon 2 animation system Premo

“Why can’t I conquer love? And I might have thought you’d be the one. I meant to fight this war without weapons. And I wanted, I wanted it bad! But there were too many Red Flags…” -Elastic Heart

A scanned and Computer edited version of Hawke and Anders partying on the floor.

The composition though looks horrible digitally so, this actually has been in my Drafts for longer then I’d like to admit.