vg: dragon age ii

Don’t judge people by how they look, judge them by their romance options in dragon age games

It’s as if the Inquisitor’s advisers were nestled inside Hawke’s mind during this romance scene with Anders.

Diplomacy: “I love you.”

  • Goal: Josephine will write to the noble houses of Ferelden and call in favors to support Hawke’s love for Anders.
  • Mission Duration: 10h 17m

Secrets: “I’m hungry.”

  • Goal: Leliana’s scouts will be sent out to uncover the secrets behind the perfect pizza. It’s risky, but worth it.
  • Mission Duration: 7h 45m

Forces: “Get out of here.”

  • Goal: Cullen will send a squad of soldiers to Hawke’s mansion and kick Anders to the curb. Ser Barris’ men may be required for backup in case Justice intervenes.
  • Mission Duration: 5m
Banter I Think Should Have Taken Place

*You must choose who stays: Alistair or Hawke*

Inquisitor: Nope. We’re all going back. 

Alistair: There’s no time. I’ll stay. The Grey Wardens are at fault for this. If they hadn’t … it should be me. Tell my love that–

Inquisitor: Shut up.

Alistair: But–

Inquisitor: I said shut up.

Hawke: Yes, shut up. Besides, it was my father’s blood that started this. It should be me–

Inquisitor: You also need to shut up. I said we all go back.

Hawke: But this demon spider isn’t going to wait all day! Our chances are dwindling by the second. There’s no way we can–

Inquisitor: Really? Are you kidding? “No time?” “Dwindling by the second?” Listen, we just wandered through the Fade at the most leisurely of paces while I made sure to search for Fade plants and minerals like we were strolling through a fucking field of sunshine and daisies. I also made sure to loot the bodies of the shit-ton of demons we killed along the way, even taking the time to backtrack and recheck areas in case I missed something. Oh, and then there was that moment when I had to stop and rearrange my pack because it was getting too full and not everything would fit. So yeah, of all the things I’m worried about, time is not one of them.


Alistair: *coughs*  

Hawke: Guess I can’t argue with that.

Alistair: She does have a point.

Inquisitor: We charge on three.

daII college au featuring:

  • anders as the militant vegan who just cant let it go
  • hawke’s probably like, in a punk rock band as the lead singer or smth
  • bethany the medical student. carver the didn’t-go-to-college-what’s-the-point-anyway-my-sibling-will-just-show-me-up-anyway
  • aveline the graduate student whose husband wesley was in a car accident last year, recently she just had to pull the plug on his life support bc he was officially announced as braindead
  • isabela the art student who sleeps around a lot and is like everyone's best friend
  • merrill the wiccan anthropology student who is estranged from her family bc she has some odd beliefs 
  • fenris the terminally sarcastic athletic major who is there purely bc he got a bunch of sports scholarships. he has no family and he’s v bitter
  • varric the smooth-talking creative writing teacher who can’t wear a shirt that fully covers his chest. like every one of his students has a crush on him. every one