vg: dragon age 3

interesting dragon age party compositions or dynamics

  • (solas | sten): team ‘if you thought fenris and anders were bad’
  • (zevran | isabela | dorian): the we’re queer we’re here but god at what cost party
  • (morrigan | anders | solas): the asshole apostates party party
  • (shale | dorian): team uses snark to hide crippling fears of being controlled and stripped of agency and you thought this was going to be funny yoU THOUGHT THIS WAS A JOKE
  • (alistair | dorian): team it is a joke
  • (isabela | leliana | sera): the *thinks about ladies* nice party
  • (blackwall | anders | alistair): the has very different opinions about grey wardens grey warden party
  • (velanna | solas): team we hate each other so much but at least we have occasional shared moments of elitism to keep us warm
  • (cassandra | isabela | aveline): the talks about selfishness a lot but secretly shares smutty romance novels party
  • (carver | sten): team bit of a tit
  • (cassandra | morrigan | sebastian): the let’s talk about faith… or better yet maybe not party
  • (cole | aveline): team play nice or else
  • (fenris | iron bull | dorian): the fuck the vints and also fuck the vints party
  • (fenris | dorian): team dorian tried to laugh it off but now he’s dead
  • (zevran | anders | morrigan): the playfully irreverent asshole party
  • (cole | anders): team anders has been tortured and abused and hurt and is in so much pain and cole is the only one that cares and he just wants to help and now he’s crying and im crying everyone is crying. also fuck the templars
  • (aveline | wynne): team benevolently judgmental team mom

It took me the whole week, but finally all of them are ready! Now I only need to get these printed as stickers and they’re ready for the next artist alley. I’m not yet sure about the charm business, but at least there’s going to be stickers.

//Edit; now available here (RedBubble)


I was watching a gameplay video and Cassandra just fucking high-kicked a wall down no problem. I was mesmerized.


Dragon Age Keep Romance Art Tiles

None of these screenshot are mine and have only been gathered from around tumblr space. They were released by various people due to the revised NDA that states they may show some art work with the understanding that they must not be plot-related choices and that it must be stated that not all designs are final and may be subject to change.


This has been sitting in my wip folder for the whole week, so I thought I could just finally post this. Tho, tumblr does nasty things to the picture quality, click to view to see the more hq version q__q