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I don’t really understand why everyone hates Knight-commander Meredith. She is a very deep character and lost her sister to magic, she was terrified of the idea that an abomination would destroy the city she loved. She goes crazy because of the red lyrium but everyone goes crazy because of red lyrium. She’s a strong women who only wants what is best for the city, and she honestly believed that she was doing what was right.            


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I was Cosplaying Marcus Holloway yesterday and I’m gong as Isabela for today and tomorrow.

Knight-Commander Cullen

Knight-Commanders need to stand apart from their subordinates and Cullen, being a practical Fereldan, only changed his a little. When he resigned and joined the Inquisition, he kept certain parts of his armor for that change too.

This is early on and for my current fanfic. This chapter isn’t out yet, but I wanted to share.

sinfulri  asked:

Hi again~ Can you write companions reaction to teen!Hawke? I know that it doesn't fit canonically, but anyway. If you can't, I'm sorry to interrupting you~

((I really like this idea!))

Verric: oh no, this poor kid. He always does his best to cheer them up, from cracking jokes to giving advice he’s always there for them, he and Hawks are regularly seen making jokes together.

Fenris: he thought they were just short, until he saw how young they looked. He feels much more protective over the teen than anyone expected him to be, mage or not he does his best to protect them from danger.

Isebela: upon seeing the teen she just gave a smile, she thinks no less and believes that they can make their own decisions. “Well, you’ll make the right choices, I know you will.” She finds it particularly funny when people doubt Hawkes strength.

Anders: he doesn’t know how to react when he sees the teen, his opinions on Hawke don’t change and he trusts in their decisions. He does his best to look out for them and likes talking with them.

Merrill: she feels bad for them. “I’m always here to help.” She says, she is kind to them and always ready to aid them in whatever they need.

Sebastian: he doesn’t quite like that they are a teenager, and he questions their abilities sometimes, but he is always ready to stand beside them despite some of his doubts.

Bethany: she’s always by them, and very protective. “I know you’ve got this.” She is always encouraging them and never questions their choices.

Carver: like Bethany he is very protective. “If anyone wants to get to you, they’ll have to go through me first.” He assures them, he’s always their for them even if they don’t agree on everything.

Aveline: as long as they know what they’re doing she trusts them. “Age doesn’t make you smarter or dumber, I know you’ll be alright.” She believes in Hawke and is a strong parent figure to them.

You know what’s great? People acknowledging Fenris’ incredible intelligence instead of dismissing it because he’s illiterate.

People acknowledging Fenris as a polyglot (tevene, common, qunlot, definitely many more such as nevaran, anders, orlesian etc.)

Fenris as incredibly well spoken (in a second language no less)

Fenris as incredibly well versed in cultural and legal matters

Fenris as well versed in poetry, history, religion, philosophy, etc. do to being surrounded by them for years

Fenris as extremely resourceful and skilled in matters beyond being a warrior (you can bet your ass staying free for years took more than just strength)

Fenris as someone who has many creative and diverse skills

You can bet your ass that this man is absolutely a sponge for knowledge and revels in learning new things, both by necessity of having to be aware to survive, and because he enjoys it/is proud of it.