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I feel like the worst thing about the Anders chantry thing, aside from the murder, is the blackmail and the deceit. Anders is perfectly willing to make Hawke an accomplice and if romanced gives Hawke the old "If you love me you'll do this." That's the kind of thing you do to someone if you wanna fuck them up for the rest of their life. Who does that to someone they actually loved? I am in agreement that Anders is a complete shitbag.

Excellent point. Anders says he couldn’t tell them what he planned because he didn’t want this on their conscience, but it already is. Anders made Hawke an accomplice against their will by being emotionally abusive if Hawke refused. 

You know what’s great? People acknowledging Fenris’ incredible intelligence instead of dismissing it because he’s illiterate.

People acknowledging Fenris as a polyglot (tevene, common, qunlot, definitely many more such as nevaran, anders, orlesian etc.)

Fenris as incredibly well spoken (in a second language no less)

Fenris as incredibly well versed in cultural and legal matters

Fenris as well versed in poetry, history, religion, philosophy, etc. do to being surrounded by them for years

Fenris as extremely resourceful and skilled in matters beyond being a warrior (you can bet your ass staying free for years took more than just strength)

Fenris as someone who has many creative and diverse skills

You can bet your ass that this man is absolutely a sponge for knowledge and revels in learning new things, both by necessity of having to be aware to survive, and because he enjoys it/is proud of it.


apparently Hawke has some incredible monologues if he doesn’t have party members with him and…… guess who needs to do a solo run??