vg: da2

I think the best thing I’ve ever encountered in DA2 is the fight dialogue (which is dicks that they didn’t keep with that in DA:I but that’s for another time) 

because first you have Anders

like thats really sweet and he’s nice to everyone else even Fenris 

but then you have 

like wow anders way to be a total dickhole did u even check his PULSE

ok but then there's Fenris and o boy if this broody lil boy doesn’t have some of the best things to say about everyone 

well ok hes cute with hawke 

but then do anyone else (except isabela)

wow a+ assholery fenris

he sounds bored

but of course then theres PRECIOUS MERRILL

and if you’ve romanced her she tugs at your heartstrings with her beautiful lil fingers 

and then the rest of the party she just 

but of course she has to have an extra one for varric

i just love hawke’s companions so much s o much

Dragon Age 2

Happy Valentine’s Day for my Dragon Age followers! Here’s my gift to you: the Fenris voice compilation track 1153. Why is that a gift? Because this is the line which implies he should have been able to move into your house. This was planned content, so we’ll just assume it happened, we just didn’t get to see it because of the game’s production crunch. He’s so adorable!