The company behind the Life of Pi’s stunning visual effects, which made the movie possible, Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt as the film just passed the billion dollar mark in global ticket sales. The 3D & VFX (visual effects) companies that make the Hollywood blockbuster movies possible, sign on to bad deals typically at a loss, the Hollywood production companies walk away with profits, and artists who dedicate their lives to their craft get short changed on salary, over-time and eventually job security. The green is a form of solidarity and protest for change in our industry.

sorry about the sudden shift in my blogging style, but this industry is important to me. As most of you are aware I completed an animation and visual effects degree a year ago and have since been struggling to find regular work in that field. Well things aren’t looking very good for us in Hollywood either. This is my career, and its all falling apart before I can even really start.