BMW M4 - “Ultimate Racetrack”

Amasing shots! 

How Exactly Did Ant-Man Make Michael Douglas Look So Young?

In Ant-Man’s opening scene, Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym strides into S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters to tender his resignation. Well, that’s not 100 percent right — it’s definitely Hank Pym, and it’s definitely S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, but it’s not quite Michael Douglas, at least as we know him in 2015. The scene takes place in 1989, and the Douglas that walks into the room is the spitting image of the actor during his Wall Street and Fatal Attraction days. How did the film undo 25 years of time’s cruel work? We were lucky enough to talk to Trent Claus of Lola VFX, the company that de-aged Douglas for Marvel, to learn the scene’s secrets.



This is a breakdown of the matte painting I made for my VFX shot. I made it in Photoshop and it is the first matte painting I had ever done before. I think it turned out pretty well. It definitely could be a lot better and I’m gonna have to hide a lot of it behind atmospheric effects, but that’s the learning process…. hiding your mistakes. 

I was going for a very acidic and scary look. At first I was referencing the Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia because it had such a unique alien landscape, but in my reference adventures I wound up settling on Yellowstone’s acid springs along with a lot of sedimentary rock and strip mines. I got to see SO MANY pretty pictures. It was a good time. 


It’s been a while since I posted some of my own stuff here.

Just finished up this year’s AX video. A lot of fun visual effects in this one!


Made this with my son today as a little test. I need to control for lighting more, and I gave him the wrong direction on the last part of the shoot, so the loop never completes. I have a better idea on how to make it a smooth, single loop that will actually fit onto tumblr as a gif. I tried, but getting it down to size looks something like this.

This is all inspired by Cyriak’s work, whose loops have always bewildered and intrigued me. I’ll be doing more of these, seems a natural progression. 


I edited this for my friend Travis Richardson.

Starcat’s VFX Masterpost

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Découvrez la nouvelle bande annonce du film Le Voyage d’Arlo (En V.O: The Good Dinosaur), le prochain long métrage d’animation des studios Disney-Pixar réalisé par Peter Sohn (Monstres Academy, Ratatouille)

Sortie prévue en France en novembre 2015.

Synopsis: Et si la catastrophe cataclysmique qui a bouleversé la Terre et provoqué l’extinction des dinosaures n’avait jamais eu lieu ? Et si les dinosaures ne s’étaient jamais éteints, et vivaient parmi nous de nos jours ?  
Arlo, jeune Apatosaure au grand cœur, maladroit et craintif, qui va faire la rencontre et prendre sous son aile un étonnant compagnon : un petit garçon sauvage, très dégourdi, prénommé Spot


Tips for Topology Tools in Modo with a Wacom Tablet