vflmaeuschen asked: Arashi? :)

1. The first member I fell in love with

Aiba~  The first Johnny’s I ever liked XD  During my semester in Japan during college, one of my classmates loved Jun and didn’t like Aiba.  I knew nothing about Arashi at the time, but I was curious and looked them up.  I found out Aiba was from Chiba (where I was studying at the time), and watched a couple of his solos on Youtube and thought they were completely adorable.  I put his solos on my iPod and had fun arguing with my classmate that Aiba was better than Jun, but it wasn’t until I returned to the US that I actually starting getting into Arashi XD

2. The member I never expected to love as much as I do now

Jun XD  For some reason when I first got into Arashi, I thought he was an awful person… to this day I don’t understand why I thought that!

3. The member everyone else loves that I don’t

I love them all so much.  But if there’s one member who never really had a chance at being my second favorite after Aiba, it’s probably Nino…  I love him so much as a member of Arashi, but he’s never quite made it up into my favorites.

4. The member I love that everyone else hates

I don’t think there’s anyone in Arashi who everyone hates, in fandom at least… but when it comes to my STUDENTS, definitely Jun XDD  An entire class of 5th graders booed the other day when I told them Jun was my second favorite D:

5. The member I used to love but don’t any longer

There isn’t one XD

6. The member I would totally smooch

Aiba XD  Alternately, none of them XD  Honestly, if given the chance, I would probably kiss any of them (Aiba being at the top of the list), but I think I’d rather they continue being unattainable idols and I’ll just watch them being pretty and silly and loving each other from my chair over here.

7. The member I’d want to be like

I really admire Jun for his leadership skills and attention to detail and general put-togetherness.

8. The member I’d slap

Maybe Nino back in the day, but probably none of them now XD

9. A pairing that I love

Jun/Aiba.  Crybaby Team <3  I love their love so much~

10. A pairing that I despise

Despise is a strong word, but I’m really not into Matsumiya.  I love both Nino and Jun and their friendship/bandmate dynamic is great, but I really don’t see it as a pairing.