Dear Louis Tomlinson,

I MAY HAVE TO DIE I HATE YOU I DONT HATE YOU REALLY IM JUST MOIST AND UNSTABLE LIKE THE EAST COAST ERR WHY DID I HAVE TO MOVE TO THE FUCKING NEW JERSEY okay go die in a hole tommo actually dont I TAKE THAT BACK NOOO DONT gysxyagyucfgdayugyc i cant deal with any of this like seriously you in little things tell ed that i fucking hate him and that he should die too NO DONT TELL HIM THHAT I LOVE HIM AND HIS ORANGE PAWS OKAY yeah go do that you son of a bitch YEAH GO CRY TO YOUR FLAWLESSS BOYFRIEND YOU FLAWLESS HOMOSEXUAL YOU PEICE OF SHIT. KK LUV U BBY

love jessie