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My Thoughts on the Victor Frankenstein Panel/Trailer

Alright everyone!

I am so sorry that I couldn’t update my Tumblr during the Victor Frankenstein panel. I was so busy TRYING to tweet but I was shaking and screaming and it was kind of hard to articulate my thoughts but now that I’m had a little time… 

As soon as the Maze Runner panel was done, I saw one of the Comic Con security people put up three name cards on the table and, I knew. I knew that James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, and Paul McGuigan, were going to walk on the stage.

However, Chris Hardwick said that there was going to be a trailer and I absolutely freaked out. My sister and I held each other’s hands tightly, and I thought my heart was going to beat really quickly, but honestly it was such an out of body experience to see a trailer for a film that I have been obsessed with for the past five months.

I have obsessively read and reread the script dozens of times, I have memorized lines of dialogue, I have memorized certain scenes, I have memorized the beats in certain scenes and I know my favorite scenes and I have pictured how James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe were going to say these lines for months… and to finally see it was indescribable.

So, without further ado, I will type up the scenes and the dialogue that I remember from watching the trailer only once.

Trailer Details:

It has a wide shot of Victorian London.

Victor: “Igor, you and I shall be the very heart of scientific enterprise that will change the world.”
“We shall create life out of death.”
“It’s… alive.”

“Do you realize how significant this is?” Igor says excitedly.
“I have an inkling.” Victor says.

“I’m Detective Inspector Turpin. I want to investigate missing body parts.” - Roderick Turpin says.

Turpin walks through what looks like a greenhouse…

It cuts to a party scene and Victor is very drunk:
“Are you not afraid to challenge the natural order, Mr. Frankensteen?” - Lorelei
“No… and it’s Frankenstein.” - Victor

“I shall create a man after our own image.” - Victor

“I think it’s time… you met our monster.” - Victor

“Victor! No!” - Igor

A shot of the monster.

Victor -You have a chance here to be part
Igor- Of what? Being electrocuted, chased by
monsters and hunted by police-
Victor- Oh, well don’t concentrate on the dark side-

Igor walks in front of a wall with “Wanted” posters…

“Be careful, Mr. Frankenstein. You toy with wrathful forces…” - Turpin says this and he and Victor are facing each other.

“I cannot argue with that…” - Victor says.

End of trailer.

These are some of my immediate thoughts on the trailer:

ANDREW SCOTT was in the trailer TWICE. People cheered when they saw him!!

Freddie Fox was featured in the clip that was shown and he was absolutely INCREDIBLE

James’ and Dan’s acting is absolutely incredible. Both of them portray these characters better than I could have imagined

Andrew Scott looked smoking hot and absolutely incredible in the trailer

The movie looks beautiful and dark and period and amazing. Paul McGuigan knows what he’s doing

James is so different than how we’ve ever seen him; it’s almost like a mix of Filth and XMen. He’s really upping the “crazy” aspect

Daniel is the perfect likable leading man and the affection in Igor’s eyes for Victor is amazing. Daniel will carry this film

The thing that surprised me the most was that even though it’s a period film the excitement of the movie feels modern. In a good way

I honestly think this will bring Daniel Radcliffe’s profile up in a big way; he’s the lead of a big studio film again and he rocks

Jessica Brown Findlay seems really great. She has a definite character and adds to the trailer

Now that I’ve had time to reflect, these are some additional thoughts:

James McAvoy’s voice: it sounds like if his Bruce, his character from the movie Filth had a baby with Matt Smith’s Doctor and was saying Sherlock-y lines. Yes. It’s THAT good and that crazy.

The tone of the film is quite different than I imagined it. I was expecting the film to be more period drama and “serious” and the tone of the film is very much action/adventure/comedy. It’s not a bad thing, just different than what I thought.

Everyone’s performances have a slight campy edge to it, but that’s definitely the director’s choice and I think it’s a cool choice. The campiness is like it’s from a really REALLY good Doctor Who episode.

Some of the cuts in the trailer and the new clip seem very rushed and kind of choppy; I’m sure it’s because it’s a trailer and the clip was rushed from how it is in the script, but again, I’m sure in the actual movie it won’t seem rushed.

James is a lot more “crazy” and zany than I expected. I was expecting Victor to be more like Charles Xavier; dashing, arrogant but likable. This Victor is arrogant, likable and crazy. Which is insanely interesting.

Daniel should have been the main focus of the trailer, but he wasn’t. I know this is a marketing decision but it’s a shame considering that the film is about Igor. It’s Igor’s story and he’s the main character. I hope this gets changed when a full-length trailer comes out.

Andrew Scott is amazing and I love his voice.

Jessica Findlay has a really cool character. She is a lot more feisty than how I read it in the script but that makes me love her even more.

Now, here is a description of the clip that they showed us. This is much easier to describe because it wasn’t just flashes. Here we go:

Description of the Extra Clip:

Victor and Igor are wheeling a gurney down a school hallway, while Victor yells, “Big Presentation in Hall H! Presentation in Hall H! Big presentation Hall H!” He is clearly trying to get other student’s attention.

It cuts to Victor and Igor in a lecture hall, surrounded by four maybe five students. It seems like Lorelei is there to witness what’s going on.

Victor stands in the center, a hideous creature lying on a table behind him. Victor says, “Since the beginning of modern medicine, there has been an assumption regarding the states of mortality; Igor would you prime the dynamo?”

Igor looks up at Victor with a smile and a nod: “Yes Master”.

Igor goes towards some equipment.

“I give you life, by my own creation!”

Igor begins to power the machine.

“I have built this homunculus from various body parts… lungs! Heart! Spine! Brain! You come get a closer look… don’t be shy… he won’t bite.”

The students do gather closer. Finnegan, played by Freddie Fox, doesn’t.

“Now… by the miracle… of electricity… I give you in 3… 2… 1… Life…”

The creature bursts with flies escaping it. The “crowd” of students get out of the way and cringe and murmur.

Finnegan laughs as the crowd begins to disperse. Victor says “No no no no… don’t go! Igor, shock him again, harder. 3… 2… 1… Now!”

Igor powers it again; nothing.

“Frankenstein, you’ve exceeded all expectations, even your own expansive mythos of strangeness and perversion. Just an exquisite show of depraved lunacy…”

“Igor! Full charge!” Victor orders again, ignoring the bratty student.

Igor powers it again and accidentally shocks Victor and himself in the process. Finnegan continues to laugh and boast, until…

The creature comes to life.

Igor smiles triumphantly. Victor smirks. “Do you see?… Its alive.”

Suddenly, the monster breaks free, becomes violent and takes a swing at Victor, knocking him backwards. The creature escapes out of the classroom and out onto the hallway. Igor, without hesitating, follows it out onto the hallway. He looks around slowly, carefully…

when the creature comes out of nowhere!

End clip.

My thoughts on on the clip:

I loved this line when I first read the Victor Frankenstein script and my sis and I reread this page last night while we were camping out for Hall H, but… it was seriously amazing and super meta when Victor says “Presentation in Hall H!” Several people laughed and cheered. Max is so cool and the only writer that could write something that awesome into his period script.

James McAvoy is a ROCKSTAR. He will absolutely nail this role. I really do believe this is James’ “Sherlock” or “Doctor”. This role was made for him.

Daniel Radcliffe is adorable and so likable it hurts. His loyalty to Victor is so charming and cute. Daniel is playing this role to his strengths; he’s not so subdued and subtle that its boring nor is he too over the top and expressive; it’s right in the middle and oh so perfect.

Freddie Fox is astounding. Everything about him… from the way he stands, speaks, looks at Victor… he has truly taken Max’s words and brought them to life.

Gordon, the creature, is TERRIFYING. Seriously. When he jumped up there were several people in the audience that screamed. This felt like the moment in the film that felt like a horror film. Jeez it was scary and the CGI and SFX looked wonderful.

There you have it folks. I really can’t wait for you all to see the trailer! =)