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Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. (Sept. 25, 2004) - An F-14B Tomcat assigned to the “Red Rippers” of Fighter Squadron Eleven (VF-11), conducts a high-speed pass at the conclusion of the tactical air power demonstration at the 2004 “In Pursuit of Liberty,” Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show. The demonstration showcased multiple F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets displaying various maneuvers and simulated bomb and staffing passes in front of the crowd. The air show, held Sept. 24-26, showcased civilian and military aircraft from the Nation’s armed forces, which provided many flight demonstrations and static displays. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain (RELEASED)

Scandalous Downton Abbey Christmas-Special Details Revealed | Vanity Fair

“While ITV does not offer many teasers about the upstairs characters, it does have some interesting leaks regarding the Downton staff. For instance: Bates takes more drastic measures, this time in attempt to clear Anna’s name as she faces an uncertain future behind bars(!). Baxter and Molesley, per usual, scheme together on some murky master plan. The most intriguing plot point, however, involves Hughes and Mr. Carson, the downstairs duo who were teased holding hands at the end of Season 4. The two apparently close out Season 5 by considering a business venture. What could this possibly be? We are pulling for a crisis management center, so that Hughes can finally profit off of her ability to extinguish household dramas with the flare and grace of a 20th-century Olivia Pope.”

EHA: Elsie Hughes and Associates. “It’s Handled.” Bwhaha….. Someone should fic it.



“He dressed Redmayne in a classic white-tie, black-tail morning suit that felt ‘slightly shabby and slightly ill-fitting, which is what I wanted,’ Noble said. In his head, the suit had been passed down from Hawking’s father and grandfather. Since Stephen arrives from a bohemian family, he aimed to make Hawking, in his Buddy Holly glasses and ill-fitting hand-me-down, look a little more eccentric than the other Cambridge undergrads of the time.

"For Jane, who hails from a lower middle-class family, Noble adapted a sky-blue dress that he discovered quite possibly in a local vintage store. (The costume designer was responsible for dressing so many extras in 60s-appropriate party attire in that scene, that he could not quite recall the piece’s exact provenance.) When he found the dress, it had sleeves and a full 50s-style skirt. To make it more appropriate for the time period, Noble removed the arms and whittled the skirt down to a more elegant 60s silhouette. 'I wanted to keep [their costumes] very light and summery and romantic and dreamy—about a young couple falling in love.'”

Vanity Fair http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/2014/11/the-theory-of-everything-eddie-redmayne-costumes