My New Audio Sigil Method

A little while ago I tried my hand at making an audio sigil. I like how it turned out, but it was a bit too complex. The range of tones was just too great. It was great to make a track and just listen to it, but I wanted something that I could easily play on the piano, hum, or whistle. So, I rethought how I chose the tones that represented the letters of the alphabet. I decided to use just one octave of notes, no sharps or flats, just the 8 notes starting on C. After I dropped the vowels, the letters fit perfectly. Here’s what I came up with.

Note = Letter of alphabet

  • C = B, K, S
  • D = C, L, T
  • E = D, M, V
  • F = F, N, W
  • G = G, P, X
  • A = H, Q, Y
  • B = J, R, Z

Getting from a statement of intent to musical notes looks like this. “I sleep peacefully” get rid of vowels and repeated consonants “SLPCFY” translate into musical notes “CDGDFA.”  Now my audio sigil is quite simple and easily played/sung/hummed/whistled/etc.

Here, let me play it for you.

I am very happy with how this method turned out. It will be pretty easy to whip up a sigil in the morning for that day and whistle it as I go about my business.

Here’s a fun question I got asked during a job interview. (I will not, of course, say where.)

Ten prisoners are going to be executed at dawn. The executioner gives them one chance at survival. In the morning, the prisoners will line up in single file, and the executioner will place a white or black hat (randomly selected) on each prisoner’s head. He will then ask each prisoner the color of the hat they are wearing, starting at the back of the line. The prisoners can only respond with “white” or “black.” If the prisoner is correct, they will go free; if they are wrong, they will be executed.

Each prisoner can see all the hats in front of them, but not their own hat or the hats behind them. Each prisoner can hear everything; they know the responses of the prisoners behind them and whether or not they were executed.

The prisoners can meet beforehand to decide on a strategy.

What is the maximum number of prisoners you can guarantee will be saved, and with what strategy?

Hint #1 [rot13]: Gurer vf n jnl gb thnenagrr gung avar bs gur gra cevfbaref jvyy fheivir.

Hint #2 [rot13]: Vs avar bs gur gra ner thnenagrrq gb fheivir, gurve nafjref zhfg or qrgrezvarq ol gurve bja ungf. Bayl gur svefg cevfbare pna neovgenevyl pubbfr jurgure gb fnl “juvgr” be “oynpx.” Jung fbeg bs vasbezngvba pna ur pbairl hfvat bayl bar ovg?

There is a real-world technical problem that can be solved using a similar strategy.

DR Re:Birth opinions

Ayumu Fujimori (Bad Luck): He is not a particularly interesting protagonist and his backstory has much more potential to go wrong than right. Not that this is ever going be explored though.

Mikoto Itsuki (???): Basically pre-character development Harukawa. Don’t like her.

Mitsunari Koga (Ventriloquist): I like his talent and status as kid show star. The main body’s personality seems good enough. The two puppets fighting each other sounds fun on paper but it was kinda weak in his introduction scene.

Nico Himuro (Poet): Nico Himuro doesn’t seem bad but didn’t impress either. I found it weird that Nico Himuro always refers to herself in third person, but instead of using only her first name like the other third person characters, Nico Himuro always uses her full name.

Kasumi Izumo (Spirit Medium, but prefers to be called Summoner because medium sounds like a scam): I liked her a lot. Her creepy vibes are very endearing, she is crazy in a very fun way and her rivalry with Rokudou feels like it could be interesting if the story had continued. Kudos to the seiyuu because her evil laugh is lovely.

Saiji Rokudou (Funerary Agent): Another one of my favs. His personality feels kinda bland for being too serious, but he has a very cool and creative talent and his potential rivalry with Izumo as I already mentioned. He also has my favorite name.

Maiko Kagura (Dancer): Generic genki girl. Nothing special to comment about her.

Akira Tsuchiya (Neet): I want to like him for being a walking Kagerou Project reference but I’m not too fond of Shintarou either. His “Well, I said I don’t mind dying but… I actually don’t want to die a boring death. I’ll… make even this situation into entertainment” quote makes me completely convinced that he is the mastermind.

Misuzu Aisaka (Miko): She is beautiul, but I dislike Ishimaru and Mahiru’s strict behaviour and Aisaka is much worse than them in that remark, so I can’t like her. Her reaction to being compared to Izumo was hilarious though.

Narumi Oosone (Gourmet): Not good, not bad. Both of her gimmicks so far were straight up copypaste from Shokugeki no Souma.

Keigo Sakuma (DJ): Screw this character. DanganRonpa already had its fair share of crappy experience with brainwashers. 

Aruma Todoroki (Tamer): I liked her much more than I expected. Kodaka should learn how to make a BDSM-themed character from this to avoid another failure like Iruma.

Marin Mizuta (Weather Forecaster): I like her talent but her not so much. Many things about her just feel off. Like her Angie-like bubbly personality that completely mismatches with her Nanami-like slow, sleepy pace, the creepy eyes on her raincoat and the way she uses “onee-san” as her first person pronoun.

Kazuomi Sameshima (Karate Fighter): His personality was completely different from what I expected. His character introduction was easily my favorite. Very cute and fun.

Seishi Yodogawa (Mystery Novelist): He is a nice, chill and likeable guy, but it really annoyed me that didn’t have any excuses for why he knew the info about every single Super High School Level student (except Fujimori). I think his talent is kind of unnecessary and going with another detective would be a better choice. V3 chapter spoilers: Hayrff ur vf n zheqrere orpnhfr Fnvunen'f cnfg frys zragvbarq gung jr arire tbg n zheqrere qrgrpgvir orsber.


J’ai envie de regarder un film en particulier, et celui-ci est trouvable en vostfr ou en vf.
Toutes personnes censées n’y verait pas un dilemme car franchement le doublage français… OMG y’a des CATASTROPHES DES IMMONDICES ! des voix qui collent pas aux personnages… (surtout quand on prend un film japonaise… sérieux, c’est pas sérieux, on a l’impression qu’ils ont choisi les doubleurs en 2s et sans les écouter!).
Mais voilà, en vf, je ne serais pas obligée de fixer l’écran sans relâche, je pourais donc DESSINER.

Dilemme :
vo et belles voix, moment agréable sur toute la ligne
vf et voix atroces mais possibilité de dessiner…