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What can you tell us about Ben Bishop? Is he actually a Literal Ray of Sunshine? I swear every time I see him in a gif or pic or whatever he is smiling the most beautiful happy smile or giving his young goalie son pats (also while smiling the most beautiful happy smile). He seems so loveable and good but I don't know much about him. Please if you get a chance share some info sometime 8)


I love him a lot he’s very large and very soft and very very precious. Nickname is Big Ben. He’s 6′7 which means extra cuddly hugs 💕

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Our captain Steven Stamkos says that Bish is the biggest kid on the team, always going around giving hugs (x)

Last season he was a Vezina finalist. Having him as your goalie is like having a nonstop heart attack through three periods, because this guy keeps adventuring outside his crease. He’s one of the best puck movers in the league which also means he gets caught outside his crease a lot too…like behind his net or idk AT THE BLUE LINE

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He makes up for it though 😊

Lost some teeth earlier this season when he took a puck off his mask, but he stayed in the game and won it! Still somehow cute without teeth

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A lovable dork, seriously his smile is hard to resist

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Wears glasses!! He’s so cute my heart hurts

He says Victor Hedman’s best quality is his looks and also he very much loves our backup goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy.

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A perfect smile that can melt your heart???

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