that episode(3.01) was strange but dang i forgot how much i love this show.

Hale looks like he’s gonna get some cool character development and stuff, Kenzi, as always, was gorgeous, hilarious, and perfect, Trick didn’t have a huge role in this episode but I still love him a lot(he and Kenzi are probably my favorites, followed closely by Hale and then Vex). 

I really hope they end this thing where they continue to toy with the love triangle of Lauren/Bo/Dyson. I don’t think she’d be entirely happy being with either(though if she could be with both that would be a different story, but I don’t think either Lauren or Dyson would be open to that kind of relationship. Lauren seems like she might be a little too traditional about it and Dyson is so territorial about things he’d be miserable and that would make everyone else miserable). Honestly I was crack shipping Vex and Dyson and this episode was so much fun with that, Vex bugging Dyson and shit. I think with a little development on both parts it could go to a legit ship which would be so fun and weird. I’m not saying they’d exactly be good to each other. i have a feeling it would be a little like Cordelia and Xander in BTVS where they kind of hate each other but make out a lot and then everything turns weird and confusing. I mean its a much better ship than Dyson being moody and territorial over Bo, who by nature doesn’t like being restricted either as a person or in her relationships.

hell in typing this i’ve convinced myself to ship Vexon. Perfect.