Night of the Doctor and the Element of Surprise

It’s been just over a year since that short was released and I recently rewatched it to see how I feel about it now. When I first saw it, I experienced an emotion I have never felt before, I have no idea what it was, but it was kind of thrilling. It’s no secret to anyone who even vaguely knows me that I adore the Eighth Doctor and I remember coming home one day to find my Facebook flooded with messages asking me if I had seen something called “Night of the Doctor” and what did I think? Thankfully none of them said anything more detailed than that. Curious but assuming it was just another minisode or teaser for Day of the Doctor, I looked it up and started to watch. 

Okay, space, crashing ship, some girl, yep whatever- “I’m a doctor but probably not the one you were expecting.”


I literally climbed on my chair, then fell off, stumbled back and staggered around a bit while my eyes were glued to the screen. It was like sensory overload, I could neither absorb nor believe what I was seeing. It was a physical reaction too, with a racing heart and wave of dizziness, I felt like I was going to pass out. I had long ago just come to terms with Eight being an audio Doctor, that I would never see him again on screen. So I guess what I was experiencing was actual, genuine surprise. There had been no rumors, no signs, absolutely none, which is a complete rarity in pop culture these days and it was great, it proved to me that spoilers really do ruin everything.

I was also surprised at my own reaction, I mean I’m a fan but I didn’t realise just how much he meant to me until that moment. I look at that 1996 movie now and I can see how cheesy it is, but I love it and it came out when I was just four-years-old, my family had moved from England to Australia and having something familiar like the Doctor travel with me meant a lot. I must have worn that VHS out entirely by the end.

Alright, but beyond the nostalgia, watching Night of the Doctor again with a clearer mind, what do I actually think? Honestly, it’s kind of confusing and disappointing from the point of view that Moffat brought this Doctor back only to kill him off and then create an entirely new Doctor-but-not-really, messing up the order of regenerations. As much as I love John Hurt I will be forever baffled as to why that role didn’t go to McGann.

But I can’t hate it, Moffat did a great job of making something that was under ten minutes long feel like a full length episode, it manages to keep the Big Finish feel, gave Eight a badass makeover and most importantly I simply got to see him again.

Now when are we going to see more?

vexica asked:

Hey there, I recently discovered you because of your super awesome Doctor Strange cosplay and now I'm a fan of your art too. You don't happen to sell prints do you? Because I need your Doctor Strange on my wall right now!

Hay there!!! 

unfortunately i don’t sell prints sorry.

but i have been thinking about doing something. like an art book or something.

vexica asked:

RE: Introvert or extrovert? From your response I believe you may be an ambivert, modern thinking believes that this social trait, as with many others, is a spectrum, instead of being limited to two extremes. In my opinion, ambiversion is the most advantageous personality type and one that needs to enter the mainstream lexicon much more.

I didnt even know this existed THANKYOU!

I have genuinely spent time pondering/worrying and being confused by this. I study psych and so I was really confused when I couldn’t figure out being introverted or extroverted, like how is this possible you mustn’t know yourself as well as you think you do. I took the Meyers Briggs test just to figure it out (I really like labels, I don’t know why I feel like they give you a base to work off) and I was classified introverted but even then I was just skating on the line.

So this is enormously helpful. Thankyou I’m going to look it up now.

vexica replied to your post“I’ve decided I want to marry a singer. And when I say singer, I…”
Josh Groban is single!

I find it very unlikely that I’d ever come across him :P

I’d probably have more luck if I attached myself to the WA Opera Company and just followed them everywhere :P

falldoubtboy asked:

saw you at the con on sunday wowowowow you were AMAZING. heaps of respect for your question and your cosplay. you pretty much blew us all away xx

Aww, I try. Heheh. I’m overjoyed to be hearing such a positive response all around, there were many challenges to overcome just to get to Sydney let alone getting up in front of a big crowd and talking to my idol. This just proves that if you want something badly enough, go for it, no regrets.

Also that is the perfect avatar for your username!

Epiphany of the night

“As long as you are genuinely trying, you are good enough”

Just something that came up in a conversation I was having with a friend tonight. I am a perfectionist and I tend to magnify my flaws, even if no one else can see them. I am never satisfied to accept myself or my life as it is, there’s always something better I can be striving towards, to accept the present is to welcome stagnation. Or at least that’s my usual mindset and yeah there’s a million things on the internet saying “you are good enough”, but not the way it ’s worded up there. That made all the difference to me, as long as I’m making an honest effort in anything in life, I am good enough, improvement is a slow process and perfection is unattainable but never stop trying.

crazyjomarch asked:

On your pic with Ben you achieve something very difficult and dangerous... you discarded Benedict to be second most sexy person in the frame. Don't mean to be creep, jut an honest opinion... pretty sure it turned out to be creepy anyway. Sorry.

Whoa I outsexied Benedict? Out-Khaned Khan, if you will? Hells yeah I’m alright with that.

metoer-deactivated20151217 asked:

wowowoow I saw you at the con on sunday and I really wanted to go up to you and compliment your cosplay but I am too shy so I'm doing it here, but I think you looked amazing, good job uwu

Thank you! I might have been dressed as Khan but I’m not that intimidating I swear! I had fun getting to chat with everyone.

lizblah asked:

HI COURTNEY, I saw your little freak out when Benedict finished answering your question, you are the coolest!

Aw thanks, I sat back in my seat and went into the fetal position a bit and breathed a sigh of relief. So glad today went as well as it did.

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Or you could buy replacement wire from a craft/fabric store.

I wouldn’t know how to properly fix it. I’m not as clothes savvy as you are :P