Sunday Sydney Oz Comic Con

Best day ever! I made so many friends, one of them even wanted a photo with me. I gave the bust and letter to an assistant, so I’ll never see his reaction, but that’s okay. They took so few questions in the Q&A but thankfully mine was one of them, I made sure of it, keeping direct eye contact on the woman picking questions the whole time as if my life depended on it. I was originally supposed to be at the very back of the theatre on Saturday, but due to a scheduling error they asked to move me to Sunday and even bumped me to VIP for the inconvenience. This meant that I was in the second row from the front and it really felt like I was having a more direct talk with him.

This is a rough transcript of the conversation with Benedict:


Ben-Hello Khan

M-Heh, I’m better

B-At everything I suppose?

M-Hmm yeah pretty much *audience laughs. Then I continue to my question* You have played a couple of characters on the autism spectrum as Sherlock seems to have Aspergers like I do and the Creature has more severe autism and you do it so perfectly, you really get it in a way not many people do. Just want to know more about that, what draws you to it, what you did for research, that sort of thing.

From here I’ll just summarise but he appreciated the question, he then spoke about how the Creature was autistic in terms of how his senses perceived the world and he also reflected that the Creature was an example of what harm comes about in neglecting someone like that. He said he visited a school for autistic children specifically for researching the part. He then talked about Sherlock, he said something along the lines of something I had always believed “Sherlock is a hero not despite of his differences but because of them”. He also thinks a lot of Sherlock’s behaviour is by choice as he is so dedicated to his work. After that there was a huge applause and before I left at the end of the show a woman who had been in the audience told me that I was very brave for asking the question and thanked me for doing so. I was much calmer today than I thought I would be, but typically during a conversation with someone I’ve just met in addition to having to speak in front of an audience I was rocking slightly and I wasn’t making eye contact properly and I had a tendency to tilt my head. But considering the question I suppose it was alright. Benedict seemed very respectful and thoughtful and all around absolutely wonderful.