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Vax isn’t coming back.

So when he was killed the first time and resurrected he came back with a mark on him. Alarm number one.

Now I can’t remember if Matt said this in the same episode or not but he said something along the lines of there being a small heart beat under the mark. Alarm number two.

The second I heard the second heartbeat I knew that he’s been given a temporary reprieve from death. The Raven Queen was going to let him come back to complete his mission or try to complete his mission but she wasn’t going to let him stay.

I had a feeling that he’d either die in the process of defeating Vecna or he’d survive and when it was all said and done he’d do something like Frodo or Barry Allen

Also Vax/Liam has just been acting weird imo. There’s just been something about him that kept this line of thinking in the back of my head since we came back. Not to mention the whole “Marisha we’ll have a discussion” thing Matt said was ominous as hell.

The only thing I can think about when it comes to resurrecting Vax, because Keyleth is going to have to be the one that does it, Pike can’t yet, is the Raven Queen looming over her and something along these lines being said:

You’ll love him. You will. And here’s the miracle he’ll love you too. You’ll be allowed to have him, you’ll love each other you will. And here’s the tragedy: ­­­­­it won’t be enough. You won’t be allowed to save him. You can love him but you won’t be able to keep him.

This is going to break her heart. Vex’s too.

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2. Cass'ahlia pls

2. a forehead kiss.
(platonically, since the romantic version of this ship squicks me out real bad)

It’s almost an absent thing when Vex does it the first time. She’s saying goodbye to Cassandra after a nice brunch together, Vex finishing her tea in a rather unladylike gulp before she stands. It’s an impulse, really, whether it be one from spending so much time with Percy or just a general Vex mannerism.

She leans over and presses her lips to Cass’s forehead, just briefly.

Vex has surely done odder things around Cassandra. Gods, Cass has seen her kiss all of her friends on the cheeks or foreheads at one point or another.

Still, Vex is almost rendered heartbroken at the look on Cassandra’s face when she pulls back, mostly because it’s so familiar. Cass looks strikingly similar to her brother the first time Vex kissed his cheek or forehead - almost stricken at the soft display of affection, like she doesn’t understand the act itself or what she’s done to deserve it. Her blue eyes are wide, her lips slightly parted in disbelief.

Alright, Vex thinks as she looks down at the younger woman. They’re both mine now, and they’re never going to have to question why they’re deserving of warmth and affection again. Not if Vex has anything to say about it.

(Vex has always been good at taking in strays and teaching them that they’re worthy of love, even if it takes a while.)

Who wants to talk about polymachina soulmate marks? I’m a sucker for fics with soulmate marks, especially ones where people get more than one, and like there’s so many ways to spin in like, does the symbol represent the person? Is it their name? Is it the first thing they say to them? 

All the options are great, okay. I’ve seen the first two a bunch and I love them, but let me submit for consideration:

  • Vax with a big ‘NO’ on his back, just over his heart (it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s one of the first things to come out of his sister’s mouth)
  • Vex with ‘Mine’ written in the same spot in the same deep navy blue color (no one’s surprised, twins are often platonic soulmates, and it’s clear Vex and Vax are two halves of a whole)
  • But they have other words too
  • There’s a rich purple ‘well hello to you too’ running down Vax’s side (and somehow when Gilmore says it, it sounds exactly the way he always thought it would)
  • What makes less sense is the great gray handprint on his lower back and the magenta music notes curling around his arm
  • (It makes sense when Grog introduces himself with a smack to the chest that knocks Vax off his feet and Scanlan does so with a wordless melody)
  • The ‘oh, um, hi’ on the inside of his his left arm makes perfect sense when he meets Keyleth (what’s weird is the matching words they both share on the inside of the right that they don’t recognize until they meet Kashaw)
  • Vex and Vax share the same golden word running down their spine and Pike has their greetings wrapped around her wrists
  • Grog’s not sure what to make of his until he meets Pike. Goliath’s typically have imprints of hands, not words (she first reads out her own words that stretch across Grog’s shoulders almost like wings)
  • She laughs gently as she reads out ‘well aren’t you a big fella’ and ‘please don’t step on me’ 
  • He tries to sound out her words when Pike lets him see them. He does alright with the big ‘I’m so sorry’ on her shoulder (the ‘hello gorgeous’ on her right leg gives him a bit more trouble)
  • Sometimes he wishes his were words too, but that fades when he finds just where his hand fits (on Vax’s back, Vex’s waist, Keyleth’s shoulder, Percy’s leg, Scanlan’s ass) 
  • Pike’s always liked the big gray hand that covers one of her own, it’s her favorite (the neat scrawl in celestial on the side of her neck is a close second)
  • It’s a shock to Percy that he seems to be covered in words, a ‘hey there handsome’ across his lower back and a matching ‘are you alright, darling’ over his chest, and a long rambling string of words in red that covers most of his back 
  • He’s never sure just when the words on his back turned gray, but he notices when the matching red on Keyleth’s arm fades just the same
  • Keyleth loves her words, they’re a rainbow on her skin (the deep gray handprint and dark brown words on her right arm give her pause, but she comes to love them just the same)
  • Her fingers like to trace the golden greeting on her clavicle and the ‘you poor dear’ on the back of her hand in vibrant teal
  • She used to love the bright, almost glittering ramble that ran down her arms (it feels like a part of her rips away when the letters fade and grow dull)
  • But it hurts less after a while, the words become a sad memory, but at least she always has a piece of him on her skin. If she closes her eyes, she can almost hear the wind whisper the words to her

I just really like these kinds of aus, might do more like this later. But I would also love to see what other people prefer in terms of what the marks are. I’ve seen a bunch of fics with this au and they’ve all been amazing, and I think there’s always room for more!

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Okay but remember that "gods are AIs" au you did? I just had a thought: Vax, as a rogue, would be an awesome hacker. Imagine one of the team picking up a primitive sos and Vax tracking the signal and finding Percy imprisoned. Imagine Vax hacking the Briarwoods' mainframe during The Feast but they find him and he gets a message on his screen that says "you look delicious" and I just. Hacker Vax

I??? love this???? and, like, hell, no wonder he’s so twitchy about the RQUEEN implant like he’s always been able to navigate outside the mainframe; he’s been a ghost in the machine and now he’s a part of it and that would get under his skin (literally)

also: *hacker voice* I’m in


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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “44 – Justin Foley”


44. “I’m just stating the truth.”

Word count: 1.230

Posted: 23rd of May 2017

A/N: I wrote another Justin imagine! I seriously wrote this during my Maths class and I hope that you like it. I know that I said that I might’ve posted two imagines tonight, but I remembered that I had a test and a homework for tomorrow, so I will be posting the Zach imagine some other time. I am sorry, guys, but I am really trying my best to post something.
Anyways, being serious now, I heard the horrible things that happened today and I am really praying for the world. What the hell is happening in this place that we’re living in? Like for real? Keep safe, guys. Please take care, okay?

P.S.: I know that it’s been a millionth time that I am saying this, but I still don’t accept part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I want to finish my requests first. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name and use of some bad words

“Hey beautiful!” You heard a very familiar and vexing voice as you were getting some of your notebooks from your locker. You were throwing them carelessly in your backpack, since you were already late for your History class.

“Foley!” You were in a hurry, even though your best friend, Kat, was covering you up from Coach Patrick. “Are you skipping your classes again?” You harshly stuffed the last books in your bag and you slammed your locker door loudly, causing an echo to be heard along the empty and quiet hallway.

“Well,” He flashed you his cheekiest grin and you rolled your eyes before starting to walk towards your classroom. “why should I arrive in time when I can go to class with a pretty lady?”

You found his behaviour miffing and disturbing. Maybe because you weren’t that close, but he was acting as if you were, or maybe because he was a jock and you hated jocks. There weren’t any real reasons why, jocks were just automatically assholes and bastards.

“Shut your damn fake compliments off,” You snapped at him, completely not minding his real intentions. “we’re not even close.”

“Period week?” He teased you as he noticed your cynical and indescribable mood.

“No, Foley!” You nudged him sharply, making him whine for the pain a little bit. “It’s like nine in the morning and you would sweet talk to me as if it was not a big deal.”

“Damn it!” He exclaimed, still bearing with the pain that you caused him. “Your ex-boyfriend, Montgomery, was right. You are hard to get,” He blurted out, revealing his real intentions. He was trying to have a date night with you. “but, don’t worry, I am adventurous and I can bear with it.”

“Foley, what’s your damn point here?” You suddenly stopped on walking, taking your conversation with the guy seriously. You glanced at the wall clock that was hung near the department’s office to check the time. You were beyond late, but you just shook everything off.

“First of all, I want to let you know that you are beautiful.” He complimented you, while he caressed your soft and smooth cheek. He smiled widely at you and you couldn’t deny that Justin was a good-looking guy too. “And, second, I wou-”

He was cute, but it didn’t mean that you would let yourself in his sycophant attitude. “You would like to get in my pants.” You stated, obnoxiously underestimating the kindness that he was showing to you. You didn’t know him and you were surely judging him.

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” His smile dropped and his eyes widened. He showed, via his emotions, that you obviously mistook his intentions. “I just wanted a simple movie date tonight.”

“Jocks are all the same, my dear Justin. They play with your feelings as if love is a sort of a game, just like basketball or baseball,” You proudly stated your opinion as you thought of your ex-boyfriend. “it doesn’t matter.”

Montgomery surely traumatized you with your previous relationship. He was your everything, the knight in shining armour, the perfect one, until someone told you that you were just a bet and he just wanted to have sex with you. He never confirmed it, but he never denied it either. He was an asshole for making you cry and, since then, your thoughts about jocks has changed, obviously not for the better, but for the latter: the worse.

“Not me, (Y/N)!” Justin slightly shouted and you gave him another nudge, a little bit gentler this time. “I am different.” You rolled your eyes as you looked into his greenish blue orbs. You tried to search for the lies that sailed across his gloomy eyes by observing them.

“Foley, just fuck off!” You pushed him away and you started to walk towards your classroom once again. You hurt him, his feelings, and you somehow felt guilty, because he wasn’t doing anything wrong to you, but you had to shield and protect your heart this time.

“C’mon, please give me a chance.” He desperately pleaded as he tried to catch your feet’s rhythm. He carefully grabbed your forearm to stop you from walking and he gently let you face him. “I am not an asshole jock, the stereotypical jock. I will show you the real Justin Foley and there won’t be any asshole friends between us.” He explained seriously as if it was his last chance to convince you. You looked at him with pity in your eyes and you could tell that he was afraid to be rejected.

“You were already being a kiss-ass, Mr. Foley.” You annoyingly said to him, still not letting your heart in. You observed Justin’s desperate facial expression and you questioned yourself if he was really saying the truth or he was just a great actor: you would’ve surely chose the second choice.

“I wasn’t, Ms. (Y/L/N). You are really beautiful, an angel sent from above and that explains your angelic smile and voice.” The hallway was flooded by his praises and you drowned in his compliments. This time, you couldn’t help but hide a little smile. You were absolutely flattered that someone considered you in that way.

“Fine, fine!” You sighed as you finally let yourself in. You wanted to test him and he had to prove that he was really worth your time and love. After all, you just had to swallow the pride that Montgomery taught you to have when you left him. “I am going on a movie night with you and I am giving you a chance.”

“Jesus Christ, really?” His dilated eyes widened in excitement and he couldn’t believe that you finally confirmed the date that he was asking for. You decided to give him a chance and you secretly wished that he wouldn’t waste it.

“Oh, shut up!” You softly giggled as you shook your head in disbelief. He didn’t win the lottery, did he? You didn’t think so, but his joy and happiness was overflowing. Did he really care that much for you?

“Sorry, I’m just excited.” He excused himself and he kept his wide smile, still showing his spilling over excitement. “So, it’s a yes?”

“Yes, Justin!” You smiled at him and you had to admit that he was adorable and cute. “Just stop being an apple-polisher and don’t mess everything up.”

“I wasn’t being an apple-polisher,” He playfully pouted, pretending to be offended. You somehow built a certain atmosphere between the two of you and you honestly loved it. “I’m just stating the truth.

“Of course, you are,” You said sarcastically while rolling your eyes and you dishevelled his hair by running your hands through it. “flatterer!” You both let out some soft chuckles as you both noticed the calm relationship that you were creating.

You still hated the jocks and Justin was still a flatterer, but it was surely nice and pleasant to hear some compliments from other people. You also enjoyed his company during the movie night at Crestmont’s movie theatre, but you enjoyed his company even more by doing the extra homework that Coach Patrick assigned to you as you both arrived late in one of his most important lessons.

Sorry to Coach Patrick, but you and Justin weren’t really sorry for arriving late and for missing half of his boring explanations.

I saw something like this and decided to share my own

Things I love about critical role:

- the way grog and pike talk with each other and the little voices they use

- when scanlan sings and everyone joins in (literally my favorite, especially mid battle when everyone’s stressed and you know it’s exactly the momentary relief they need)

- vax using his crazy stealth to prank vex and grog

- when keyleth or someone who’s trying to Do Good™ looks to pike for support and pike kinda shrugs with a “Well…" because she's part of the shenanigans herself

- taliesin’s "that’ll do"s

- the little gnomes always rolling low initiative and scanlan saying he was preoccupied with his flute playing or some Unimportant Thing

- Matt making kickass NPC voices on the spot

- the side conversations and jokes that happen while someone is talking to Matt

- when you can see them interact and makes faces at each other from different tables

- keyleth when her voice gets soft and high and optimistic

- vex when her voice gets low and sultry and coy

- when vax runs into something without consulting the group and they all collectively face palm/panic

- when a party member does something and Matt’s eyes go wide and he laughs because holy shit he didn’t see that one coming but boy is it marvelous

- "How Do You Want To Do This?” followed by a collective: "WHAAAAA!!!“ and near table flipping

- when keyleth casts a spell and marisha’s shoulders turn and her front hand comes up in a reaching/grasping motion

- percy trying to be all diplomatic and adult and then Taliesin just losing it because grog said something quietly across the room

- when grog says something quietly across the room and ashley’s the only one to hear it but she’s too focused so it doesn’t register for a second but then it does and they just laugh in the corner together

- vex calling everyone darling

- laura getting frazzled and saying "well i’m just gonna shoot it again!” in a really distressed voice and everyone reassuring saying “no no that’s good” and “yeah do that”

- scanlan mentioning his many titles

- the shits

- when they all are legitimately crying because this shit is real

- when grog and scanlan go off together

- lady kima being salty towards scanlan

- pike being in awe of lady kima because that woman is badass

- literally everything about Gilmore

- scanlan trying to leave trinket behind all the time and vex getting worked up and annoyed because he’s helpful scanlan

- when travis wants to say something so bad and you know it’s painful to hold back but he has to because grog wouldn’t say it

- magic poop?

- when somebody is about to do something questionable and they look to everyone else and they are all being like “no don’t do it” meanwhile scanlan and grog are grinning and nodding from behind them

- the fleeting look of panic when Matt has everyone roll initiative

- all of vex’s reactions all the time

- when matt is describing something and somebody asks for clarification and then get excited because he described it just like they saw in the head

- when travis starts dancing

- when vax leans back on the bench to disappear and when laura does the same thing but because she’s laughing too hard

- the fact that I can’t interchange the characters and the players' names because they’re different people to me and the reaction that travis has is completely different to the reaction the grog would’ve had

- when two characters are having their own moment and everyone else is reacting and making faces and trying desperately to not make too much noise

- Ashley rolling for a check and pausing for a second and asking about having advantage or getting a bonus before eventually trailing off and saying “so… I rolled a four.” and everyone laughing because oh my god Ashley is the cutest

- the sun tree and the fact that matt not only does the voice but the whole persona as well

- dagger dagger dagger

- “I would like to rage”

- scanlan lowkey saving the entire party from huge conflicts all the time because he’s so amazing and charismatic and deceitful

- honestly just the entire show it has consumed my life I love it so much

go on like we belong (together)

Vex has a bit of a trip to make. Percy offers to come along. It’s all a little more complicated than she expects. [2K]

@percyvex mentioned a perc’ahlia road trip au and I have no self control so. happy birthday kaity!! think of this as a taste of things to come <3

“You coming then?” Vax asks, when the silence has stretched too long.

“Yeah,” Vex says around the lump in her throat. “Yeah, I’m–– I’ll be there.”

“Do you want me to––”

“No.” She shakes her head, even though he can’t see her. “I’m, ah. I’ll get there. Drive, y’know.”

“Sure, yeah. Take as much time as you need. We’ll be here.”


The line goes quiet again. Vex sucks in a deep breath and tries to come up with something––anything––to fill the silence.

“Love you, Stubby,” Vax says quietly, voice all soft and careful, and she wishes it weren’t such a comfort. “Things’ll–– it’ll be okay.”

“Yeah. Love you too. I’ll see you next week.”

“Sure, yeah.”

Percy’s staring when she hangs up the phone. She smiles, and it doesn’t fit right across her face, too crooked and shallow.

“Bad news, then?”

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smooth sailing

He felt still rather like a man waiting for the axeman’s blade to drop; his body had become accustomed to this breakneck coltish pace, and nothing had convinced it yet that the danger had passed. 

some mid-episode-87 percahlia. 1.5k words. gentle pwp guest starring a Very Bad Nautical Joke* and a copious helping of fluff. explicit, but not as explicit as some things i have written! enjoy.

*to fans of patrick o’brian: sorry. you can already guess what joke it is.

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Baby Project (Pt. III)

Tyler Joseph Series 

Part I  Part II

Summary: Two long life enemies, who supposedly hate each other with a burning passion are forced to spend more time than preferred together.

(A/N): I should really stop putting film references in these. Anyway, enjoy x 

Words: 1,259

“Fancy seeing you here, wifey“ a vexing voice greets, approaching the table. 

(Y/N) reluctantly looks up from her book and catches a glimpse of a fairly familiar face. “In the school cafeteria, at lunch break?“ she wonders wittily, arching an eyebrow at him.

“Geez, I‘m just trying to be nice here“, the guy says raising both of his arms in defence, “Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, thundercloud?“ he adds, as he plops down in the chair across from her. 

She chooses to ignore Tyler‘s presence after the question and shifts her attention back to the book.

Not satisfied with the reaction he has received, the young man decides to speak up once again. “What‘s wrong, are you on your period or something?“ he continues and casually takes a sip of her capri sun. 

“Well, I started my day by waking up in a puddle of blood. Is that how you’d like me to end yours?“ (Y/N) asks through gritted teeth with a deadly smile plastered on her face.

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“Long ago I wished to leave
The house where I was born;
Long ago I used to grieve,
My home seemed so forlorn.
In other years, its silent rooms
Were filled with haunting fears;
Now, their very memory comes
O'ercharged with tender tears.

Life and marriage I have known.
Things once deemed so bright;
Now, how utterly is flown
Every ray of light!
‘Mid the unknown sea, of life
I no blest isle have found;
At last, through all its wild wave’s strife,
My bark is homeward bound.

Farewell, dark and rolling deep!
Farewell, foreign shore!
Open, in unclouded sweep,
Thou glorious realm before!
Yet, though I had safely pass’d
That weary, vexed main,
One loved voice, through surge and blast
Could call me back again.

Though the soul’s bright morning rose
O'er Paradise for me,
William! even from Heaven’s repose
I’d turn, invoked by thee!
Storm nor surge should e'er arrest
My soul, exalting then:
All my heaven was once thy breast,
Would it were mine again! ”

-Charlotte Bronte
'Regret’ 1848

stealthflower  asked:

For the kiss meme, 13 for perc'ahlia, or 16 for pikeleth, please?

13. a blown kiss. 


Keyleth’s voice makes Percy jump about a foot in the air, whirling to look at the woman jogging up to him. The twins, who he was just in the middle of a lovely conversation with, barely react to the other half-elf, both of them raising eyebrows but not much else. The must have noticed her coming. Curse his mediocre human perception.

“What is it dear?” Vex asks, flicking her eyes between her brother and her boyfriend as Keyleth runs up.

Instead of answering, Keyleth simply grabs Vex by the elbow and begins tugging her towards the door. “I need your help because I think I just did something super, super awkward and you’re the most charming person on hand right now and you’re always getting me out of things so -”

Vex pats the hand on her elbow reassuringly. “Of course, Keyleth.” She throws a glance over her shoulder at both the boys, focusing in on Percy. She winks at him as she’s dragged away by Keyleth, bringing a hand up to her lips and blowing him a kiss.

It’s ridiculous. He kind of really loves it.

Percy’s never really thought he’d be the sort of person to melt over a kiss blown his way, but he really can’t help it, not when it’s Vex. (Really, he shouldn’t be surprised at this point, should he?)

Before he can overthink, he reaches up and snatches the kiss out of the air and tucks it in the pocket of his vest. Vex’s eyes widen in delight and a big grin spreads across her face as she mouths something to him - Percy doesn’t have to be able to read lips like her to know the words I love you when he sees them - before she’s dragged around the corner by Keyleth and out of sight.

He grins at where she just disappeared, a bit like a dope.

Finally, Vax says, “Really?”

Percy shrugs good-naturedly and, because he thinks it’s funny, reaches up to pat the pocket where he tucked her kiss away.

Zootopia/Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.30- The Last Hustle

(AN/Hey it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with the penultimate instalment of Take a Stand. Sorry I’m a tad late things have been crazy lately and this chapters is the longest one yet at over 8000 words! Thank you to everyone who reviewed, reblogged, liked, faved and followed this fic, I can’t believe it’s nearly over. Ok so it’s time to address the elephant in the room, last week the review section of this fanfic became a war zone and this person hurt the most was not me or Zieg but Jill Fine, Jill if you’re reading this please know that this chapter is dedicated to you you have been supporting this story from the get go and the abuse you received was deplorable and unacceptable and I hope you come back to the Zootopia fandom soon, we always got your back and I’m so sorry this series of online bullying happened to you, I offer my most sincerest apologies. Ok now onto the next bit the user at the heart of this cyber bullying incident Psycox has passed away in a tragic traffic accident according to reports, even though I am disgusted with his behaviour the news of his death is a tragedy. Now without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 30- The Last Hustle

Padraic Rattigan was trying to remain calm, to display a face of confidence at this trying time and yet his usually combed fur looked ruffled and his yellow eyes were narrowed and were simmering with anger. Felicia who was driving the Benz pulled into the familiar surroundings of Misdaad’s mansion in the meadowlands suburbs and could already see that the Zebra had gotten the news about Buttercup’s bakery being raided and the failed hit on Trevor Moon; Rattigan could see through the car window that some of Misdaad’s henchmen were already putting her bags in a car. Felicia stopped the Benz, got out, opened the passenger door and let Rattigan step onto her paws. Madame Misdadd emerged from the house dressed not in a stylish dress for once but in fitness attire. “Bahati,” Rattigan called out “I trust you’ve heard the news.”

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katalyna-rose  asked:

For DWC! Venalya Mahariel/Cullen, "Please, please kiss me." And thanks for prompting me!

@dadrunkwriting​, @katalyna-rose​, @5ftgarden, @inner-muse, @ladydracarysao3 (I am trying to tag all the Cullenites I know but I AM SUDDENLY DRAWING A VERY LARGE BLANK PLEASE HELP ME)

hahahahahahahahah this got longer than intended but man I got INTO IT. Thank you so much!!! I hardly EVER get to write these two and that is a damn shame. Evil cliffhanger? Muahahaha perhaps I can be persuaded to write more of it if people want ;)


Venalya x Cullen

She was wild in a way he had never seen, a constant tempest of emotion and feeling, refusing to mute herself for the sake of propriety. She wielded her fury like a weapon – and it was much more dangerous to face than the magic she barely controlled. Passion seemed to control her. Passion for her people, for the children who swarmed her like ducklings, passion for the life she seemed so sure would be snatched from her at any moment.

And oh the passion in her anger, both beautiful and terrifying to behold. She was driven by it, never shying from confrontation, but embracing it. She was electrifying, infuriating, and… distracting. Cullen ran his hand through his hair for the sixteenth time in the last two hours, huffing in frustration.

“Maker’s breath.” he muttered in irritation, trying again to focus on the reports that were haphazardly scattered across his desk. He didn’t even like the woman.

Liar. His brain helpfully supplied. He leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples. The truth of the matter was that he didn’t know why he was so drawn to her. She was absolutely maddening. Her hobby of choice seemed to be picking fights with him – fights which, lately, seemed to carry the undercurrent of something else he couldn’t quite ignore.

At the same time, it was… refreshing to allow the rigid facade of Commander fade away, to lose himself in the heat of her words and the ever-present crackling of static on her skin when angry. Their arguments were somehow a release he never knew he needed. Like a storm, she brought wrath and devastation, but always the world felt lighter after she had gone.

Yet when the door swung open, he nearly groaned.

“I am trying to work.” he said, voice clipped.

“Like that’s ever stopped me before.” she stated, arms crossed in the doorway.

He looked at her curiously, ignoring her little quip.

“Are you going to come in? You don’t usually snipe at me from the battlements.”

“No,” she said with a huff, pointedly looking away. He raised a brow, but elected to ignore her, selecting a report at random to peruse. “You rescinded my templar guard?” she finally said, and he was glad of it. He had just read the same sentence six times in his distraction.

“It no longer seemed necessary,” he said, returning the paper to his desk. He leaned back and crossed his arms, waiting for the confrontation he expected.

He could see her work her jaw through the curtain of wild curls, obviously uncomfortable.

“Thank you,” she said at last, her face scrunched as though the words were bitter on her tongue. She spun and retreated, leaving him with an oddly satisfied smile.


“Inquisitor, if I may have a moment of your time?” Venalya was with her, their heads bowed low in some secret correspondence. He almost hated to pull Liahra away – she seemed to be the only one around whom Venalya seemed content.

“Of course, Cullen.” Liahra smiled and rose to meet him, but his gaze was drawn instead to the startling violet one of the woman being left behind. She narrowed her eyes, pressing her lips into a fine line as if to hold back from speaking.

Distracting. It was difficult to focus on the Inquisitor’s words as she spoke, his eyes fixed on Venalya as she played silly games with the gaggle of children that often sought her company.

“Cullen?” Liahra’s voice cut through the fog, an amused and knowing smile on her lips.

“A-apologies, Inquisitor.” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. He could feel the flush creeping up his face, damning him further.

“We can go over this later if you prefer, Commander.” Her voice was light, teasing, and he offered an embarrassed laugh. Liahra eyed him with a raised brow.

“I’m fine. Please, continue.”

“You know, she appreciates the fact that you ordered the guard away,” she said instead, gauging his reaction, “Dorian says the power she wields is unlike anything he has ever known. Her control, though tenuous, is more than we could ever imagine.” She looked back to her friend at the words, voice softening. “There is nothing she fears more than losing control of that power – of hurting people. The templar was only a reminder of everything she has to lose.”

Venalya’s laughter carried over them, and he appreciated the sound. Her severity was born of fear, her fury born of frustration, and he wondered how he never saw. He didn’t look at her the same after that.


“I’ve been watching you.”

Cullen looked up from the board, startled at the sound of her voice. She crossed her arms and, Maker’s breath was she blushing?

“Not you,” she corrected quickly, waving her hand dismissively at the chess board, “The game.”

He tried not to smile, really, he did. He wasn’t successful.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” she snapped, flushing further, “I don’t need you making fun of me. Just forget it.”

Cullen swallowed a laugh and pushed himself to his feet, gesturing to the opposite chair.

“Would you care for a game?” he asked gently, watching the way her face contorted into immediate suspicion. She eyed him warily as he walked around the table, pulling the other chair out for her. Her eyes narrowed, but she cautiously lowered herself into it. When he returned to his own chair, there was something he couldn’t quite read in her eyes, nearly hidden beneath dark curls.

“Ever played?” He asked conversationally as he set up the board.

“No. But I think I know how.”

“Right,” he said with a smirk, “You watched.” She scowled.

He let her win.

“As enticing as our usual rows are, I must say I prefer this.” Cullen was positively smug when she huffed at his words. She couldn’t hide the redness of her cheeks as she stormed off, hastily enough that she nearly knocked over Mother Giselle.



Maker, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. His every thought was consumed by her. Scent, hair, eyes, the way her freckles danced on her face when she smiled, how frustrating she was and yet intoxicating in the same breath. Whether intentional or by circumstance, he frequently found himself in her company over the last few weeks. Liahra always gave him that knowing smile when she visited his office, tossing casual remarks about Venalya that held seemingly no purpose, but they did – and she knew.

Venalya’s hand had lingered just a breath too long when she returned one of the books he lent her four days earlier, and something so simple kept playing on repeat in his mind. He spent entirely too much time wondering how it would have felt if he had taken off his glove, though his fingers still burned from where she had brushed him as though her touch yet lingered. It was driving him to madness.

She was driving him to madness.

He leaned against the wall behind his desk, arm propped above his head as he stared out the window to the military camp below. The sun was setting behind the mountains, bathing the tents in rosy gold, and all he saw were her cheeks awash with color. He forced his eyes shut, taking a deep breath through his nose. He hardly noticed the sound of a door swishing shut somewhere behind him.

“Whatever it is, it can wait,” he said, voice a little too sharp. He didn’t want to deal with scouts harrying him about information and reports. He wanted only respite.

“Like that’s ever stopped me before.” Her voice came, soft, hesitant - and he stiffened, turning to look over his shoulder.


“I want to hate you,” she confessed, pushing the wild hair from her face as she looked everywhere but at him. “You’re a shem, and a templar, and those things are bad enough on their own – but together?” She trailed off, and he stepped back from the wall. “But I don’t… hate you that is… and it’s confusing and I just -” She made a sound of frustration in the back of her throat, clenching her fists at her sides.

He stepped closer.

“And, look, you’re infuriating, work-obsessed, rigid, smug, and… and… and every iteration of vexing that exists!” Her voice rose, but not in anger. It sounded more like desperation. “But – fenedhis – but Creators help me, I think I am falling for you and… and…” Her words grew softer as he stepped within her reach, head angled down to where she stood. She looked nervous and vulnerable, fearless eyes usually narrow, now wide and full of questions.

“And?” he murmured, heart pounding behind his breastplate. He had not been the only one consumed, and the knowledge of it sent a thrill through his bones.

“And,” she breathed, “Please, please will you kiss me?”

The loudest of noises,
Always come from within.
Though the clusters of voices
Penetrating my ears, try to win,
They fail,
And surrender to the masters of sin,
That are the voices in my head.
So next time you talk to me, before you begin,
And ask why I haven’t heard what you said,
Before you vex me with your voice,
Just know you’re not louder than The Noise.
—  “The Noise” by @ambiguitiesromanticized
I don’t need your opinion

Fandom: One Piece

Ship: ZoSan

Prompt: “I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now youre invested in my life troubles” AU.
When Sanji thinks he’s calling Usopp (… but we all know it’s not Usopp.)

Warning: AU, Humor, Romance, Relationship Troubles, Rivalry, Stupidity, Dealing with different pictures of love, Bored!Zoro, Sanji being Sanji, Ero-cook, Mention of Sanji/Conis, Bet, Foolish behaviors, They are children seriously.

Chapter 1/3 - chapter 2

A/N: You can also find it on AO3 or! This is a gift for my friend @junko-chan !

Sanji looked at his phone, sitting on his bed, thoughtful.

Should he call Nami? Should he tell her what was currently happening? He knew she had said she wouldn’t mind a phone call from him, as long as it wasn’t for flirting. Of course, the latter would always fail when Sanji did call her – using tons of excuses, by the way. Just hearing Nami-swan’s voice was so great and such an honour for him! But… right now, he wouldn’t call for that.

He’d been thinking about it for weeks, even months.

Things weren’t getting better with Conis, and he couldn’t let this relationship fade away just like this, without even trying to fix it. But talking about personal problems to Nami? Bothering her? Taking her time and patience for insignificant relationship issues? No, it wasn’t that important. Plus, Conis and him weren’t even in a relationship. Or were they? He didn’t know. They’d been dating for a while, yes, but were they together? As a couple?

Maybe he was overthinking it. Conis, in love with him? Damn, she was a true angel, no way he could deserve her! (But that would be Heaven if she actually felt something for him)… though that wasn’t what he needed to talk about. Was it? No need to talk to Nami about it. Actually, that would be a wrong path, as Nami was a Saint and a woman, and he, was only a man. For that, he needed to talk to another man, who had experience with women. Not that women were hard to understand or anything, not at all. On the contrary, they were flawless – actually, Sanji needed help for himself.

That was it. He couldn’t bother Nami. Luffy wasn’t even an option, he knew his answer would be something about meat or going on an adventure and then everything would be okay. Last option was Usopp. After all, Usopp was in relationship with Kaya, and everything seemed to go perfectly well.

Yes, he should definitely call Usopp for this kind of matter.

The young cook reached his phone, and dialed Usopp’s number. When he heard his friend answering his call, he just couldn’t help but let go of his feelings immediately. As in a “Now or never”.

“Hey Usopp, it’s- well you know it’s me. And before you ask-”


“-Before you ask,” he repeated nervously, “yes, I need your help. Well, not exactly your help, but your opinion- about something. Alright, this is about Conis-chan and I. I know that between you and Kaya-san, everything’s going fine and I am glad for you – Kaya-san deserves everything in the world and you know it. Every women deserve the world. That’s also what I want for Conis-chan. I’ve…”


“I’ve noticed Conis-chan was being quite distant lately. Of course, this is not her fault. As you know, we’ve been on several dates for weeks, I cooked for her, I sang for her, I offered her flowers, serenades on the balcony – the perfect scene of Romeo and Juliet, even Shakespeare would have been jealous! I’m trying to be the gentleman she needs every single day. I’ve been in love the moment I met her. I’m only a man, and she’s an angel, fallen from Heaven…! Usopp, I need your advice, now. Wh- What should I do to please her?”

After this long speech, Sanji paused for a moment, waiting for his friend’s answer.

“Have you tried talking to her about this, in the first place?”

The young man’s heart froze, and he opened his mouth, and closed it very slowly.

“Who are you?”

“Oh so you noticed?”

“You’re not Usopp,” he whispered.

The stranger – as it appeared, he was absolutely not Usopp, his voice was far too deep.

“Yeah, you probably got the wrong number dude, sorry.”

Speechless. He was speechless. Had he- had he talked about his whole sentimental life to this man? Oh, merde.

“Fuck, I’m- damn, I didn’t know, I’m really sorry, you should have said so-”

“No worries, it’s okay. I was bored anyway.”

Bored? Sanji frowned. He had put his feelings down here, that wasn’t supposed to be an entertaining discussion for some ‘bored’ guy, but a very important and serious one! Was he- was he mocking him?

“Anyway, I’m gonna leave you now,” he declared drily, slightly vexed.

“Wait,” the voice said calmly. “Before you hang up, what are you going to do?”

Curious, uh? Even though Sanji wanted to hang up right away with all his heart, his manners prevented him from doing so. This man – whoever he was – had listened to him. And he could have hanged up in the middle of his monologue, but he hadn’t. Maybe it was to avoid boredom for some time, yes, but still. He had said he needed someone’s opinion. Even from a stranger. Conis was worth it, he could forget his pride for this time.

“What should I do?”

He instantly regretted his question.

“What about you start considering women as they are and not as you think they are?”

Damn, yes. He regretted his question so bad now. This guy was a jerk, and Sanji wouldn’t mind kicking his ass for being so rude.

“That’s actually what I do,” he still replied, patient.

“That’s actually not what you’re doing. Not right now.”

That was it. This man was pissing him off.

“I know you’re messing with me just to kill your boredom man, but if you actually knew me, you’d know I treat women better than anyone and would die for them any day, any time.”

“No need to know you, mate. You certainly see yourself as a gentleman… but from what you said? You’ve only depicted aesthetics, romantic stuff nobody cares about, superficial stuff. Basically, you’re not loving your girlfriend for who she is, but what she looks like.”

“The fuck makes you believe this?!”

“Do you even know her?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You didn’t talk about her personality or feelings, not even once. You just said 'I’ all along, on a genuine 'me, myself and I’ novel.”

“Not true!” Sanji spat out. “What about everything I’ve done to make her happy, to please her?!”

“Oh, you mean the 'I cooked her something’, 'I gave her flowers’ and all that crap?”

“That’s not crap. I’m a cook.”

Unimportant information, but nevermind. One couldn’t just say 'cooking’ and 'crap’ in the same sentence, especially if that was about him.

“That’s what you like to do to women, Dom Juan,” the man continued. “I might be wrong, but have you ever had a real discussion with her, deep and profound, not about one those stupid subjects like the weather or a dress, but more like a debate?”

A debate? With Conis-chan? Not really. Hell yeah he discussed stuff with her, but did you have to have a debate with someone to prove that you loved them?

“Your vision of love completely sucks,” he let out.

Surprisingly, the other genuinely laughed on the other end of the phone.

“I’ll kick your ass, shithead!”

“Well bring it on. Maybe then you’ll realize how much of a jerk you are.”

Jerk? He was the jerk? Consumed by raged, and completely vexed, Sanji pressed the red button of his phone and hung up. In a gesture as simple as this. He then threw his phone on the mattress, and stared into the void.

What was this man taking him for? Why the fuck had he even asked for his opinion? He didn’t need his opinion. Conis was worth more than a stupid stranger’s advice. He could deal with his situation himself. He didn’t even know if Conis and he were a couple. Were they? Were they a couple? They didn’t talk about it. They had dates, yes. Several, even. But were they dates, too? He personally considered them as dates. What about her? He never thought about that.

Damn. That was it.

The stupid wrong-number man was right. And now that he did think about it, Nami had talked about this “problem” of his too. How had that stranger pictured him so easily?

Fuck. He hated him.

His phone vibrated twice for a new text, startling him.

“Keep going like this and you will ruin your relationship, ero-cook.”

What was the guy thinking about to send him a text ? They were friends now? What was he, a psychologist? A very bored man?

He hesitated two seconds before replying. But damn, he couldn’t let him have the last word. Childish, maybe, but he couldn’t resist the urge.

“It will not.”

“Oh well, we shall see.”

“I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Will you? How?”

Sanji looked at this conversation, thinking carefully about what he should say to this guy. This discussion was nonsense. Where was this going? Putain ! He couldn’t help it. The man was challenging him, and he couldn’t run away from it.

“In one week, it’ll get better. You’re bored? How about we get a drink so you’ll see by yourself?”

… And so he could see the face of incarnated stupidity to kick his ass? He honestly had nothing to lose.

Ten seconds later, the answer arrived:


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