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  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing
Wreathed in Smoke, Wound in Heather (Chapter 14/?) - Interlude
by seimaisin and blindvogel
By Organization for Transformative Works

A Perc’ahlia Beauty and the Beast AU.

Everyone knows a beast lives at Whitestone Castle, a beast that has stolen souls from the town for many, many years. Should the beast claim one of yours, they say, you take the compensation left on your doorstep and thank the gods it wasn’t you instead.

When her brother runs afoul of the castle’s monster, Vex'ahlia does the unthinkable and trades her soul for his. The bargain introduces her to the beast, and to the man still living inside of the monster. Now a prisoner at Whitestone Castle, Vex must find a way to stay alive, and perhaps a way to save those trapped with her - even the beast himself.


A longer than usual interlude. Percy gathers his courage, and your authors finally make good on that Explicit rating.



Percy and Vex and that one bit from episode 15. Thank you @novemberocean for telling me it was good.

The arrows are well made. Straight and evenly weighted. All but one. Percy hefts the last arrow, looks down the shaft, runs his fingers along the fletching. Of all the arrows, this one is perfect. Percy half smiles, setting it down away from the others. Sweat streaks down his temples, soaking into his shirt. Soot and grime mar the usually pristine fabric. None of that matters. What’s important is that he’s outdone himself, that he’s made something really flawless.

Quick footsteps draw towards his workshop. Percy has time to push his goggles up off his face, before Vex bursts in, almost floating in her excitement.

“Are they done?” Vex asks. “Percy!

She bounces onto the balls of her feet, peering over his shoulder.

“Two exploding arrows, and a grappling arrow,” Percy says, presenting the bundle to her with a little bow.

Vex snatches them out of his hands, clutching the arrows to her chest with a grin. The immediacy with which she puts them into their quiver is really rather flattering, Percy thinks. She’s yet to see the best one, and the thought fills him with pride.

The last arrow sits across his palms, sleek and deadly. It’s visibly different from the others, nearly a display piece. Vex’s face glows as she picks it up. She examines it, testing the point and weight in her hands, a line of concentration between her brows. Percy’s palms sweat, waiting for her verdict. Vex slots the arrow into her quiver.

“C'mere you wonderful bastard,” she says.

Vex grabs his sweaty, dirt smeared  shirtfront, hauling on it so their faces are on the same level. Percy realizes what she’s about to do a split second before, and doesn’t believe it.

Warm, soft lips press against his.

Just as soon as it happens, the kiss is over. Vex throws herself out of his workshop with a jaunty wink, a quiver full of arrows slung over her shoulder.

Percy stares after her, bemused. She’s never appreciated his work quite so…

He touches his fingertips to his mouth.

They taste like sweaty leather gloves and burnt metal. Percy wrinkles his nose, and scrubs his hands on his trousers. It’s a lucky thing Vex was too distracted by her new arrows to notice.

Hopefully she was too distracted by her new arrows to notice.

There’s still a lot that needs to be done before they leave for Vasselheim, Percy reminds himself. Turning back towards his worktable, he drops into his chair and keeps dropping.

Percy stares at the ceiling, his heart pounding in his throat. His chair sits innocently where he left it, a foot away.

Laughter bubbles up in his chest.

“I’m getting to kiss everyone in this party,” Percy tells his ceiling. There’s a bit of hysteria in his voice.

His ceiling is unimpressed. Percy sighs, and picks himself up off the floor. His workshop is still a mess. The leftover components from Vex’s arrows are littered across the tables, along with his own preparations for their upcoming trip.

A thought freezes Percy in place, a handful of fletching sticking out from between his fingers.

“I’ve kissed the twins,” he says to the empty workshop.

An uncontrollable grin spreads across his face. Shoulders shaking with suppressed mirth, Percy sinks down into his chair, and succumbs to a laughing fit.

a concept:

vex loves the woods around whitestone. she loves her new city dearly, but vex was always made for the forest and sometimes she just needs to breathe a bit. the citizens of whitestone often see her disappear into the wild for hours on end, trinket trailing after her.

sometimes percy comes down and waits at the edge of the woods for her when she’s gone longer than usual, a heavy cloak in hand on colder nights. whenever she sees him waiting for her she just breaks out into the biggest smile, letting him wrap the cloak around her before taking his arm and making their way back up towards the castle.

travelers who pass through the woods on certain nights often come into town and tell stories about an apparition they saw of a beautiful elven woman—or perhaps a fey?—flanked by a bear and the locals just laugh because “that wasn’t an apparition; that was lady de rolo.”

long after percy and vex have passed on, local legend still says that if you go out into the woods just beyond whitestone, you can catch a glimpse of the noble huntress and her bear walking the same path that they walked thousands of times in life.

I saw a post earlier about Liam/Vax’s post-Syngorn line, “There’s no question how much it affected you when Percival made his offer in that room,“ and I mean obviously just on its own it’s fantastic, and Laura/Vex’s face made it even more so, but it got me thinking, and like

How is marriage-of-convenience fic not singlehandedly carrying the Perc’ahlia fandom economy??  I’ve come across quite a few AUs about Vex getting married off by her father, lots of Cinderella-esque meeting at balls and arranged marriages and the like, and that is all GREAT.  I am ABOUT THAT.  But I hunger for some good old-fashioned “we’re friends and we got married to get you out of a bad situation but now oops we’re falling in love and desperately pining over each other,” slow-burn, will-they-or-won’t-they-jk-we-all-know-they-will fics.

Like, I keep having these thoughts in my head that Vex’s impending political marriage was what drove the twins out of the city to begin with, because Vex was equal measures infuriated by and terrified of the prospect, and like hell was Vax going to just let it happen.  We’ll leave, he whispers to her one night.  Just fucking–leave.  You and me, right now.  What’s stopping us?  Nothing.  And so they do; they run fast and far and they never look back, avoid their mother’s home in case their father goes looking for them there (and maybe, just a little, because they haven’t quite forgiven her for giving them up yet).  Years later they meet their father again in Emon, and they’re there and gone again before he can get in more than a half-dozen cutting remarks about the position that Vex left him in, the professional embarrassment, the shame she brought upon him.  He’s an asshole, and they don’t expect any better by now.  They have a new family, and together they’re in the wind, far away from any old ties.

But then it’s been years more on top of that, and the threat of the Chroma Conclave hangs like a pall over the entire world.  Syngorn has an army, and frankly it seems like the lesser of two evils.  Only their father didn’t get to the position he holds by giving something for nothing, and an advantageous marriage still has its value.

And Percy still drops the title bomb, makes it clear that the proposed matches–each one making Vex’s face and Vax’s knuckles grow whiter by the moment–would not possibly be befitting someone of her station.  Their eyes meet for half a second, just long enough to communicate please let me help, and also if you could keep your brother from murdering me where I sit it would be very much appreciated, before he says that, respectfully, he would like to submit his name for consideration.

Please, please just imagine with me: a quick ceremony and then off on their quest as though nothing unusual has happened.  Traveling and adventuring together, and nothing has really changed, except for rather more sly remarks from Scanlan about ~the marriage bed~ and disappearing rooms in the mansion because hey, you two are married anyway right, and an increase in pointed comments from Vax.  The two of them slowly, slowly drifting closer together, starting to drop casual references to each other as their wife or husband without even really realizing they’re doing it.  And then just sort of looking up one day, feeling a long-familiar surge of warmth and fondness when they see each other, and realizing …

Oh, shit.

ep 88+ spoilers

the twins are identical and vax has been the raven queen’s for a very long time

the twins are identical and vex has watched her brother serve his lady for months and everything she has done has not been explicitly for that lady and she is upset

the twins are identical and vex’s brother is dead and she has no self without him, no self left to give

the twins are identical and vex has only service to give

the twins are identical and this was only a formality


I got bored and made a Vex Identification sheet and a basic map of Atheon’s room with extra bits of information. Who knows, someone might find these interesting!

I really love the Vex, they’re so intriguing!

(Before you say “You’re missing the Aphix Invasive!” I know. There isn’t much information on them to actually use, and they have multiple ways of being identified. Basic info is: they’re made up of Axis Minotaurs, Supplicants, Fanatics, and PoE Vex.)

Not a date this time, but “Hunt Wears Prada” twisted by my imagination. Once again, a bit of language and a tiny hint of NSFW-y-ness. Continues after date #2.

Vex was only a little surprised when Hunt drew her name along with Addison’s to go to New York Fashion Week. He had given her this odd look when he had been talking about the trip. It was almost as if he wanted her to go to New York with him, away from the rest of the students and faculty at Hollywood U.

She realized it was probably all in her imagination, but still… her and Addison and Hunt, all alone in New York…

“Oh my gosh!” Addison squealed happily after class. “I can’t believe we get to go to New York Fashion Week! This is totally a dream come true!” She screamed happily, causing Vex to wince. “I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!”

That made Vex pause. “Addi, what exactly does one wear to Fashion Week?” she asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, Vex,” Addison grinned. “I’ll help you pack.”


They left for the trip a week later. Addison had helped Vex pack all the essentials for the week. Vex was confident she’d fit in with the fashionista crowd, even though she herself knew little about fashion. The two met Professor Hunt outside LAX early that morning.

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WAIT A wait i just Remembered theorizing about what the soothsayer’s tarot card meanings in marquette meant when vex asked if she made the right choice and it was a sun and white mountains and at first i was like that could just mean she’s got a good outlook on her life but no it was totally about percy like canon it was about her connection w percival i have never felt so ALIVe.