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Idk if this has been asked before, but how do mages and templars differ in how they use lyrium? Why do templars get addicted to lyrium but that doesn't seem to be a thing for mages?

Ho boy, so…canonically speaking raw lyrium is toxic to mages, and makes most other people go insane (even dwarves after a time). In its pure form it’s really dangerous, so all the lyrium potions and things you see in game are actually refined and processed lyrium.

The simple answer is that there ISN’T actually a difference, except for perhaps amount of use. If we’re being technical, Templar abilities that come from lyrium are as much magic as mage abilities that come from lyrium, though Templars aren’t really mages casting spells without it.

In terms of the theory behind it, we know lyrium is the blood of titans, the blood of the earth, but that mages mostly work spells by reaching the Fade and such. Lyrium can be a means of reaching the Fade, and thus can help mages in enhancing spells or even sending them into the Fade in dreams as with the Harrowings, but isn’t required. For Templars it may be the ONLY way of reaching the Fade, the only way of enhancing any abilities they might use (like smite). In truth, a look at the difference between mage abilities and templar abilities shows very little difference.

So…at the risk of getting a backlash: Templars are using magic. They just need lyrium to do it.

Lyrium being the blood of the Titans means technically all Templar magic IS blood magic of a sort, but that’s a different topic altogether in truth. 

Mages often do spells without lyrium, it isn’t required, it just helps. It’s not actually as readily available as the games mechanics make it appear - it’s got to be mined, processed, and because it makes mages stronger it’s absolutely on lockdown via the Chantry (who monopolizes as much of the trade as they can in Orzammar). 

Templars, meanwhile, are bound by the lyrium because they take it in regular doses. They had philters of the stuff, and it’s part of their job to take it regularly. Anything in excess becomes addictive, but in truth I think there’s something more to it, that links to Titans themselves, to the nature of that connection with the Fade, and to the sheer AMOUNT that the Templars take. Also, since the Templar form of lyrium is ALSO refined, it’s possible that part of that process makes it more addictive to them.

-same stuff, no difference, both are magic. Mages use it to augment spells, Templars use it just to do them at all. Addiction seems more linked to quantity than anything else as Templars take it regularly.

As an interesting sidenote, it was originally meant to be part of the DAO game mechanics that the more lyrium potions you consumed the less effective they would become and that you WOULD wind up with addictive side effects, implying this would ALSO be the case for mages too. They cut it from the game itself because it was too hard to implement, but it was discussed, and Gaider spoke on it before. 

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Me ajuda pfvr, tipo a namo do meu ex namorado so vevi mandando msg , me ligando falando coisas, e eu tenho namorado, me ajuda pfvr a fazer um texto pra ela.

Bom, não sei os tipos de coisas que ela te diz mas vamos lá, se for como tô pensando kkkkkkk
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Cameron imagine Part 2

“Sit down, sit down” Anne said happily, “long time ago, how are you?” My mom and Anne was just talking, meanwhile i was thinking about Cameron.
The door opens and a vevy attractive guy come in, “Cameron sit down honey, you remember Carly and (Y/N)?” She said still happily as before.
His beautiful dark brown eyes landed on me, he look at me up and down, and smiles, i blush a little and look away.
“Hey (Y/N) long time ago huh?” he says and giving me a warm long hug, it felt so good to be in Cameron’s arms it was like i could stay there forever.

But that long hug, just lasted about 10 seconds, and we both broke the hug.
“Yeah, about 11 years ago?” I says smiling down, he just smiles his cute little smile he always gave me while we were kids.
“She so beautiful, don’t you think?” Anne says to Cam, still happy. Where dose she get all that energy from? I’m so curious.
“Yeah she is really beautiful” he says looking deeply in my eyes, we stare right in each others eyes, it felt like hours, just staring at each other.
“(Y/N)” my mind got to me, the thought of me and Cam staring at each other, it felt so good.

I came to reality still staring in Cameron’s dark brown eyes, i broke the eye contact by looking down and smiling, Cam maybe notice, because he smilet too. “Aren’t you going to show (Y/N) your room?” Anne said, “sure mom,” he said kissing Anne on the cheek.
“Follow me” he said, going up the stairs, he open the door for me, he bends down like a gentleman, “ladies first” he said smiling.

As i look around, it look just like a normal boy room nothing real fancy. “I’m going for the bed” i told him, as i jumps onto the bed, “some thing just never change (Y/L/N)” he said putting his head back in laugh.
“Believe on that dallas,” i said in joy of his laugh. He jumps down right beside me, our arms touching light each other, we just sat there staring in each others eyes second time while im been here.

I think i noticed him looking at my lips, ohh gosh he’s so hot, his head came closer to mine, right there out of nothing he lean his lips touching light my lips, he kisses my sweetly while his hand resting on my waist. he sent shivers down my spine. His soft, pink, lips moved easily against my own.
He bites my bottom lip to get entrance, the kiss deepened, his tongue slipping into my mouth, exploring it.
It felt so good to kiss Cam, but it had been 9 years ago we’ve saw each other and now his tongue is in my mouth. I never thought of the idea that me and Cameron making out on his bed.

We have been best friends since the day care, he were not really attractive last time i saw him, braces and his hair was set up like spikes.
But now, wow it can clearly see a change, his hair still sat up but not like spikes, and he got some more muscle, i can see that because he has a tight-fitting shirt on.

I broke the kiss by rolling to the side i was now sitting on his bed, “Cam it’s been 9 years ago and the first thing you wanna do is kiss me?” I said expressionless. “No of cause not, it’s just been so long time ago and i miss you so much, and all i want to do is” He took a break, “what do you want to do Cam?” I said frustrated.

The silence came over us, as Cam didn’t want to tell me the sentence done, the silence went away, when the door got open and Anne came in “there’s dinner, and (Y/N) do you wanna stay over the night, i know it’s a long drive” “Yeah of cause” I said and try to sound happy.

We got passed dinner, and me and Cam left the table, i came around the corner and Cameron smashes me up against the wall, “WTF Cam„ i said, breath less. Now his lips immediately coming near my ear.
”(Y/N),“ he seductively growled in my ear. I felt his teeth graze my neck, causing me to arch my back into his chest. He moaned.
He was hot, i couldn’t stand it anymore i just wanted him right now.

I was so excited to show you this imagine! What do you think of it?