Star vs. the BEST BROWNIES in the UNIVERSE
I thought it would be fun to kick off this new channel with a Star vs. the Forces of Evil cosplay video. Following the events in the "Sleepover" episode, Sta...

Who watched the Star Vs the Forces of Evil “Sleepover” episode?!

Veve and I LOVED this episode, so we made a cosplay video! Pretty sure the title speaks for itself, lol. We really love this video and we hope you love it too! Comment and let us know what you think! <3

Star Butterfly is me (Red Velvet Cosplay / RedVelvetCosplay)
Marco Diaz is Veve (Veveisme / heyveve / marcodiazofearth)


This is what happens when you are filming another video and you get lost while in a Stan Cosplay and conveniently get lost next to a Taco Bell around lunch time…and then decide to try a Doritos Locos Taco for the first time. Enjoy!


This is how I feel about all of the new Star Vs the Forces of Evil episodes that will be airing on Mondays at 7:30 pm on Disney XD! This season has been really amazing so far, so I’m super excited for all of the upcoming episodes this month! ♡☆♡ 

Star Butterfly is me (Red Velvet Cosplay / RedVelvetCosplay)
Cosplay, wand and video made by Veve (Veveisme / heyveve)
Wig styled by me (Red Velvet Cosplay / RedVelvetCosplay)


These are some of my favorite photos from the “South Park 20 Experience” at Comic Con 2016! Not only did we get to have take all these photos, we got to go to Hulu lounge and watch some South Park, walked through a South Park art gallery and were interviewed for Comedy Central! They interviewed us a few years ago at the Year of the Fan Experience and actually remembered us, haha.
I love whenever we get the chance to cosplay from South Park, it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously (as you can see in these photos, haha). I also changed into Wendy Testaburger on the same day and took some photos as her too. Those photos should be posted later!

Kyle Broflovski is me (Red Velvet Cosplay/ RedVelvetCosplay)
Stan Marsh is Veve (veveisme / heyveve)
Cosplays made by Veve


Just found some more photos of my Wendy Corduroy cosplay and Veve’s Robbie Valentino cosplay from Comikaze, when we met the most in-character Dipper ever! When we took the first photo, I hear a whispered “I’m standing next to Wendy!“ HAHA, it was just too beautiful! <3

Wendy: Me (RedVelvetCosplay / Red Velvet Cosplay)
Robbie Valentino: Veve (veveisme / heyveve)
Wendy and Robbie cosplay made by: Veve (veveisme / heyveve)
Dipper Pines: Cosplay page unknown :(
Series: Gravity Falls
Event: Comikaze 2015
Photos taken by: WireLost Photography