Il cellulare...

Il cellulare, quando ero bambino, non aveva problemi di connessione, non a veva touch screen, non squillava, ma , in compenso, aveva le ruote, il motore, era pieno di agenti di polizia, e faceva suonare la sirena.

Perchè ill cellulare, quando ero bambino, era il furgoncino della Polizia, quella di Paperopoli in particolare, che, solitamente a fine episodio ambientato nel mondo dei paperi, si vedeva andare via a sirena spiegata, con dietro le sbarre i volti tristi della Banda Bassotti, fallito il loro ennesimo tentativo di depredare Zio Paperone.

Nessuno si pensava di poter mettere in borsetta un cellulare, quando ero bambino.

E tutti temevamo di finirci prigionieri.

E tutti, prigionieri, ci siamo finiti.

Perchè il cellulare, per certo, ha perso ruote, sbarre ed agenti di polizia a guidarlo, ma, altrettanto per certo, è una trappola dentro cui tutti siamo caduti e che ha imprigionato tutti.

Non sono sbarre a limitarci la libertà ed a farci vedere la vita attraverso di loro, ma sono schermi (touch screen, ovviamente).

Prigionieri, senza nemmeno aver tentato di forzare il deposito di Zio Paperone.


Veva is a 23 year old crow who stands about 6'6" and is a highschool grad with no interest in college and have no job. Her sexual orientation is bisexual and her gender is pretty damn fluid. Her username is “BatsandSkulls”

She is often seen with her friend Emil and both of them live outside of the town but visits regularly. That aside she does run a gang but this is quite a secret that only her and Emil would know. The letterman she wears is her gang uniform andnis never worn unless on duty (thankfully the gang is not in town bt rather their hometown. Due to her being in many fights, she often carries her main weapon, a bat, as well as a few knives hidden on her,

Outside of her gang work, shes plays guitar bass and other various instruments as well as doing a bit of logo work. She also sleeps alot more than she is awake.
(Discord is bing crow jsyk)

arsfatalis  asked:

I somehow scrolled past your last doodle without realising it is yours and thought, "Holy funk, that's going to be the new standart for portraying Nerevar and Voryn". Then I finally realised it's yours, and my jaw fell down through the Earth, emerged somewhere in the Pacific, and I haven't seen it ever since. I love.

Thank you so much ;; tbh I think the whole representation standard comes from the fact I borrowed from a lot of artists? Mainly Moebius for the lines and @mannimarcos for the designs (hello veva lysm). Since morrowind concept artists were a lot inspired by Moebius and since the tesblr community is a lot inspired by my friend