Feminism is not about hating men.
Feminism is not about trying to push men down and gain power.
Feminism is simply about wanting to have gender equality.

Feminism is wishing that one of the most successful and smart female entertainers of the last 100 years isn’t called a “whore” and “slutty” over an artistic photo of herself that she put her OWN censorship bar on.

Feminism is wanting her to be hailed just like Zac Efron was when he accepted his MTV Movie Award last week – as he was shirtless, half naked and PROUD.

Feminism is wanting a noted designer to be called by her name in the headlines of her death, rather than be just referred to as “Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend”.

Feminism is wanting to be recognized as a fellow human being
who is not an accessory to another human being
who is not to be de-valued or shamed when we express ourselves in the same way as men do,
who want equal pay and equal respect in jobs that we do and creative endeavors that we put out to the world.

—  Veronica Varlow (x)

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