Time to bid DVM year 3.5 farewell today! More practicals, challenges and experience attainments await in the next 2 years; plus a total makeover over the next 2 months! While oral test was totally lucky for the urinary system I knew most, it is an honor to actually have the same ideology as the professor who gave the test. Veterinary medicine has indeed opened my horizons more than I could have imagined. Now to live that dream. See you in 10 weeks! #vetmed #vetupm #finalsover #fat #luckyme

Equestrian has brought us together as a great team, and it was definitely a gift to be able to work and know you despite how we originally met in a Christmas dinner! But our friendship will surely not end here, for we have more annual photos to take in the future! Good luck my successor and best partner in equestrian! I shall enjoy my retirement in peace! And I’m definitely asking a seat for your wedding with White horses! #vetmed #vetupm #pec #presidents #equestrian

This semester literally sped in a speed of light, I barely had the time to study for the last test today, let alone to get hold on any weeks!Grades aside, the experience gained in this semester has been tremendously immense. Let’s hope these will equip me well to be a great veterinarian, and always a good person. #vetmed #vetumk #vetupm #finals #pleasepass #kakijalan #vetsouls