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in the future, my family's considering buying a cat from a breeder if not adopting. in my chosen breed search i started with the cats that i liked the "look" of the most and went from there in terms of health, temperament, etc.. i've always liked oriental shorthairs/longhairs. do you know of any notable health issues and other cons with that cat breed? (and, of course, if i were to buy from a breeder i'll make sure to do extensive research into whichever one i pick)

The Oriental Cats (Longhairs, Shorthairs, Siamese, etc) are predisposed to similar health issues. A quick Google search brings up bladder stones, heart problems, mast cell tumors, liver amyloidosis, and periodontal disease [Cat TImePet Health NetworkVetStreet]. Some of these also mention crossed eyes and neurological conditions.

I know @pangur-and-grim‘s Pangur has had to have teeth removed. I’m not well-versed in these cats myself, they seem like a breed where it’s important to find a reputable breeder instead of one that can’t be responsibly bred. I’d appreciate if Greer, or any others with oriental cat breeds, can weigh in more on things to consider when looking into one as a future pet.