With regulations like these soon to be on the books, Ohio is unfortunately nothing unique, one of many conscripts in the war on women’s health in state legislatures across the United States. But compared other legislatures that have recently intensified their respective crusades against women’s health, Ohio has distinguished itself in terms of proceedings that seem deliberately disingenuous.

In lieu of public hearings on provisions limiting abortion rights and access to family planning services, pro-life lawmakers essentially tacked those measures on to proposed legislation at the very last minute, rendering it virtually impossible for those directly affected to process them, much less respond in any substantive way. The fetal heartbeat addition, for instance, was thrown in on Tuesday — just two days before the vote. Where was the testimony from doctors? From health-care providers? From women?

—  James McAuley, Anti-Abortion shenanigans in the Buckeye State, The Washington Post.