It's time to #StandWithOhio!!

By midnight on Sunday night, Ohio Governor John Kasich must decide where to sign or veto legislation that would severely limit access to abortion. This is very similar to the action that Wendy Davis stood against in Texas.

Contact Governor Kasich at (614) 466-3555, on twitter at @JohnKAsich, or send him an e-mail through this link.

Also, start tweeting!! This deserves just as much attention as Texas! Tweet with the hashtags #StandWithOhio and #Veto4Women

*note- not all people who have abortions are women

The Fempire Wants YOU: Tumblr Rose Up to Support Texas, Let's Support Ohio too!

This week has been crazy for us social activists and Fempire fighters.  Major strides for gay marriage, SB5 was stopped after Wendy Davis’s heroic filibuster efforts and Leticia Van de Putte’s contributing remarks.  But now Ohio needs our help.  

Today there are budget meetings going on (which you can watch live HERE) and the last minute backdoor amendments that were tacked on will not only jeopardize Ohio women’s bodily autonomy but their health and lives as well. These stealthily added last minute amendments include:

  1. Requiring doctors to do an ultrasound to detect fetal heartbeat (a revamped version of a bill that failed last year) 
  2. A ban on abortion clinics from entering transfer agreements with public hospitals which poses an unnecessary health risk to women who may need advanced medical care
  3. A ban on expanding Medicaid (despite the fact Ohio Governor and Republican conservative John Kasich has proposed expanding it through federal dollars) potentially robbing Ohioans of a chance at better healthcare 
  4. Oh there’s also this provision that would let city councils, county boards, etc. keep the public out of budget meetings, economic development meetings, and the like.  So they can decide to do what they wish with the tax payer’s dollars without their input into the decisions.  

These are just a few of the issues with this budget that aren’t getting the attention they deserve (read more HERE). Don’t let the Ohio Senate get away with this.  They aren’t focusing on any of the controversial amendments and that’s the point–adding these back door amendments to a budet bill has helped them avoid public debate.  Watching the debate is like watching an old white man convention as they bumble about applauding themselves for lowering the unemployment rate, offering no debate on these extremely controversial points whatsoever.  The fight for women’s rights and equality is far from over and we need your help to win this battle today.

If you live in Ohio, call, email, send smoke signals, do whatever you can to get in contact with your representatives (click HERE  for contact info)

Don’t live in Ohio?  Don’t know what to say?  Click HERE for a great guide (and script!) by Wench on how to contact the right people and give a piece of your mind

Take to Twitter with us (our handle is the_fempire) and don’t let the hashtag #veto4women or #standwOHWomen stop trending.  

Signal boost this on Tumblr if you can too.  

We rose up to support Texas don’t let Ohio down! 

Edit: turns out the bill also includes provisions to defund Planned Parenthood.     We have to stop this and as the past few days have shown we can do this!
Sign Petition to Urge Gov. Kasich to Veto Anti-Abortion Bill in Ohio

We have until 11:59pm Sunday to get this veto’d by the Governor.

This bill would require among other things:

  • Uterus bearing people to have an ultrasound before they could prescribed hormonal birth control
  • Doubling the mandatory wait time for an abortion
  • Doctors must describe the ultrasound to pregnant patients who refuse to view it, even if they became pregnant through rape
  • Fetal pain must be described to the patient at all stages of pregnancy

Please, tumblr, just a few days ago we watched Wendy Davis achieve amazing things in Texas with the help of everyday people like us. Stand with uterus bearing people in Ohio and protect us from this bill. 

Sign the petition. Tweet Kasich @JohnKasich, email him, and continue to tweet using the #StandWithOhio #veto4women and #StandWithWomen tags*

Get the word out. Stand with us. Go go go!

*Not all people who have a uterus are women. These hashtags are not perfect, please suggest better ones if you have them!

The Fight in Ohio Continues--All Eyes Turn to Governor Kasich

Despite our efforts is looks like the budget bill containing highly controversial, inflammatory, and harmful last minute amendments regarding women’s health and reproductive rights was passed. 

Pro-Choice Ohio published this after the decision:

Columbus, OH –Hours after 200 pro-choice activists rallied on the Ohio Statehouse steps, the Ohio House and Senate passed a budget with five measures that combined represent a serious risk to the health of Ohio women. The budget now goes to Governor John Kasich who can line-item veto measures before signing the budget into law before the midnight June 30th deadline.

“The time has come for Governor Kasich to stop dodging this issue and take immediate action to protect the health of Ohio women with his veto pen. The Governor’s job is not to impose his personal moral beliefs on Ohio citizens, rather it is to protect Ohioans’ health and safety.” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. "Someone has to stop the Ohio Legislature from practicing medicine without a license, that someone is Governor Kasich.

The five provisions in the budget include:

  • A new consent process for women seeking abortion care that forces a doctor to perform medically unnecessary tests and give medically ambiguous information about the viability of the pregnancy.
  • A requirement that all ambulatory surgical centers to have transfer agreements with hospitals will become law. It would also grant authority to the anti-choice director of the Ohio Department of Health to cherry-pick who receives a transfer agreement for an ambulatory surgical center for any reason. The budget also singles out and blocks public hospitals and doctors who contract with abortion clinics from having transfer agreements or contracting with abortion clinics.
  • Divert federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds intended to be used for cash support for mothers and their children to unregulated crisis pregnancy centers. A year-long investigation conducted by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation into crisis pregnancy centers revealed widespread use of biased and medically inaccurate information.
  • Reprioritization of family planning funding would defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning experts, many of whom serve the poor in rural counties. This proposal will wreak havoc on tens of thousands of patients that rely on these facilities, and could result in eleven counties losing access to subsidized family planning services entirely.
  • Finally the budget also appropriates 1 million dollars per year to Rape Crisis Programs in Ohio. Unfortunately although this funding is critical for programs to be able to serve survivors across the state, politicians used this funding to again attack reproductive health-care access by gagging rape crisis counselors from talking about all of a survivor’s medical options if she gets pregnant from the assault.


But fear not Fempire Fighters! THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR OHIO! Governor Kasich has the power to line veto and eliminate the provisions that pertain to limiting women’s reproductive rights.  And, despite the fact he considers himself a pro-life Republican, he may just do it. 

According to

Kasich is an anti-abortion Republican. But he has not shown an appetite for such issues and is preparing for a re-election fight. A recent poll showed him with a wide lead among men and essentially tied with likely Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald among women voters. If Kasich accepts abortion restrictions, he risks angering and energizing a block that could help FitzGerald narrow the overall gap.

The governor has not offered many hints about which way he is leaning.

"I’ll look at the language, keeping in mind that I’m pro-life,” Kasich said Wednesday, according to a report from the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Kasich’s seeking re-election in 2014 and we have already begun to raise some hell.  He has the power to take out provisions in a two year budget bill that have less to do with Ohio’s economy and more to do with  limiting the freedoms of the female citizens of the state through backdoor measures.


First check out our original breaking post HERE.

Next do everything you can to contact Governor Kasich and give him a piece of your mind! This is CRUCIAL for everyone especially Ohioans. If he thinks this will jeopardize his election he may back off.  Click HERE for an excellent guide (and script!) on how to contact the right people and make it clear we won’t stand for this.  

Signal boosting and raising awareness through tweeting with us (@the_fempire) and reblogging the heck out of this always helps.

The battle continues Fempire Fighters.  Let’s show the world we won’t stand for this in Texas, we won’t stand for this in Ohio, and we won’t stand for this anywhere.  Women’s rights are human rights and I’m tired of having to explain that to other people.

With regulations like these soon to be on the books, Ohio is unfortunately nothing unique, one of many conscripts in the war on women’s health in state legislatures across the United States. But compared other legislatures that have recently intensified their respective crusades against women’s health, Ohio has distinguished itself in terms of proceedings that seem deliberately disingenuous.

In lieu of public hearings on provisions limiting abortion rights and access to family planning services, pro-life lawmakers essentially tacked those measures on to proposed legislation at the very last minute, rendering it virtually impossible for those directly affected to process them, much less respond in any substantive way. The fetal heartbeat addition, for instance, was thrown in on Tuesday — just two days before the vote. Where was the testimony from doctors? From health-care providers? From women?

—  James McAuley, Anti-Abortion shenanigans in the Buckeye State, The Washington Post.